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Lucky Pole - Customizable Kids Book


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This is a book that you can customize to make the main character look like your child. You pick the characters name, hair, eye and skin color, and state they live in.

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Lucky Pole - Customizable Kids Book

  1. 1. A book starring Fred Heriningtonsviller. Written and Illustrated by Shane Klein Customized
  2. 2. Written and Illustrated by Shane Klein Visit for more books. Your new book has you in it. Come visit us in New York Soon! ~ Aunt Kelly. Customized
  3. 3. I’ve been excited all week long! So excited, I could barely sleep!
  4. 4. Today is the day my dad and I go fishing in the boat and I finally get to try out my BRAND NEW FISHING POLE!
  5. 5. My dad is going to show me how to use it just as soon as we get to the secret fishing spot. The best fishing spot in Missouri.
  6. 6. He says I can’t tell Uncle Jed where the spot is. If we tell Uncle Jed, they’ll catch all the fish and there won’t be any left for us the next time we go fishing.
  7. 7. We’re here! Dad shows me how to put a worm on my hook. “Be careful Fred, because the hook is sharp and the worm is slimy.”
  8. 8. Then dad shows me how to cast my new pole. Press the button, then swing the pole and release the button.
  9. 9. I had to practice a couple times before I got it right.
  10. 10. Now we wait and watch for a bite. Dad says, “Fred, if you see the bobber move, tug on your pole to catch the fish.”
  11. 11. Just when I thought I would NEVER catch a fish, my bobber dipped under the water... and then popped back up.
  12. 12. “DAD!”, I yelled in excitement and my pole dropped right in the water. “OH NO!” I cried, “My new pole!”
  13. 13. “What happened, Fred?” dad laughed.
  14. 14. I felt like I was going to cry but dad said, “Don’t worry, Fred. I just might be able to get it back.”
  15. 15. He took his bobber off and cast his pole right next to where I dropped my pole. He kept casting out and reeling in... casting out and reeling in.
  16. 16. Then he said, “Oh, I think I felt something!” I blurted out, “Is it a fish? Is it big?!” Slowly and very carefully he reeled in his pole.
  17. 17. Then I saw what he had caught... MY FISHING POLE!
  18. 18. I got out the net and we pulled my pole in to the boat. After we got it in, Dad said, “It’s getting dark out, Fred. What do you say we head back home?”
  19. 19. I didn’t catch any fish that day, but I still think I’ll call my pole, “My Lucky Pole”.
  20. 20. Written and Illustrated by Shane Klein Visit for more books. Customized Bill Nie 725 ReBeR Ave GAtesville, OhiO 50896