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Evaluation dual[1][1]


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Evaluation dual[1][1]

  1. 1. Dual as a packageDual chocolate centres around having both dark and white chocolate in one bar. The unique bar is made up of two halves to deliver to mass audiences of both tastes. Each half comes along with its own personality. Thus the white half portrays tranquillity and a peace of mind. Whereas the dark half is full of energy and madness. This represents the realistic personalities of people whom are born with multiple characters. Therefore should be appealing for everyone.
  2. 2. ) In what ways does your media product use, 1develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?The DUAL chocolate is both similar and different to other brands ofchocolate.It is similar to other chocolate products in the broad story concept,types of camera shots and mise-en-scene used. This is because wedid not want to alienate our audiences to a completely differentrepresentation of the product, as it would be harder for them toassociate with and therefore the adverts would becomeunmemorable.On the other hand building up slight differences to stereotypes thenmakes the adverts memorable. Therefore we have kept to norms buthave changed a few aspects within the adverts.
  3. 3. Galaxy SimilaritiesWe can compare our advert 1 to a galaxy advert in a number of ways as that was where we got the inspiration for our first advert.Use of Character- one female protagonist used within both adverts, to show effects of each half more effectively.Story Concept - Protagonist is consuming the chocolate and then becomes more relaxed. Due to this peace of mind she starts to read her book.Within our Advert our protagonist eats the chocolate in order to help her relax and then allows her to tackle her work loadMise- en-scene- The use of colour portrayed within the Galaxy advert is brown to match the chocolate.Similarly we used same colours as our bar, thus white chocolate and dark . The surroundings were white/cream to match the white side of the chocolate.Plus the actress too wears subtle colours to further enhance this.Moreover the setting is a house, to show more realism to the audience. Additionally the lighting used was high key to represent the white half and light
  4. 4. Aero advertSimilar to the Aero advert as the chocolate isshown at the end. This is similar to our advert,as we kept to the conventions of showing theproduct at the end so it is the freshest thing inthe viewer/audiences mind. M&M’s advert The setting for both adverts are in a realistic house setting which is relatable to audiences. Likewise we also did a house setting for the white half, to show realism. Plus the dark half we created a party atmosphere portraying a house party. This make its more realistic to the audience as they can relate to it.
  5. 5. DifferencesDIFFERANCES; CADBURY & MARSBudgetingAs money plays an important role in getting actors,costume, settings, lighting, camera and graphics. Wecould not effectively use advance equipment norgraphics to elaborate aspects in our project. SettingsLimited to settings, we couldn’t base our product aroundcultures which made the product different. Ideally wewanted the second advert to be shot in a club, but due toseveral restrictions were unable to do so.ActorsWe couldn’t use professional actors to portray expressionwe may have wanted
  6. 6. Cadburys chocolate advertThis advert was very successful due to therandomness of story. As we were limited tobasic camera equipment and expenditure.Getting a monkey, i.e. – costume orelectronically, would be impossible for usif we wanted a realistic view. Plus themusic used, was a classic therefore targetedmass audiences. Yet our music wastargeted specifically for 21st modernaudiences.Mars chocolate advertAs shown the advert has used variousgraphics and with higher budgeting hasbeen able to perform stunts, that we werelimited too. Furthermore they have moreactors in their advert, which likewise wecould not have many professional adverts.Therefore may portray an amateur naturein our advert. However the advert alongwith the Mars advert, gets the messageacross successfully.
  7. 7. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product & ancillary texts?The chocolate represents two different types; dark and white. Therefore we wanted to convey the message of two different personalities connected with the chocolate. This is done subliminally in various ways;• Name and tag line – the same punch line and packaging were used at the end of each advert and radio advert. This automatically to viewers connects the dots between both adverts. The repeated use of having two side and showing either dark or white chocolate in the advert, made it easier for the audience to see the effects of THAT particular flavour in the advert. Instead of confusing the audience by showing both.
  8. 8. • Consistent Actors- By having only one actress within the two adverts, effectively it connects the effect of the flavour of chocolate. This enhances our message of the two different personalities one has after eating the chocolates. However there may be limitations with this as it can show that the chocolate is orientated towards the female population. However due to our packaging and the product itself, it hopefully will not come across that females can only eat the chocolate. As we have tried cater for the mass market.
  9. 9.  Use of Non- Diegetic sound- Although the music isnt the same within the four products it’s still of the same genre, which attracts the target audience. Songs from the same Artist Rihanna in the second advert and sponsorship and then Natasha Beddingfield for the first advert. We have kept the music consistent as if one advert gets played people who have seen a different advert will be able to then associate the product to the music.-Plus the voice over in all texts were done by the same person. Therefore an association can be made within sounds too.We can see that LINKS advert has also connected their product by using a consistent actors & theme throughout the adverts.We kept ours similar as its for the same product and from the research task when asked;“Do you like when one business has a short advert for the same product that link on a story?Or would you rather just have one unattached advert?”Every person we asked said yes to having a link for each advert as it keeps them interested and makes them think about the advert before. Therefore we wanted the adverts to clearly link with one another. Thus we kept most of the elements within the texts the same.
  10. 10. 3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?• Our audience feedback proved to be very useful for us, as it enabled our target audience to look at our product and subconsciously compare it with others. They offered fresh eyes to aspects we may not have thought of, due to the repetitive view we had of our adverts.• We gathered various audience data by medias such as; face book and one-to-one view feedback etc..• As the product widely covered a mass target audience, the product was put onto face book to father positive or negative feedback as constructive criticism would help us rectify anything that needed so.• With use of face book, we not only showed and asked people but broadcasted our product to the rest of the
  11. 11. OVERVIEW OF AUDIENCE FEEDBACK Facebook 19 people commented Below 10 = 2 comments 20+ = 3 comments One-to-one 10+ = 7 20+ = 0 The responses to the videos gave a clear indication of the prominent people who would purchase our product. Psychographic audience -> People who love chocolate as it 90% of the world therefore not sex specific. However each advert does give a representation of gender. As both adverts and sponsership feature a female, audiences may get the idea it is female orientated only. However the packaging and ideas were no solely limited to the female population. Demographic audience -> Essentially for 10-30years as the actress used would convey the message of younger generation. This is not entirely the only people who can eat the chocolate. But it may be portrayed like this.
  12. 12.  Our product can be defined as PARTIALLY successful as via the audience feedback we learnt various flaws we may have to fix as well. Therefore we cannot state that the product was truly triumphant. MUSICMost of the feedback commented on the soundtracks as they all knew the music and associated it with RnB. Therefore the target audience of youngsters ranging from 10-29 was hit. But however this can also be detrimental as older audiences did not recognise the music, but however it went with the story idea therefore they too thought it was commendable.The music did drown out the voice over. However due to the feedback we received, we managed to fix this problem.
  13. 13.  Graphics and ProductThe graphics in designing the chocolate and packaging was said to be ‘Well executed’ and that people would ‘actually buy it’If we started this process again, we would change; Music and dialoguesTherefore having the dialogues spoken much more louder. SettingsDespite having the setting to match the advert. We can try shoot in a variety of locations to present the different places you can eat and enjoy the chocolate in.These were the main aspects mentioned through our audience feedback but to get a wider and generalised view. We would need to gather a bigger sample size and via different medias.
  14. 14. 4.How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?Phase 1- Research And Planning stages; During the research stages of our media product we used a range of new technologies to help develop our ideas of what product we were going to do our advertisements on and helped us develop brand identity for the product to help theme the range of different advertisements in which had to produce.The Internet- helped when researching other adverts through websites such as YouTube, it allowed us to watch and compare a range of different adverts for a existing products.We also used the internet to research the ASA (Advertising standards agency) to help keep to advertising restrictions, if we didnt research the ASA this could have led to a negative reaction to our adverts from the audiences.Advantages – YouTube web 2.0, people can leave opinions on adverts, which gives us the upper hand as we can then see what people likes and dislikes were.Digital Story boards- By taking snapshots with the video camera, of how the shots should look by our descriptions, digital story boarding helped us as we can clearly see the range of different shot types and helped particularly as it gave it a clear indication of the 180 degree rule.
  15. 15. Phase 2- Production Stages;During the planning stages we used a range of different filming and editing equipment to actually produce our advertisements.DV cameras- We used small portable cameras to shoot all four of the adverts which proved beneficial for the visual adverts as it is compact so could be move from one location to another.Windows movie maker- to edit my adverts at home to figure out how they should be put together at school to limit time wasting.Macs/I movie- we used IMovies to edit our adverts. We found using the software simple as we have used it for AS. Which allows us to select shots and scene in which we want to use, cut shots, add music and special effects.However the negative points to make about IMovie are that, during the production of our adverts at home I used Windows Movie Maker to edit our adverts so I could get a feel for how we should edit the adverts at school using IMovie. I found that the IMovie software at school is limited, as there are a range of different features in which I used on Windows movie maker such as; Cropping the size of video clips and adding effects such as slow motion to clips which we couldnt do at school so I felt the software was limited in terms of what we could do and therefore our adverts were not as good as they could Have been.
  16. 16. Phase 3 evaluation;During the evaluation we used the internet by uploading the adverts to Facebook a popular web 2.0 website, which we put up in order to get feed back from the chocolate’s potential audience which is our age. We could then see what they liked and disliked so we will know how to improve in the future.We have also used our smart phones to go out show individuals of the targetmarket our advertisements and then noting down the response so we are thengetting a range of face to face responses. The Advantage of doing this is that ourproducts can be shown anywhere with the use of 3G internet, so we then are notjust gathering responses from the same place.
  17. 17. Thank you