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  • Hello, Today I will be presenting you with an opportunity to become apart of an ever evolving marketing tool called Social Media. We at Noble Advertising have a saying “Let Social Media Speak For You”
  • Before getting into the history and the benefits of Social Media we must take a look at what is Social Media.
  • Now let us look at a couple of series of events that took place showing us how social media was formed. Although there are many more important dates these seemed to have great significance in Social Media.
  • Social Media is taking the IT Industry by storm. Making it the fastest growing tool on the web. I have compiled a list giving examples of the different uses of the Social industry. With this list are examples of websites that are under each category.
  • Just knowing that your voice can be heard by using Social media gives a Web Design company like Northwestern an advantage over other web design companies. The marketing can be limitless.
  • Northwestern Technology has the chance to establish it presence in the forever evolving Social Media world. With many benefits to help market your company here are a couple of important factors you might want to consider.
  • This graph shows the progress of using Social Media as a form of marketing. It also shows the increase in sales by the different usage of media channels. The numbers can give you an idea of just how this effective way of marketing can change the possibilities of an company on the rise.(Brightfire)
  • We here at Noble Advertising have your best interest in mind and want to see your design company thrive. With the many years of experience, you wont have to worry about the stress of marketing plans. We’ve got you covered. We’ll take of all your Social Media needs.
  • In Conclusion to this presentation I would like to express the importance of using social media and how it could build Northwestern Technology into one of the best web design companies on the web now. Just taking the steps to hiring Noble advertising will be a great investment to you’re your company. Allowing us to grow your company beyond its current status and putting more business in your hands.
  • Imkt120 unit1 alexander_shanika

    1. 1. Northwestern Technology“Let Social Media Speak For You” Presented by: Noble Advertising
    2. 2. So What is Social Media?• The use of various online technology tools that enable people to communicate easily to share information and resources.Which can include:• Text• Video• Audio• Multimedia communication• Images
    3. 3. How Social Media came into existence? 1994-Webs1971- first Social Networking 2002- 2004-First sites Friendste Faceboo 2006email Geocities is r is k is Twitter is sent founded launched launched launched 1978-Early 1997- 2003- 2005 web Sixdegree Myspace YouTube browsers is is distributed launched launched through launches Usenet
    4. 4. Social Media Websites• Social Bookmarking ▫ ▫• Social News ▫ ▫• Social Networking ▫ Twitter ▫ Facebook• Social Photo and Video Sharing ▫ Flickr ▫ YouTube
    5. 5. Endless Possibilities
    6. 6. Benefits to your Company • Brand Recognition • Brand Awareness • Cost affective • Direct Marketing • International Marketing
    7. 7. Let’s do the Math
    8. 8. Why Choose Noble Advertising?• Expertise• Loyalty• Consistency• Huge Marketing Results• More Profits for your Company
    9. 9. Conclusion• Use Effective Marketing• Know your Consumers• Save Time and Money• Build your Brand• All by Social Media
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