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How to acquire profitable customers quickly tfm&a 2014


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TFMA 2014 IDM presentation on best practice approach to acquiring profitable customers. Using modern direct marketing methods, Tips on research, testing, tools and more resources for practical help

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How to acquire profitable customers quickly tfm&a 2014

  1. 1. How to Acquire Profitable Customers Quickly Modern Methods for Modern Direct Marketers Shane Redding
  2. 2. A little bit about me • IDM senior tutor and hon. Fellow • Consultant: • Love learning! @shanerddng
  3. 3. Acquisition • Getting new customers STILL the number 1 priority for marketers today* • Paid media is still the most popular tool for acquisition, but “earned” or word of mouth (WOM) making big inroads • Marketing budgets increasing as confidence returns *Source: econsultancy Marketing Budgets Report 2014
  4. 4. So what? • • • • • • Planning for profit Insight Testing Tools Top tips And where next?
  5. 5. Planning for profit • • • • Are you doing this? Don’t just do what you’ve always done! Adopt “team sky” approach For really quick wins – planning is where you need to spend the time! • So start with your existing customers, who is making you money and who is not?
  6. 6. Insight What are your customers doing and what are they saying? •Market research (what do they like?) General Specific very fast research •Database analysis (who and where are they?) •Campaign insight (what’s working) •Inbound “touchpoint analysis” from f2f sales to web
  7. 7. Campaign touch point analysis Using inbound marketing automation (Hubspot) allows tracking by all media
  8. 8. Campaign response by device
  9. 9. Testing A forgotten art? Where you take a control sample and test against it. Or do a split test (A/B)* •Great direct marketers test •They test the BIG things (DATA, media, copy, offer) •They allow 20% of their marketing budget for testing •They keep testing! *
  10. 10. Tools • Do marketers suffer with ADOS? @skemmo describes "Attention Deficit ... Ooh Shiny! • Focus! • What’s broken? • Integrate
  11. 11. Some quick wins • B2B – use tools such as www.leadforensics to identify hot sales leads from your website • H2H – integrate old methods (direct mail) with new tools:
  12. 12. Select prospect data
  13. 13. Upload creative
  14. 14. Choose templates and despatch
  15. 15. Doing a lot with a little
  16. 16. It works!
  17. 17. Social WOM
  18. 18. Top Tips • For PROFITABLE acquisition “chase the winners” • Think SMART • Copy the best • Resource poor – recruit placement student or apprentice • Invest in yourself and your team – build “T”alent and skill up
  19. 19. Where next? • IDM courses and qualifications – full day on 17th March on Acquisition • • • b2b case studies and benchmark your data and follow #idmb2btt
  20. 20. thank you