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Mobile Marketing & Fundraising Inspiration


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Mobile is already a game changer for banking and travel and in the charity sector it must become more important. If organisations want to claim they are donor centric, then they must behave as their donors do.
In this presentation Shanelle Newton Clapham from Parachute Digital gives ideas, inspiration and case studies for how non-profit organisations can Make the Most of Mobile in their marketing and fundraising.

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Mobile Marketing & Fundraising Inspiration

  1. 1. On a mission
  2. 2.  We love the Not-for-Profit sector ✔ We consult ✔ We educate ✔ We research
  3. 3. Making The Most Of Mobile Delicious Digital 17th November 2015 Shanelle Newton Clapham
  4. 4. Nice to meet you Shanelle Newton Clapham Consultant with more than 11 years experience in digital marketing & fundraising Author: Attracting Donors Online
  5. 5. Hands up!
  6. 6. Looking for a challenge… lets partner on a mobile project
  7. 7. Make the most of mobile  Why mobile matters  Mobile marketing works  Fundraising at events  Peer to peer is mobile  Using SMS  Cool stuff.
  8. 8. Why mobile matters
  9. 9. Take Advantage of Mobile Few numbers about advantages of mobile?
  10. 10. May 2015 More Mobile searches than desktop & tablet
  11. 11. Zero Moment of Truth
  12. 12. Mobile has overtaken desktop
  13. 13. Social Media
  14. 14. More stats
  15. 15. Mobile apps
  16. 16. iOS experience: 1. Supporter receives SMS 2. Clicks link to invitation 3. Invitation opens 4. Add to Wallet. Android experience: 1. Supporter receives SMS 2. Clicks link to invitation 3. Prompt to download Wallet app 4. Opens Google Play store 5. Download app + password 6. Invitation opens 7. Add to wallet.
  17. 17. More mobile stats 96% of all SMS’s are read within 3 minutes 44% of people sleep with their smartphone 52% of all emails are opened on a mobile device Facebook overtook Google Maps as the most popular app worldwide in 2014
  18. 18. Mobile marketing
  19. 19. Do you know what this is?
  20. 20. Pin drops in maps
  21. 21. Use a beacon • The Big Egg Hunt • 275 beacons in eggs placed in New York, created by artists • Consumers were encouraged to find and check-in at the egg • They received clues and could bid on the egg via an app
  22. 22. QR Codes QR Codes
  23. 23. NFC – Near Field Communication
  24. 24. Better fundraising at events
  25. 25. Melanoma Institute Australia Stop the Spread of Melanoma Tap and Pay
  26. 26. Mobile card readers • PayPal Here: app + device • Swipe, insert or tap to pay • Send tax invoice & receipt • Only for Android & iPhone. PayPal Here accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks, as well as PayPal payments.
  27. 27. Thank you for your donation
  28. 28. Let me tell you a story
  29. 29. Insight: Australians love Paypal. In 2013 50% of PayPal donations came from Australia ($6 million). 1/4 were mobile donations.
  30. 30. 6 Million Australians use Paypal. Some smartphones have fingerprint authentication for PayPal. PayPal and mobile
  31. 31. Geo fencing Supporter receives a push notification when they enter the geo fence. What you need: • APP • GPS switched on • (permission).
  32. 32. Geo fence: The North Face • Geo fencing up to 1 mile from the shop • 79% have increased their shop visits • 65% made a purchase as a result of the reminder • Messages/ offers depend on weather, location and type of client.
  33. 33. Use mobile for peer to peer
  34. 34. World’s Greatest Shave Revenue went from $14 Million in 2010 to $18 Million in 2012 after mobile app was introduced.
  35. 35. Movember 2013: $26 Million raised in Australia – 122K MoBro’s. 2014: $22 Million raised in Australia – 95K MoBro’s. 3 donors per participant (globally).
  36. 36. Using SMS
  37. 37. SMS Engagement
  38. 38. Text to Donate (Premium SMS)
  39. 39. Today’s Most Important Text
  40. 40. UNICEF Premium SMS donor journey 9.23am 9.23am 9.27am 3pm 9.27am 1 2 3 4
  41. 41. SMS Fundraising • Sent to 3 year lapsed donors • 9% conversion rate • $130 average gift.
  42. 42. SMS: Pre-populated donation page • Sent to non-responders • 1000% ROI • $130 average gift.
  43. 43. Thank you for your donation
  44. 44. Cool Stuff
  45. 45. Encourage use of the second screen
  46. 46. Bring back the mixed tape
  47. 47. MONA mobile interactive guide
  48. 48. Digital Tattoos
  49. 49. Are you keen?
  50. 50. Digital Training in 2016 Expressions of interest?
  51. 51. Who’s planning a mobile adventure? (and Questions)