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Marketing your business for fast growth


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Marketing your business
Shuford Technology located in Lexington Ky.
Services to grow your business fast.
Small Business?

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  • (Shuford Technology) - A full service marketing and development agency located in Lexington Kentucky, backed by a group talented in market research. Skilled in web, mobile, and desktop software development.
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Marketing your business for fast growth

  1. 1. Marketing your business for FAST growth.
  2. 2. Services offered by Shuford Technology
  3. 3. Grow your business FAST.  More Customers/Clients.  Better Customer Response.  Marketing that really works.
  4. 4. Website Development. Shuford Technology ( offers full website design and development, offering your business a featured design that will convert visitors into buyers.
  5. 5. Social Media offers Social Media Services.  Social Media Management  Customer Loyalty Program Design/Setup  Online Video Creation/Distribution
  6. 6. More Options!  Reputation Management  Fulfillment Reporting  Effectiveness Analysis  Online Damage Control  Digital Lead Generation
  7. 7. More website help?  Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management  Web Application Development  E-Commerce Creation  E-Commerce Management  Content Management Services  Search Engine Optimization  Affiliate Marketing Setup/Management  Email Marketing
  8. 8. Take over the competition.  Competition Analysis and  Online Press Releases
  9. 9. Are you a small business? We can still help you! For less than $1000!
  10. 10. Offline Marketing Too!  Roadside Billboard Design/Placement  Television Commercial Development/Placement  Text Message Marketing/Setup  Direct Mail Campaign Creation/Execution  Telemarketing Campaign Creation/Execution  Advanced Phone System Setup  Co-Branding/Co-Marketing Agreement Search  Overseas Product Creation Outsourcing
  11. 11. Don’t wait to grow your business. Do it now, with Shuford Technology.