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Analysing fonts & colour schemes


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Analysing fonts & colour schemes

  1. 1. We can see by looking at both of these titles that the fonts used are quite similar in thestyle. The heading of the magazine titles both use a similar font, and may even beconsidered as the same font. The font is a sans serif font as we see that the text hasextra parts. The coverline text is also similar on both magazines as sans fonts are usedto present a clear, visual idea for the viewer to read and understand. I can connotefrom this from also anaylising the text on other fashion magazine that these are thestereotypical fonts used in these functions.
  2. 2. In the comparison between a fashion magazine and a student magazine, we can seethat the fonts vary. The common fonts used in fashion magazines are sans serif fonts;however we are able to see there is no stereotypical font type in student magazines.The fonts seem to be more spontaneous and vary in the style and size to reflect themagazine itself. The fonts shown above are the complete opposites, where the one ofthe left gives a more formal approach and the one of the right presents acasual, relaxed approach.
  3. 3. There are a variety of colour schemes used within magazine covers, and I am able toconote from looking at a large variety that the colour white seems to a popular choicewithin the colour schemes. I can deduce that this may be because it can adapt well toother colours. It is also common for magazines to have a white background as it isclear canvas and can create a larger illusion for the other colours. However, there aresome expectations which seem to work well within a colour scheme as it gives thecover a brighter background to stand out. The colour schemes also sometimes reflectwhat the magazine relates to as usually tend to be brighter to create a more youthfulaspect.