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5. film poster analysis x3


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5. film poster analysis x3

  1. 1. Background/ surroundings: Text/Headings 2: Text/ Headings:For the background of the film poster they have The lower tagline ‘From the producers The title/ name of the film has been positioned atused a vigorous amount of high key lighting to of Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ will the lower central of the poster. It has also beencreate tension. This lighting is then surrounded entice the viewers even more if they typed in capital ‘Calisto MT’; ithas then beenby natural darkness (low key lighting). like the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, enlarged and then colorized red; this is so it canThe background fades to black towards the rear and therefore would like to see it stands out above the dark and gloomy compositionof the poster; simple because they want the because it was mad by the same surrounding it.audience to think about what is happening producers. The release date of the film has also been typed intowards on the floor or what may be buried the same font and style; it is then placed below thebelow the woods. directors and producers information bar.Camera Shots and Angles: Theme:The camera shot that has been used to portray The poster identifies the genre of horror by thethe main character is a close- up/ mid-wide Mise-en-scene, setting/ scene and iconography.shot; this is so the audiences don’t get dragged The film poster has not got any binary opposites,away from what is around him. this is simply because it shows all the gruesomeThe photograph also looks as if it has been features of a horror film.taken from a slight worms- eye view or highangle direction, this shows that the character ispowerful and has more superior. This has been Props/ Iconography:shown by the way the lower half of the poster is The main props that have been shown on thisin darkness; it then gradually begins to lighten poster are: is a knife/ machete or cleaver. Thisby the tip of his weapon. shows the audience how bloody and gory this film is going to get before they go and see it. This prop is also known as a ‘Phallic Symbol’.Colours: Another main prop for this character is a wellThe colours that have been used within this known for having is a white mask, this shows thatposter are: the character is unknown; which makes it harder toBlack: This colour represents death, mysterious identify him.vibes, terror and fear.White: Revealing what is yet to come, in termsof seeing the light to heaven. Text/Headings 3:Red: Red symbolizes death, pain, terror, blood The tagline (’Welcome to Crystal Lake’) at the top of the poster doesn’t tell you anythingand many more. about the narrative of the film; this is so the audience would be more enticed to watch it. Shanice.S©
  2. 2. Camera Shots and Angles: Backgrounds/ surroundings: Props/ Iconography:The main photograph on the poster is an extreme The background of the poster is solid The main prop that has been identified withinclose-up of a creepy mythical character with a black; this is so the main feature of it this poster is mobile; this prop is obviously themysterious smirk and appears to be full of ideas can stand out above the rest. key feature thought the film.and intentions. This is shown because he is The outline of the face fades into the The creator of the poster hasn’t revealed anyholding a mobile phone to create suspense of darkness of the darkness/ background. other key features, i.e: setting/ background orwhat he is plotting. props because they want the audience to findThe type of lighting that has been used is artificial out how good the film is for themselves.and the position of the lighting is face- on/central, the same direction as the character eyeline. Theme: The creepy character central of the poster has identified to the theme of horror by theColours: suspicious look on there face.The colours that have been used within this To make the character look even more scaryposter are: they have mad its eye someone’s mothBlack: Black is the main colour on the poster screaming, this reveals a bit more suspense ofsimply because they want to show how dark and how scary the film is going to be.mysterious the film is going to be, also there don’t This poster includes Levi Strauss’s binarygive away any secrets and is very cleverly opposite of good vs. evil and innocence vs.keeping there audience in suspense. wicked.White: White has been used to show the title ofthe film and the rest of the information in thefooters notes. Text/ Headings:Skin colour but ghostly: This colour has been The title of the film has been positioned justused to show how strange and unusual the main above the directors and producers informationcharacter is in the film. bar in white ‘Lucinda Fax’font; this may haveRed: This colour is used to show tagline at the top been used because they want the title to look asof the poster and the release date. if it has been created on a mobile phone.All of the colours that have been used in this filmposter are quite monochrome and minimalistic; Text/Heading 2:this is because they have only used a small verity The tagline for this film ‘What will it sound like when you die?’ is asking the audience aof colours to make such a large impact on its personal question, it is also making the audience think about the film as reality.audience. Shanice.S©
  3. 3. Backgrounds/ surroundings: Camera Shots and Angles:The background of the poster is very simple The main photograph that is incorporated intoand plain; this is because the creators want the film poster is very effective; it is a hand withthe audience to focus on the main key feature splinters impaled into it. This creates tensioninstead of what could or may be happening in towards the viewers.the background. The camera shot that has been taken to show the key feature of the poster is a low eye level shot; this does not reveal a main character orColours: villain, it just shows the main feature that goesThe colours that have been used on this with the title of the film.poster are:Black: Has been used to make the musky Theme:green colour darker. This film poster doesn’t show any form of LeviGrey: The light grey has been mainly used for Strauss’s theory, this is simply because thethe background, so the main feature central of creators want the audience to be more terrifiedthe poster is shown perfectly. of what is yet to be revealed from the filmGreen: Green shows the unusual colour of the before watching it.persons skin whilst the splinters arecorroding out of the skin.Deep red: The deep red has been used to Text/ Headings:make the title stand out above the rest of the The font that has been used for the title isbackground. ‘Cracked’ or it lookslike using anotherProps/ Iconography: software to create the blood splat effect aroundThe prop on the poster to show how spine the title.chilling the film is and is explanatory of thetitle is the splinters coming out of the person’s Text/ Headings 2: The tagline that has been put on the film posterhand. is ‘It will get under your skin’, this taglineThe lighting that has been used within the set makes the audience think about what is causingup of the composition is artificial light, to such an unusually strange mutated creatureshow the main feature in the central of the come from the surface of your Shanice.S©