Trix Corp. Portfolio 2012


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Trix Corp. is a specialist agency based in Dubai, involved in managing Brands all the way from design & conceptualization, to implementation & rejuvenation. . .

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Trix Corp. Portfolio 2012

  1. 1. Trix Communications Tel: +9714 2696970 Email: f: #117192, Dubai, UAE Fax: +9714 2696943 Website: t: sunshine of the spotless minds.
  2. 2. About Us Services Applications Case Studies Contact Us A group of young entrepreneurs who believe that the best way to learn, is to teach others. Consequently, Trix was set up on a shoe string budget with the sole objective of creating a THOUGHT FACTORY where everyday ideas - like the ones that come to you while you take a shower - are given life; where ideas are tried and tested for the umpteenth time before they are labeled an over-night success. For this we employ the freshest minds - minds that are not even aware that a BOX exists out there! Sharp, articulate and passion driven fellow beings come home to this great jamboree everyday so that folks making a living out there, can peacefully go to bed knowing that all is well taken care of - just the way they wanted it! And boy are we loving it! 
  3. 3. About Us Services Applications Case Studies Contact Us Branding & Marketing & Strategy PR & Reputation Identity Communications Management Events & Research & Corporate Social Culture & Exhibitions Insights Responsibility Integration
  4. 4. About Us Services Applications Case Studies Contact UsDesign Development Marketing Technology Multi-touch Presentation: Abu Dhabi Judicial Dept. Gitex 2012 formed the backdrop for the show-stopping multi-touch interactive presentation designed for ADJD. Conceptualized and UI programmed by Trix, the 70 inch 32 touch points presentation was the biggest crowd puller, mesmerizing even the officials. Presentation: Dubai Chamber As part of their scheduled conference in Azerbaijan, DC needed an extra ordinary, visually stimulating presentation for their topic: UAE Azerbaijan - Synergy and Economic Partnership. Our task was to highlight the key opportunities -Transport, Logistics, IT, Construction, Infrastructure, Tourism, Hospitality... Touchscreen Kiosk: American University of Sharjah The Admissions Dept at AUS needed a more engaging way to put across a whole load of info to their potential students, esply those that visit them at exhibitions and conferences. Using stunning visuals and amazing ux designs, we kept the frills a bare minimum and focused more on the real stuff. Video Presentation: DORMA DORMA Gulf invited us to script, shoot and edit 2 separate videos for their world conference at New York. Shot entirely at their world class premises in Jebel Ali, the final featured interviews, company and team profiles, product explainers and key business insights.
  5. 5. About Us Services Applications Case Studies Contact UsDesign Development Marketing Technology Ecom Website: Umi Pearls One of the biggest ecom website out of the Middle East, featuring more then 200 gorgeous authentic pearls jewellery pieces. Besides the design and programming, we were also roped in to revamp the brand, create online + fb campaigns, digital marketing, feature in blogs - basically populate the internet. CMS Website: MBT Shoes Inspired by the Masai tribe in Kenya, MBT Shoes is the best thing to happen to man since slice bread. Website: The Circuit Factory A no nonsense fitness concept with a equally no nonsense approach to marketing. We came on board to essentially redesign what was an already excellent website. Like their countless fitness challenges, were we upto the challenge? We sure were! Maintenance: Lamcy Plaza One of the most popular shopping centers in Dubai, our intense work at Lamcy includes polishing the website, refining the graphics, optimizing SEO, updating their countless offers and sharing all the latest happenings at the Mall. There is a reason why it is one of the most busiest mall websites in the country.
  6. 6. About Us Services Applications Case Studies Contact UsDesign Development Marketing Technology Digital Signage System: Landmark Group Luxury eCom boutique which sells pre-owned designer handbags, bags, purses, wallets, clutches, large and small totes, wristlets and leather accessories from world renowned designers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Prada. It truly is a woman’s world. Interactive Invitation: DHL DHL had an exclusive box, all for themselves for the biggest event in the region: F1 race at the Yas Marina. Our task was to invite virtually the Who’s Who and ensure a smart system for the RSVP. Why waste time and effort when you have design and technology at your disposal! Online Marketing: Yash Raj Films We are the official Online Media Partners for one of the biggest film production houses in India - Yash Raj Films. We were entrusted with promoting 2 of their recent blockbusters in the Middle East, Europe and Americas. Garnering 2m impressions in just 3 days, we sure delivered a blockbuster ourselves! Integrated Marketing: Dnata Dnata, as
  7. 7. About Us Services Applications Case Studies Contact UsDesign Development Marketing Technology Ramadan Widget: RTA RTA’s desktop widget, that can be downloaded and installed on to any computer screens. Besides the daily iftar and imsak timings, the calendar also showed the five prayers times, hadith of the day - which can be shared on facebook, and allowed RTAs stakeholders to tune into their twitter updates. App: Dubai Naturalization and Residency Dept. Tasked with developing their interactive e-Kiosk which would describe the Abu Dhabi Judicial Departments services available for citizens & expatriates of the country, in English and in Arabic. The challenge was to combine the best of design, technology & experience. 3D Animation: Honeywell Security Solutions To introduce the endless possibilities of its cutting edge Electronic Security and Surveillance Systems, Honeywell needed to recreate conditions and scenarios in order to better explain their products. We employed state of the art 3D softwares to achieve the challenging task. Intranet: Apparel Group Global Day is when the AUS campus come alive with festivities, while the university celebrates the different ethnic groups that make up their community. The students showed off their cultural diversity through traditional items, cuisine and folklore music. And we were there to make sure capture everything.
  9. 9. American University of Sharjah approachedus with a challenge to produce an engagingstate-of-the-art touch screen presentation,showcasing their numerous academiccourses, and campus facilities to newprospects.
  10. 10. A method for engagement and to increasethe number of touch points with customers,the Ministry of Environment & Watercommissioned us to work on a "environmentallyfriendly" touchscreen kiosk.
  11. 11. Tasked with developing their interactive e-Kiosk which would describe the Abu DhabiJudicial Departments services available forcitizens & expatriates of the country, inEnglish and in Arabic.
  13. 13. ...Profile for the world’s second oldest brand, the authenticAmerican brand, Arrow USA.
  14. 14. ...A body for an athlete. Fashion, Sport and lots of energy.That is the cue for this brand new sport store.
  15. 15. ...It was DQA’s Annual Meeting, and our task was simple: toadd a pinch of pizzazz into the whole evening.
  16. 16. ...Pitching document for ALDO at CityscapeRetail City Awards.
  17. 17. ...Kenneth Cole walked away with the InternationalRetailer of the Year at the RetailME Awards.
  18. 18. ...Franchise Operator of the Year Winner:Cold Stone Creamery serves up a storm atthe Retail City Oscars.
  19. 19. ...This won Nine West a nomination for the InternationalRetailer of the Year at RetailME Awards.
  20. 20. ...Anne Klein print profile: needed to beeverything that the brand is while stayingaway from everything that it is not.
  21. 21. ...A premier brand with an Attainable Luxurystatus.
  22. 22. ...Print profile for the elegant women’s wearbrand, Basler.
  23. 23. ...Zee TV: One of the biggest television networks inthe world had their Sales presentation developedat Trix.
  24. 24. WEBSITES & ECOM
  25. 25. Some of the most beautiful pearls, adorning some of the most beautiful ... creations...Umi is synonymous with style, grace and elegance - and our eCom website only reassured the
  26. 26. Pre-owned designer handbags, bags, purses, wallets, clutches, large and ... small totes, wristlets and leather accessories from world renowned
  27. 27. With not just information oncollections or store locations, we’ve focused on providing tricks for ... getting the best health benefits from your MBTs through theirRegional website & Facebook Page
  28. 28. A company vying to be the Worlds Biggest Retailer, Apparel Group has more than 50 international brands ... under its portfolio. Among many things, the site also has provisions for ecommerce.
  29. 29. A Global Maritime Services company, they approach us with an earnest ... request: we would like to have a site that actually talks to our clients in their
  30. 30. Leading restaurateurs, WCN needed an image makeover and a ... website to boast, that oozed class from the word ‘Enter. Truly a connoisseurs to the world.
  31. 31. www.talentbrokers.comAt the Talent Brokers, the world is aa very happening stage. The website ... is light on content but heavy on all good things in life should be.
  32. 32. PRINT
  33. 33. We believe you should be able tomake design and style a part of your everyday life.. and that’s exactly why we were engaged by Freedom ... in bringing to you the best of the season, in catalog for three years now.
  34. 34. EMAL is one of the biggest govt. companies the UAE who needed to announce theirGrow With Us Emiratization drive to theirfellow citizens.
  35. 35. Cold Stone Creamery needed an effective ...print campaign to launch its Ultimate IceCream Experience. We came up with thetheme: GIVE IT TO ME.
  36. 36. ...A series of concept ads for MT Khoory that projectedthe modern day environmental challenges & itsimplications. The brief was to create something full ofpizzazz.
  37. 37. ...Umi Pearls New SeasonCampaign. The beautifulmermaid comes to town.
  38. 38. The Athlete’s Foot needed to portray ...pure adrenaline in all the ads. OurGEARED FOR ACTION campaign tookthe concept to another playing level.
  39. 39. talent works. genius creates. and we deliver. Business Solutions: Strategy. Development. Marketing. Communications. Technology.Trix Communications Tel: +9714 2696970 Email:, Dubai, UAE Fax: +9714 2696943 Website: