What to consider when planning your Digital Fundraising Strategy


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Digital Fundraising strategy guide with online fundraising campaign examples and case studies. This online fundraising presentation also makes recommendations on the systems and infrastructure you need to put in place and getting the right resources into the team.

Digital fundraising includes Email, Websites, Mobile, Social Media, Search, Content Marketing and more.

There is a shorter version of this presentation that just focuses on emerging Mobile, Content and Social Media fundraising.

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What to consider when planning your Digital Fundraising Strategy

  1. 1. What to rememberwhen building adigital fundraising strategy24 July 2012
  2. 2. Digital isConstantly changingNow in close proximityBetter ROIFull of opportunities.
  3. 3. Digital is not a brave new world•  Don’t be afraid Digital fundraising employs the same marketing principles that you already know
  4. 4. Test, report, optimise, repeat Strategy   Iden,fy   Analysis   prospects   Conversion   Messaging  
  5. 5. Digital should integrate into yourexisting fundraising strategy•  Digital should support, enhance and streamline your fundraisingSupport •  Consistent messaging & look and feel •  Provide a destination for your messaging •  Provide the point of sale transactionEnhance •  Continue to develop the story •  Engage & interact with the supporter •  Multiple touch points increase frequency & awarenessStreamline •  Automate systems & processes for efficiency •  Increase marketing return on investment •  Reduce processing times.
  6. 6. Digital makes sense, because itgives you more options•  Good fundraising gives the supporter options, right? •  Different ways to donate •  A choice of communication channels •  Multiple ways to interact and engage.
  7. 7. Different ways to donate
  8. 8. A choice of communication channels
  9. 9. Multiple ways to interact & engage
  10. 10. Just in case you weren’t sure,Digital includes … Content Display Mobile Social Website Search Email
  11. 11. Email•  Email is the cornerstone of your digital fundraising strategy What  Email  IS   What  Email  IS  NOT   Fast  &  simple   Unique   Direct  response   Highly  engaging   Personalised    Awareness  building   Measurable   Reten,on  (+  Acquisi,on)   Economical   Sta,c  or  dynamic   High  response  &  conv.  Rates   Compe,,ve  
  12. 12. Prolific emailersDynamic emails that personalise contentbased on the user behaviour will improve yourresults – but it requires more content.
  13. 13. Mobile•  Mobile is •  the future, you cannot ignore it •  highly personal and can have an almost guaranteed open rate •  always on … even when its off •  Convenient •  practical, brief & task orientated•  Mobile includes: Mobile is NOT: •  Tablets, Phones, Bluetooth, Outdoor, NFC •  highly visual •  Mobile websites •  long form •  Apps •  complicated •  SMS •  Local •  Advertising – still very cost effective.
  14. 14. WEB .mobi or m.domain.orgMOBILE
  15. 15. Mobi site versus Smartphone AppSmartphone App Mobile Site
  16. 16. Not for profitNature Conservancy WWF International
  17. 17. Who is doing mobile well?Mobile Banking Automotive Social Networking
  18. 18. Always remember for mobile•  Must be practical and convenient•  Some people have fat fingers – make buttons and links BIGGER•  It’s about functionality, not design – help them achieve their goal faster•  Tablets are different to phones.HOW TO DO IT•  Figure out what mobile solution suits your organisation best•  There are open source mobile CMS + Apps•  Get a plugin for your website that detects mobile devices•  Chunk up your content – reduce & simplify (see ABC example)•  Get a mobile specialist to plan and design your mobi site.
  19. 19. Content is King•  Content marketing is about expanding the telling of the story and spreading it across every (digital) channel•  Content is •  Video •  Images •  Games •  Infographics •  Text •  Polls & surveys •  Petitions and campaigns •  And anything else you can think of.
  20. 20. Content comes in many formsWWF + Ben Lee – Song for the divine mother of the universehttp://vimeo.com/11127915
  21. 21. Content isemotional & powerful
  22. 22. Content gives the back storyGreenpeace – Ken & Barbie
  23. 23. Content keeps you engagedhttp://pleasurehunt2.mymagnum.com/?lc=en_au
  24. 24. WebsitesWebsites are Brand reputation Validation Research Transaction/ eCommerce Content and information architecture Stories Customer serviceYour supporters EXPECT you to have a website.If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist.
  25. 25. Social mediaSocial media is •  An organisation wide initiative •  harder than it looks – creating a real 2 way relationship •  an excellent PR and customer service channel, IF its not censored •  LIVE and Public •  creates advocates.The power of social media is in the opportunity created byleveraging the friends of your fans.For every fan, there are 34 additional friends of fans that can bereached.For Organisation Pages: *Source: The power of LIKE study Comscore and Facebook in 2011Only 16% of fans are reached
  26. 26. Cool stuff – Dalai Lama G+ Hangout
  27. 27. Social Media is a commitment, not acampaignDermot O’Gorman isthe CEO ofWWF-Australia.He has been tweetingfor less than a yearbut he now tweets up to10 times a day, with atleast 3 posts.
  28. 28. Having a cause makes it even better 36,000 people have liked the Movember Australia site.
  29. 29. Amnesty Freedom Dictionary http://www.freedomdictionary.org/Over 125,000 words set free
  30. 30. Where to start with social1.  Listen first2.  Create social media guidelines & response timelines for your organisation3.  Outline a content plan – but don’t plan and approve every tweet4.  Create content that will keep your stories going •  Video •  Images •  Infographics •  Survey’s •  Games •  Campaigns, promotions, competitions5.  Be committed – there is no start and end date6.  Put experienced, senior staff as social ambassadors. Social media is not just for the youth7.  Social media is always on, it’s the front lines, full time8.  THEN go live.
  31. 31. Search – SEM and/ or SEO.They’re already looking for you•  Search engine optimisation (SEO – natural search) •  Yes, its about keywords and content •  But, success is determined by inbound links to your website •  Long term strategy (SEO) and sustained commitment•  Search engine marketing (SEM – Paid search) •  Google Grant $10,000 month•  SEO and SEM must be aligned to reap greatest rewards.Search is the best digital channel for•  qualified leads, when further down the consideration cycle•  Strong acquisition•  Immediate results (SEM)•  Highest ROI/ lowest CPA of digital channels in corporate world but harder space for charities.
  32. 32. How search can supportNatural Search (SEO) Paid Search (SEM) Search Tip: Use SEM to test your campaign messaging. Google will automatically optimise to the best performing creative. This gives you some insight into what type of language and call to actions motivate people most.
  33. 33. Display banner advertising•  Low engagement (0.04% CTR) and conversion rates•  Should only be used to support large scale Brand campaigns•  Buy on CPA only – affiliate and performance networks.
  34. 34. Digital media channels Of course it depends how you employ these channels Digital  Channels   Acquisi9on   Reten9on   Engagement   Email   ✔   ✔✔   ☐   Social  Media   ☐   ✔   ✔✔   Paid  Search   ✔✔   ✖   ✖   Video   ☐   ✔   ✔✔   SMS   ✔   ✔   ✖   SEO   ✔✔   ✔   ✖   Display  Banner   ☐  ✔   ✖   ✔   Adver,sing     Website   ✔   ✔   ✔  Mobile  –  sites,  apps   ✔   ✔   ✔   etc     Website  -­‐   ✔   ✔   ✔   eCommerce    
  35. 35. Understand the similaritiesOnline and Offline fundraisingare not so different
  36. 36. Understand the similarities •  Digital fundraising should support and piggy back off of your existing traditional fundraising channels Offline   Online  Comparison   Online  Support   Direct  Mail   Email   SMS   Media   Social  Media   Website   Face  2  Face   NA   NA   Direct  Response  TV   Video   Telemarke9ng  -­‐  Outbound   SMS   Email  Supporter  Rela9ons  –  Inbound   Search   Website   Print  Adver9sing   Display  Banner  Adver,sing   Brochure/  Insert   Website   Email   Word  of  Mouth   Social  Media   Email  
  37. 37. Start with the databaseDigital fundraising lives and dies by the health of your database •  Segmentation •  Take the donor on a planned journey •  Fill the top of the funnel – drive traffic •  Cultivate relationships with relevant stories & convert •  Retain and upgrade the base •  Test & optimise the ask to increase the average gift •  Monitor, report & re-invest.
  38. 38. Digital fundraising funnel Prospects   Visitors   Subscribers   Advocates   Supporters  
  39. 39. Reduce, reuse, recycleMany of your offline fundraising materials can be adapted fordigital •  Reduce the file size & the length of the copy •  Reuse the story, imagery and design elements •  Recycle the individual elements across each channel.
  40. 40. Integrated Fundraising Case Study: WWF Christmas Tiger Adoption 2010 Offline   Online   Learning’s   DM     Email   Created  instant  demand   Supporter  Magazine   Website   Consistent  presence   eCommerce  Website   Offline  ac,vity  difficult  to   manage  inventory   Social  Media   Emo,onal  bragging   DRTV   SMS   Ability  to  easily  ac,on   Display  Banner  Adver,sing   Increased  frequency  &  sales   Search  Engine  Marke,ng   Spikes  aWer  DRTV  aired    The online & offline campaign were perfectly aligned – except for stock control.
  41. 41. Understand the differencesBut digital does require a differentapproach sometimes
  42. 42. Understand the differences1.  Invest in developing the right systems, processes and2.  Resources – get a digital specialist3.  Understand the role each digital channel plays in the engagement & consideration cycle4.  Analytics is essential. Yes, there is lots of data. But getting the tracking right takes time5.  Usability testing and focus on the user will be a differentiator6.  User experience is paramount 1.  Shorter copy, less formal content, chunk it up 2.  Functionality is more important than design 3.  Content is King!
  43. 43. 1. Systems & digital infrastructure CRM/   eDB   CMS  +   Email   Payment   3rd   Gateway   Analy-­‐ Party   ,cs   Systems  
  44. 44. 2. Skillsets and resources•  Web Developer + CMS  +   Digital Producer + Content Curator/ Producer•  Digital Fundraising Manager Email  +  •  Data Hygienist CRM/   eDB  •  Fundraising Analyst Anal-­‐ y,cs   Payment   Gateway  
  45. 45. 3. Consideration cycle touch-points •  Donors use search at both the beginning & end of their consideration cycle •  Mobile is used for convenience during the day, but is more integrated with other channels & transactional at night •  Email can also be the first &/ or last touch point for many donors •  Social media is sometimes the first contact but is most often used during the information/ sentiment gathering stage •  Websites are used for research, reputation and transaction.
  46. 46. Donor journey’s cross over channelsFirst touch-point Message validation Follow up & convert
  47. 47. User journey’s cross overFirst touch-point Message validation Follow up & convert
  48. 48. 4. Analytics is essentialInvest in some Google Analytics training•  Custom reporting •  Track user scenarios •  Apply a value to each goal, especially the combination of actions that show an engaged user•  Setting goals and conversion•  Campaign tracking parameters http://www.wwf.org.au/?utm_source=Adconion&utm_medium=CPA- Banner&utm_campaign=Adopt-Tiger •  Understand where your direct traffic comes from (often email) •  Apply the secondary dimension metrics to find the hidden insights.
  49. 49. Data, data, data•  Use the data – but most people don’t even look at the data let alone identify the insights that can be actioned•  Make sure your database is clean and you have taken the time to segment your database •  Donors / Campaigners / Subscribers / Inactive •  Interests •  Donor Value•  Invest in cross-channel tracking •  What is the first click? Not just the click that converts •  What combination of channels provides the highest RMOI? •  How many touch-points do you need to use to get a conversion? •  Which channel drives the highest average gift? •  What channels shorten the consideration cycle?•  What content themes engage the user most? •  What content drives traffic? •  What content drives donations?
  50. 50. What to measure•  The days of measuring impressions and clicks are over but CTR still shows relevance •  Focus on conversions – but also on engagement, time spent on site (duration) and bounce/ exit rates •  Track month on month and year on year growth & conversion rates – not raw numbers•  Know which content engages your users most, converts them faster, compels them to share with a friend•  Monitor how much of your supporter base is using mobile•  Put a value on a Share or a Subscriber (non-financial supporters) as well as a donor. These are still prospects•  Online is direct response – don’t let anyone tell you its for awareness!
  51. 51. 5. Usability is a differentiatorUsability measures the ease of use of your website by its visitors.Basically, how easy is it for your audience to achieve their intended goal?Usability looks at 3 primary areas of a website:1.  Accessibility 1.  Page load times Forrester’s are the 2.  Colour contrast , font size leading usability experts 3.  Optimised for screen readers globally.2.  Functionality 1.  How intuitive is the process They carry out usability 2.  Does the website behave as expected benchmarking and3.  Navigation & Content testing. 1.  Clear & concise labels 2.  Adequate linking 3.  SEO and user friend urls 4.  Design is consistentUsability cannot be successful if its an after though. When planning,Put the donor first.
  52. 52. 6. Online user expectations People behave differently online. Digital is about research, engagement & transaction. Therefore, the content must fit the medium. •  Shorter sentences, less formal language, shorter copy in general •  Keyword rich content for search engines – say exactly what you mean, no puns or metaphors •  Engagement objects like games, video, infographics, polls & images help tell the story at a glance •  Real time transactions & automated responses – users expect their receipt immediately.
  53. 53. The role of onlineMake sure that you are using digitalchannels for the right reasons
  54. 54. Many reasons to go online•  Its where people are spending more time•  Direct Response•  Personalisation•  Data is power•  Automation•  Fast & reactive•  Always on – never miss an opportunity•  Interactivity•  Customer service channel•  Multiple touch-points•  Online will save you time and money.
  55. 55. The role of online•  Before creating and implementing a digital fundraising strategy, your organisation must first understand the role of online within your business •  Is it a broadcast communication channel? •  Is it a passive research tool? •  Is it to get to know your supporters better? •  Will it be a revenue stream? •  Is it a cost saving initiative? •  Is it a test? •  Do your supporters use/ want it?
  56. 56. But there are some drawbacks•  Few proven models•  There are risks•  Cluttered•  Hard to build trust•  It changes quickly, Innovation is a must.
  57. 57. Only when it works•  Like any other medium, you should only use online when it makes sense and when it works •  Grow and invest in the channels that are providing results •  Hold online accountable to the same ROI models as your offline fundraising (it should be better) •  If it doesn’t add value, don’t do it •  Innovate to achieve a goal, not just for the sake of it.
  58. 58. Achieve your objectives Digital  Channels   Acquisi9on   Reten9on   Engagement   Email   ✔   ✔✔   ☐   Social  Media   ☐   ✔   ✔✔   Paid  Search   ✔✔   ✖   ✖   Video   ☐   ✔   ✔✔   SMS   ✔   ✔   ✖   SEO   ✔✔   ✔   ✖   Display  Banner   ☐  ✔   ✖   ✔   Adver,sing     Website   ✔   ✔   ✔  Mobile  –  sites,  apps   ✔   ✔   ✔   etc     Website  -­‐   ✔   ✔   ✔   eCommerce    
  59. 59. Digital fundraising is not a bravenew world. It’s aboutMore optionsRicher storiesPersonal engagement.
  60. 60. If you have a digitalproblem,I will create asolution that willwork for you.Call me for adigital health check.
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