9. questionaire and findings


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9. questionaire and findings

  1. 1. Questionnaire and Findings From doing this questionnaire I wanted to find out what a specific target audience what/expect to see in a horror film/trailer These are my results referring to some of the questions:What is your gender? What is your age? Under 14 Male 15-24 Female 25-34 35+ What type of horror films do you like? Slasher horror Stalker horror Triller/Action- Adventure Horror Psychological horror.Suspense Paranormalhorror Torture horror Exploitation horror Splatter horror Science Fiction Aliens Monster movies Vampire horror Shanice.S©
  2. 2. What Makes a horror film scary? Music and sound effects Villaiin Character(s) Costumes Edits/Effects The Set Mood Cliffhanger Lighting Other What is you favourite horror film sub-genre? Romantic Drama Religious Supernatural Mystery Disaster Conspiracy Crime Sociological Zombie Paranormal Comedy Action OtherShanice.S©
  3. 3. Do you read film magazines? I do not read film magazines Premiere Total Films Empire Film Star Other Through what media do you watch films the most? Cinema Rental Internet TV DVD/Blu-RayShanice.S©
  4. 4. What sound effect is good for a climatic eding of a trailer? Blood curdling scream Chains draging across the floor A creepy nursey rhyme A bleached out/faint sound that is not so noticable Other What do you expect to see in a Horror Film? Gore Suspense A Killer/Murders Monsters/Zombies Atleast one or more character(s) killed A lot of blood OtherShanice.S©
  5. 5. What is the first thing you notice on film posters? Character representation pictures Title Slogans Images OtherFrom doing this questionaire I found out that most people who took myservey were female and were in the age range of 15-24.Most of the audience liked the thought of stalker horror, thriller/action-adventure horror and Psychological horror/suspense, also favourite sub-genre is mystery and supernatural. The statistics show that music/soundeffects and villain character(s) make a horror film scary, this may be dueto the different types of horror films they have watched to get such anaccurate result.Quite a lot of the the participant did not read film magazines, butenjoyed watching films through DVD/Blu-Ray and off the internet. Soundeffects that they liked to hear in the climatic end of a horror trailer was ablood curdling scream; the audience also expected to see suspense, akiller/murder and a lot of blood in a horror film, this is because of whatthey expect a horror film to be like, in terms of the plot/story anddisequilibrium.Shanice.S©