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Do not put too much information pdf

  1. 1. Do not put too much private informationon social network service By Shangli Jiang social network service opens a door for us to the whole world. On the contrary, it brings dangerous, too. When you looking at outside, do never forget that there must be shadow somewhere when there is sunshine.
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  3. 3. LOGO • Social Network Services have made communication between people not only convenient, but across the world speedily. It provides a wide platform for people to make new friends and express their feelings. People can know how their friends are going on immediately even though far from their locations. They think the SNSs are trustworthy so they put so much private information on the social network sites. According to the report of Criminal Use of Social Media, before 2012, there were 750 million users on Facebook, 500 million users on YouTube, and 200 million users on Twitter.About SNS
  4. 4. LOGO an online security consulta named Ron Bowles shock everyone in 2010 by posti 100 million Facebook use personal information on t internet. Bowles used program to scan 500 milli Facebook profiles that w open to public. And finally got a numerous of user ID names, URLs and all othAbout SNS privacy information a downloaded them
  5. 5. LOGOFacebook, Youtube, Twitter, each of these social networking sites owns thousandsof millions of users’ personal information. According to Hong, “Owning such a largeuser information database attacks the criminals and leads to a sharp increase ofcomputer crime attacks on SNS.” Crimes, including social networking infrastructureattacks, malware attack, Phishing attacks, cyber bulling and identify theft can beperformed to obtain sensitive personal information.
  6. 6. LOGO • It is true that information was publicly available, but it shows the disadvantages of privacy in social networking sites. For many people it is annoying to set their profile privacy, so they face such kind of privacy information theft risk. Maybe people can be given some other suggestions like changing the profile privacy, not accepting friendship request from strangers, or not opening external suspicious links, etc. Does this way work? What we have known is that there is not real privacy on the internet; you can only make sure that some people won’t see your information. However, for some hackers, or computer whiz, getting your information is easy. The best way to protect ourselves is not to put too much private information on the internet, and then there is no way to get that.How cybercrimehappen
  7. 7. LOGO Your private information includes a lot of things: your account number, your password, your name, your age, your phone number, your amount of salary, your hobby, what car you have, what you do during weekends ………How cybercrimehappen And those information can be used to implement crimes!!! Like cheating people who know you. They can be another “you” in the world of internet.
  8. 8. LOGO On January 21, 2009, a person whose name is Bryan Rutberg had his Facebook account It wasn’t until later did he realize hijacked. His Facebook page the loss which it has caused. But was modified to show a status some of Bryan’s friends had fallen that said “BRYAN IS IN to this trap during a short time. One URGENT NEED ON HELP!!” of them had remitted a total of Then the hacker sent out $1200 to a Western Union in messages to his friends as they London. His friend Beny send $600 came online, saying that he was in the same way immediately heard robbed at gunpoint in London it, and the next day she received a and was in desperate need of message from the impostor money to get home. Bryan’s begging for more money. It also daughter who at first paid a little occurred to other people, according was the first person to notice the to reports, there are 257 people change in status and brought it occurred the similar cases whichHow cybercrime up to her father. caused a loss of $1 million or more.happen
  9. 9. LOGOThe simplest and most effective way to protect yourinformation is to avoid putting so much information onyour own blogs or the SNS. People may just want to showwhat happened to them or what they saw today, they neverknow how serious if the information falls into the wronghands. Comparing showing off your colorful life andencountering cybercrime through SNS, we all know our lifeand property safety is more important.Protect ourselvesin SNS Thinking before posting something, choosing SNS carefully, and being selective when accepting friend requirements, etc.
  10. 10. LOGO Social Network sites should be a platform to communicate with others. It shouldn’t have been like this. The government should lay down some effective laws to protect privacy information. Other than that, the best way to protect ourselves is not putting too much private information on SNS. To cybercrime, let us say:Protect ourselvesin SNS
  11. 11. LOGO• "Criminal Use of Social Media." N.p., 2011. Web. 13 Nov. 2012. <>.• Hong, Pangchun, ChowShing Yu, Liubo Ping, Wanhok Man, and Yuenka Wa. "Computer Crime on Social Network Service." N.p., Apr. 2012. Web.15.Nov.2012. < cd=4&ved=0CD0QFjAD& report05.pdf&ei=Au6qUPSMK-SqyAGOsYGQBg&usg=AFQjCNEQx9xPo-fnMK-Q58CStX-JGOWFIw>.• Murphy, Samanth. "Facebook Crimes on the Rise, Experts Warn." Fox News. FOX News Network, 11Aug.2011.Web.11.Nov.2012. < rise-experts-warn/>.