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Austin Fraser Business Intelligence Overview

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Austin fraser brochure

  2. 2. business_inteligence lrg.jpg‑Austin Fraser specialises in providing senior interim IT practitioners to drive throughChange and Transformations. Our interims have proven track records, arecommercially focussed and are specialist across a range of technical
  3. 3. business_inteligence lrg.jpg‑www.austinfraser.comAustin Fraser EnterpriseIntelligence has anextensive network of thevery best IT specialists.Because we have our ownin-house IT Practitionerexpertise, you can beassured that those we putforward have beenthoroughly qualified andvetted for your assignment.ArchitectsAnalystsFunctionalConsultantsProgrammers /DevelopersProject andProgrammeManagers
  4. 4. business_inteligence lrg.jpg‑www.austinfraser.comKEY DELIVERABLES• SAP HR Project Managers• SAP HR Training• Change & CommunicationPractitioners• SAP HR Architect• SAP HR Functional ConsultantThe outcome?• Manager andemployee-enabled selfservice•HR business partneringmodel• The ability to cater forthe unigue operationalrequirements of eachcountry and their legalframeworksJohnson & Johnson(SAP HR Transformation)In a highly competitive global marketplace, maintaining an advantagedepends on how talent is managed. J&J embarked on an ambitiousinternational SAP HR Transformation to increase capability acrosscountries.TheProgrammeThe aim: to roll out a SAPHRIS system across SouthAfrica and Germany thatcarried global potential.To deliver afundamental shift inthe way HR deliversservice – creating agreater ability tofoster talent anddeliver more flexiblemanagement acrossthe world.Alongside a cultural shift inHR, this project also sawconsiderable business processre-engineering and systemswork to support day-to-dayactivities.
  5. 5. business_inteligence lrg.jpg‑www.austinfraser.comKEY DELIVERABLES• SAP Solution Manager• SAP Solution Architect• SAP BI/BW Consultant• SAP HR Consultant• SAP Security AuthorisationConsultant• SAP Programme Director• Business Process Analyst• SAP Project ManagerThe outcome?• Radically improvedefficiency and securitythanks to successfulimplementation of SAPacross the business.• Reduced time, costsand carbon emmissionsdue to successfulimplementation ofmobile working solution.Welsh Water(SWITCH Programme)Austin Fraser played a key role in helping Welsh Water with its multi-million pound change programme aimed at providing accurate, up-to-dateinformation to its field force and operational centres.TheProgrammeThe aim: to create genuinebusiness efficiencies andachieve higher levels ofcustomer service.A major SAPimplementation ofCRM, MAU, MRSand WorkManagement as wellas an upgrade toISU. Implementation of a mobileworking solution – providinghandheld devices and workscheduling for mobileengineers.
  6. 6. business_inteligence lrg.jpg‑www.austinfraser.comKEY DELIVERABLES• BI Architect• BI Reporting Consultant• Data Warehouse• Single HR Solution• Design of the reportingstructure• Architecture of the system• Flexibility to cater for bespokerequestsThe outcome?• The Board can nowmake informeddecisions with up-to-the-second BIstatistics.• Greatly reduced costsof running and repairingthe countless separatesystems worldwideWPP(Business Intelligence Reporting)For global organisations with a large and diverse workforce, the ability tomake decisions based on accurate, relevant and up-to-date BusinessIntelligence is a source of distinct competitive advantage.TheProgrammeThe aim: to create a single BIsolution that would unite allHR data to provide instant,accurate and bespokereporting to the Board as itrequires..WPP engaged AustinFraser EnterpriseIntelligence toimprove BI reportingfor HR globally,across 100,000employeesThis reporting capabilitycovers more than 2,000departmental offices.
  7. 7. business_inteligence lrg.jpg‑www.austinfraser.comWe like to putourselves in yourshoes - it helpsus understandyour challenges.We only putforwardcandidates thatfit the business,technical andcultural aspectsof yourassignment.We have a thirstfor knowledgeand arecommitted tolearning moreabout ourcustomers andourselves. Thisdrives continuousimprovement.We have thefreedom to becreative and weare empoweredto makedecisions.You can only bepassionate aboutsomething youbelieve in. Webelieve that weare making adifference toeach other, ourcustomers andour suppliers.EmpathyHonesty &IntegrityWillingnessto learn Passion AutonomyOur Values
  8. 8. business_inteligence lrg.jpg‑
  9. 9. business_inteligence lrg.jpg‑www.austinfraser.comI can recommend Austin Fraser as being totally thorough andprofessional based on my experience. The are methodical,professional and pay great attention to detail. I appreciate theymake every effort to match client and candidate and theirenthusiasm in achieving a win-win-win for all parties knows nobounds. Rosemary Riley – IT Work stream Lead , WPP
  10. 10. Call: +44 (0) 118 952