Analysing Hip Hop Magazine Contents Pages


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Analysing Hip Hop Magazine Contents Pages

  2. 2. Banner (contents page masthead) has The image on this page is a full bodybeen divided into different sections to shot. This has also been represented asgive it an urban edge. the main article picture. The image has been taken in a full body shot becauseIn the background of the word it reveals the women’s bodies‘contents’ there is a enlarged more, this is intended to attract morereflection of the word- this effect male readers, also known as male gaze.would most probably have beencreated using Photoshop software. The models facial expressions are very sensual.The cover lines have been aligned to The colours of the womens clothes arethe bottom left and has been very dull and dingy yet revealing and iscategorised into 3 sections. befitting for the type of artists . The(Departments, Seen and V Style) this fashion portrayed usually becomeis so the readers can easily look for trend setters as does makeup and hairwhat interests them. Also the three styledifferent categories have been typed ina different font, this has been done sothe intended audience can go to thesection they want straight away.At the beginning of each piece of text This piece of copy (text) is an anchorthere is a page number, this is so the for the picture, it indicates that thereaders can go to the page of interest. copy is about the two artists shown on the image.Black, grey and neutral colours have All of the important words and namesbeen used for the main house style have been typed in bold- this has beencolours. done to attract the readers to what the main parts are in the article. At the bottom left hand corner there is a small piece of text which is the editors notes. This tells you what the editor thinks about the articles/contents page.
  3. 3. Magazine logo has been located into This logo ‘305’ is a name of a Miamithe top left hand side of the page, this news company- it is also an acronym/is so the reader knows what magazine abbreviation for Miami that is why itthey are reading. has been called that. 305s sell line is (Miamis top website for Miami News, Miami Music, Miami Events, Art, Fashion and Everything "305").The copy has been divided into sixdepartments of interests for thereaders to get to the differentsections easier. Image is of the famous model ‘Amber(Enter, blast, splurge, next and Rose’ this is a mid shot image, theinitiation). black clothing she is wearing clashes with the black background. TheOn top of the different section names photographer may have chosen tothere is a little colourful logo, this is take this type photograph becausemost probably to colour code each they wanted to see how the lightsection and direct the reader to the repels off the water droplets on theplace/article of interest. wall.The house style is subtle but dark, thisshows that the magazine is very laidback and the information is very The lighting on the image is comingdetailed. from the top right hand corner. The photographer has done this because they want to show the light beaming In the bottom left hand corner the piece of text explains across the models face, so only one who the model is, the photographer who took the picture side of her face is showing and the and where it was taken, the designer clothes she is wearing exquisite texture of the fur jacket. and the the date and state it was taken in.
  4. 4. This image is of the professional rap The original logo has been abbreviatedartist ‘Ice Cube’. The facial image is to a single letter; this is because theclose up to show the aggressive intended audience already know whatexpression on his face, which in a the magazine is called. This abbreviatedway portrays the kind of rap music logo has been placed at the bottom ofthe artist does, it shows the page as well.seriousness, anger and/oraggressionThe artist face is being faded by the House style is very dark and deathly.dark background. The photographer These set of colours match with hip-and creator have decided to do this hops unforgettable sell line ‘Hip hop isbecause they want to show the dark dead’. This caption has also been aside of hip hop. name of a song and album.Name of the magazine has been putat the bottom instead of the top.The creator has done this becausethey want the audience to be moreattracted to the image instead of themasthead. Nas album released in 2006The source’s way of saying contentspage is ‘Master Plan’. This may havebeen done because one of thenames of the artists (Ice Cube’s) Date and issue Half of Ice Cube’s face has been cleverly covered with a red transparentsongs is called Master plan. number (small textbox strip. The source can afford to do this to his face because his face is print). symmetric, so both sides look the same.
  5. 5. The name of the magazine, season-year and The image has been placed on the The large page number is allocated on top of the of thecontents page have been put in the top left of right hand side of the page bold sub headings/ the title page name, on the left sidethe page- this is so the readers know exactly number, sub heading and a small of the picture. All is very clear and would direct thewhat they are reading. description of what is on that specific reader to their pages of interest page.The colour The image havescheme for this been presentedissue of ‘RAP- in columns toUP’ is very match with thesimple- this has directions of thebeen shown on copy(text).the contentsbecause the The images onimages makeup the right pagemost of the are of the pagescolour. in the magazine, this has been shown by the copy and the image in the same section. Some of the images have been taken diagonally.At the bottom of the left hand side of the contents Small piece of text has been added to The bold sub heading is on the contentspage is a little small print with the page number, web make it even easier for the readers to page to show what the masthead on theaddress and logo in it. This is also on the opposite know in more depth what else is on the page is. Also the sub heading has beencorner. page. printed in bold so the readers see it first 4 RAP- UP.COM or after the images.