Vibe case study


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Vibe case study

  1. 1. VIBE Case Study!
  2. 2. Background Details• Vibe was first published in 1993.• It was published by a man called Quincy Jones.• The co-founder editor Scott Bryant renamed the magazine to VIBE from Volume.• The genre for VIBE is a Hip Hop and R&B magazine.• It involves Hip Hop and R&B artists and bands.
  3. 3. February 1994February 2003. Costing £2.50
  5. 5. First Volume of VIBEproduced in September1993.Main image stands out.The main sell-line is verybright and easy to stop.Not looking at the camera.Featured Snoop DoggyDogg, who is a HipHop/R&B artist.Black and whit colouringand burst of bright coloursto lure the customers in.It consisted of 140 pages.The cost for this magazinewas £2.50.Very Little information andsell-lines.
  6. 6. BACKGROUND INFORMATION• Vibe closed down on the 30th June 2009 but decided to keep VIBE alive online.• After shutting down LP brought VIBE magazine.• They added Uptown magazine to VIBE;s parent company , VIBE holdings.• VIBE Holding merged with BlackBook media to form VIBE Media in 2012.
  7. 7. VIBE Today•Vibe is issued every two months.•It cost $4.99 in the US and £2.50 in the UK.•Consists of about 140 pages each issue.•Its available in the US & UK.•The magazine consists of snap-its ofinformation and eye-catching images thatwill engage the audience.•It’s follows the basic layout of a musicmagazine and keeps it the same in eachissue.•VIBE has its own talk show in 1997 but inthe end it got cancelled in summer 1998.•VIBE magzine Online; VIBE On Demand, andon-demand network; The impressive onlinevideo channel VLN TV; VIBE film; and MVibe,a wireless content provider for hand-helddevices, as well as CD and DVD linesdistributed under the same name.•The Vibe Music Mixer is available for iPhoneand iPad.
  8. 8. Inside VIBE magazines More writing than images and more the page is quite dull which doesn’t give the audience a more visual feel to the magazine. Its not written in snip-its its written in paragraphs this could show that it’s a more formal magazine. The image is in the top right hand corner, this is where the audience look first and it show them who the article is about.
  9. 9. Target Audience• The target audience for VIBE magazine is 18-34.• The genre of this magazine is Hip Hop and R&B.• Interested in the latest fashion trends and the newest music.• Very popular loyal to their friends, say things as it is, individual unique and outgoing.• They see VIBE magazine as a way to keep in tact of what’s happening in the R&B music industry.
  10. 10. Content• The magazine is devoted to R&B, Hip Hop and Rap artists.• They present there target audience with the newest artist, albums reviews, concerts, posters.• They have many adverts connecting with the genre of music that the magazine portrays.• They involve artists such as Brandy, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, Eminem, T.I., R. Kelly, Ciaria, Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj.
  11. 11. Style• Vibe features a lot of iconography related to R&B and Hip Hop which the magazine is associated with.• Features things such as photo’s of live giggs, fashion trends and unique clothing, snapbacks and baggy clothing for men, big icon such as big cars, houses, ect.• Magazine features a lot of capital fonts and written in sans serif.• The magazine presents a lot of black, white and red in each of there magazines sometimes they include yellow and blue this gives the magazine a more hood feeling and shows its more of a manly magazine.
  12. 12. Black, white and redtheme it gives theaudience a more sexualvibe.Written in sans serif.The hat shows themagazines more trendylook.The suited and bootedcostume gives theaudience a chilled outvibe.
  13. 13. Mode of Address• Its casual and modern so that the target audience can relate to the magazine.• They use a mellow and urban tone when writing the magazine.• The language suggests they understand the R&B genre and enjoy it can have a good connection between the reader and the magazine.
  14. 14. Mode of Address Exclamation marks could represent excitement for the vote. They ask direct questions to the audience. This could engage them when purchasing the magazine. Use of language such as ‘Pimp and Gangster’. Abbreviation of the word are not, is not or am not. They use urban language such as ‘Ball’ meaning getting rich.
  15. 15. Mode of AddressExamples of Mode of Address:• ‘The good ball young’• ‘Pop star, Pimp or Gangster’• ‘Get your vote on!’• ‘What’s the word on Nelly’
  16. 16. Ownership• Vibe magazine is currently owned by InterMedia Partners which is private equity.• The firm was founded in1995.• November 2007 - Intermedia joins Research in Motions BlackBerry Alliance Program• In September 2000 it hosted Microsoft exchange.• They own other companies such as WAPA-TV a radio station.• They make their money through media institution.• They distribute there magazines online.