Personal brand social media plan


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Personal brand social media plan

  1. 1. @Thoughtsieve12- “Adapt or become irrelevant” RT: Shane Jewett 3740143 #SocialMediaMarketing Fall 2012
  2. 2. #Introduction Some might think that telling a story just encompasses regurgitatinginformation they already know but it requires much more than that. It requiresemotion, maybe a smile or a hand gesture; it needs movement and inflection. Mostimportantly, it needs PASSION. What is life without passion? Who wants to delveinto anything if doesn’t spark that interest everyone is looking for? My name isShane Jewett and this story is about a young man who is striving for the opportunityto succeed. Have you ever heard the quote, “Luck is when preparation meetsopportunity?” I say, “Opportunity is when hard work meets ambition” –Shane Jewett. @Epiphany 1 Growing up in a town where every one waves to one another, it was hard toimagine what else was out in the world. “Growing-up,” for me, meant nothing morethan becoming one year older every year for the rest of my life.I never thoughtabout what made people successful or wealthy. I just thought becoming successfulwas a lot of luck and “some” work. I guess you could say I had an epiphany of sortswhen I turned 16. I started learning German and it left an eternal scar in my brain. I
  3. 3. was constantly learning new words, teaching my self the grammar, watching moviesin German and making friends with the German foreign exchange students. I hadpassion. I had interest. I had ambition! I had finally figured out how people becomesuccessful. @Epiphany 2 4 years later I carried this energy over to the University of Minnesota-Duluth.At this time, I had two majors: Marketing and German. I was doing well in school butI realized I needed to start looking for the elusive internships and employment.Aside from the traditional help wanted ads and my own business connections, I hadno idea where to start my career search. At this time, I knew of Linkedin and othersocial media sources to look for jobs but I had no idea how powerful of a tool thesesites were. That’s exactly what they are in the day and age, tools. People like you andI have the option of utilizing these sources to our advantage. This is when I had mysecond major epiphany. I now knew that I was behind and needed to catch up in theworld of business. I needed to change, I needed… to “adapt.” One of the quotes I live by states, “Adapt or become irrelevant.” When ever Ithink that there is nothing more I can do to solve a problem, I always ask myself,“How can I change? What can I do differently to make this situation work?” RT: Decision Time
  4. 4. As for my job search/employment problem, I decided to start using socialmedia to make contacts and keep up to date with trends in the marketing worldtoday. Sites like: Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook are very user friendly but it tookme a while to start using them effectively in business. One of the worst things youcan do with Linkedin is not have a professional picture and also, not have acomplete profile. A great profile with this website also has acreatively written summary of yourself. DO NOT, write a summary like this:“My name is Shane Jewett and I go to the University of Minnesota- Duluth. I am 23years old. My majors are blah blahblah.” You need to write a summary that is not only going to put a choke-hold onthe attention of potential employers, but also one that will wrestle their memoryand make them remember who you are. I spent some time working on mine andmade adjustments along the way: Follow: Shane Jewett "The ability to adapt, is the best ability one can acquire." I believe this quoteto my core and intend on always learning new things as my life goes on. Thisattribute goes hand-in-hand with having passion for what you do and why you do it.I cant stress enough how much I want to do well in my career and also, how excitedI am to succeed in my interests; whether thesebe work related or in my free time. Just Getting Started
  5. 5. I am currently in my last year of college up here at UMD and I continue toadapt every day. I am always tailoring the way I approach issues, how I present myself and most importantly, how I engage others. By that, I mean: make contacts,meet new people, adapt to your surroundings and never be afraid to try somethingnew. There is a whole pool of opportunity out there and I intend on doing a lot ofswimming in the future. With that being said, I would like to introduce you to thePersonal Brand Social Media Plan I have created, in order to continue my growth asa professional and also just as a person in general.Industry Overview: Content Marketing/MarketingPersonal views on the opportunity in the real world based on the opinions of#ShaneJewett.So many of us stress out and have a lot of angst surrounding this idea of landing thatfirst “career” job right after graduation. Guess what, we should be having thesefeelings! You think any of the many successful people out there get to relax all thetime and just enjoy the most fancy gratuities that life offers? This anxiety andconstant reminder that the real world is approaching plays an important role in whywe get up at 6:00 A.M. to do some last minute review for that test we have in a fewhours. It is the reason why us “students” place so much emphasis on developing theproper skills and knowledge we need in order to get a head start in our career life.Stress can either take over your life; and become a festering infection which willeventually inhibit you from the greatness your trying to achieve or it can be thatenergy drink you buy at 12 A.M. to keep plugging away at work. The field I currently
  6. 6. have the most interest in is German Language and Marketing; be it online marketingor traditional. Marketing is an interesting field. It not only incorporates creativity,persistence, and knowing your “market” but it is also ever changing. Marketing canbe applied to so many instances. From a company standpoint, I believe everyone is amarketer. When dealing with a customer, no matter what position you are in, youare your company and represent the overall image of your brand. I could sit hereand regurgitate an array of statistics about the marketing field and what expertsthink but when it comes down to it, we personally, are the ones responsible fordoing the research and making our own judgment. I believe that there will alwaysbe a demand for people who can make a certain brand/service appealing to theconsumer and provide a proper strategy to maintain a certain company’s image…(insert rest of sentence as you please). However though, there are a few aspects ofmarketing that I do see as a basic template for success and are where my focusresides for this industry. 1. Communication: In order to be in marketing, one must be able to communicate a message clearlyand concisely. A marketer needs to be able to walk into a room of people, who have no idea what the product is and make it blatantly apparent what the reasoning is behind it. 2. Content: “Creating content is easy. Consistency in great content for the consumer is where it gets more difficult.” –Shane Jewett. Many individuals think that by simply providing a lot of content, the consumer will be impressed. What happens when this content is boring and no one cares? Content Marketing is a relatively explosive term being used now a
  7. 7. days and in my opinion, is where marketing will live in the future. All this means is that companies need to be prepared for providing quality: images, messages, services and products to the consumer, in order to obtain a lot of business. Just quantity is not enough. Best case scenario for marketing is summed up in this simple equation: Successful Marketing= (Quality Content)(Consistent Quality in Quantity). 3. Adaptability:“Adapt or become irrelevant.” –Shane Jewett. Humanity as a whole has made leaps and bounds in the sector of technology. Marketing has been adapting with it. It used to be acceptable to engage in just PR, print, radio and television ads for marketing but NOT TODAY! Whether or not you think this has changed, I do not care. The fact of the matter is, marketing has started to encompass the Internet at an alarming pace. All marketers should adapt accordingly and start looking at the other alternatives out there, in order to get their message across. This entails also using resources such as: SEO, Social Media, PPC, email and mobile platforms. People are going to continue to socialize as time goes on, only the platforms through which we do so are going to change. Shouldn’t us marketers adjust accordingly?Objectives for this plan:Like I spoke about earlier, the whole reason we attend college is to obtain a specificset of knowledge and skills in order to obtain a job. The objective I have for thisSocial Media Marketing plan is to not only help me land that job but also
  8. 8. create/maintain business relationships. Hopefully also turn some of theserelationships into friendships.That goal in the above paragraph is a little vague, so lets break it down into a fewmore specific objectives. 1. Make contact/engage with thought leaders in the industry of marketing and listen to what is being said about the atmosphere as a whole. 2. Build my own personal brand as a credible source for advice regarding marketing and how to generate outstanding content. 3. By making a personal brand for my self, I hope to achieve an overall image that will give me more clout in advancing my career. A lot of this brand will be built online, and will give others a chance to see who I am; without actually ever having spoken to me.Now that I have stated my objectives, lets take out the magnifying class and delveinto why I decided these were the most important.Contact/Engage with thought leaders: I have always been an opinionated personbut there is also much to learn from others. No one person can have all of the rightsanswers and insights. By listening to and speaking with others who have differingviews on the world of marketing, I can better tailor my viewpoints and decide whichactions are best suited for certain situations.
  9. 9. Building a personal brand: By building a personal brand as a source of credibleinformation, I will start making many contacts which could potentially lead toreferrals and more business for whom ever I work for; whether this be my self or adifferent company. This personal brand will also build a large network for my self;of which, I can tap into.Overall Image: This objective could also be construed as a sub-category for the lastobjective but it is slightly different. By building a large pool of contacts andknowledge, I will be able to have more influence in my field. An important aspect ofbeing found online will entail the use of “keywords” in order to increase SEO for myself. This will allow me to advance my career faster and using social sites, also givesme the opportunity to be discovered by potential employers.Who am I targeting?. “True learning only occurs when changes in behavior become relatively permanentand are repeated over time.” –OBM textbook I once read. I couldn’t agree more withthis statement. There are many companies I would love to work for out in the“professional world.” Many people who are the head of successful companies areexperts in their own right but not all of these experts have the unique ability toteach. I realize that a majority of what I learn in school will not help me in my career.I will have to learn as I go but it never hurts to have some one who can clearly guideyou in the right direction. A boss or company that I want to work for will have someof the following personalities and traits:
  10. 10. Creativity: I want some one who can take something simple ormundane and turn it into something people can’t stop gawking at. Itake pride in creating interest out of nothing and I want that in afuture employer.Respectable: I know of many successful people who make a lot ofmoney and get things done but do they always treat people the waythey should? I am talking about the Golden Rule people! I want towork with some one who I can have differing opinions with andchallenge me but at the end of the day, still respect/admire.Open-Minded: I want some one who can have a set agenda of sorts butalso still be able to take time to listen to my ideas and take my insightinto account. I do not want to just be a drone that completes one thingand moves on to the next.Competitive: In order to stay on top of my game, I am always trying tolearn new things and size my self up against potential challenges;whether these are people or situations. This is important to mebecause if you’re not competing, you’re either a spectator or stayingcool on the bench. I am here to win and I am here to succeed. My bossneeds to be willing to do the same.Curious: I have a great deal of respect for other cultures. This is why Ihave spent so much time learning to speak German. Every time I visitthe country or speak German, I learn a new lesson or take somethingfrom it. All of this comes from wanting to learn new things and see
  11. 11. what else is out there. My boss needs to have that inner child in him/her and continue to search for new endeavors/excitements. International: This is also tied to the last paragraph. I plan on moving to Germany at some point in my life because I want to see what a different culture/atmosphere would be like to live in. I also have dreams of traveling and learning how others think. This makes for a better-rounded mind and also gives people the opportunity to step into some one else’s shoes.I am sure as time goes on, I could continue to add more to this list but as for rightnow, these will do. I feel all of these aspects foster a great birthplace for arelationship to begin and continue to grow.Ok guys… who specifically am I looking @?In this section, I am going to identify and list which people I feel meet therequirements I listed above. Not every person on this list will have all of the aspectsI listed but they all have enough to keep my eyes peeled. I already know some ofthese people and others I plan on getting to know. These are alphabetized bycompany name:Marty Weintraub: #aimClearLaura Litwinka: #aimClearDale Fuller: #AllianzAndrew Rasch: #Cargill
  12. 12. Klaus Eck: #eckKommunikationTia Fisher: #eModerationKyle Lacy: #Exact TargetJaime Strom: #ParadyszAndrea Timmerman: #ParadyszChrista Tiefenbacher-Hudson: #TripleInk5 Pillars for success:In class we had to decide early on which specific pillars we were going to use andsome were mandatory. My five pillars ended up entailing: 1. LinkedIn ( 2. Twitter ( 3. Pinterest ( 4.! ( 5. Personal BlogWordPress ( feel all of these will allow me to properly achieve my objectives I stated earlier inthe paper. As a way to track my progress with these sites, I will use a 6-month timespan. I know this time span was used by former students but 6 months really is agood time span. It allows enough time to go by in order to collect enough data aboutmy sites but it also isn’t too long, where I will forget to keep up with my progress.LinkedIn: I once heard someone equate LinkedIn to Facebook but on steroids. Itreally is a wonderful tool to make more “professional” contacts. In my opinion, thisis one of the most important pillars. It allows you to:make contacts(domestic or
  13. 13. international), search for jobs, join groups and allow other business opportunities tofind you! There are other aspects about this site that I love but I feel these are themost important, as far as our Personal Brand is concerned.Prior to taking this course, I had already achieved 100% profile completeness. If Ihadn’t, that would have been my number one goal for LinkedIn. My current pagelooks like this-Since I am tracking this site over a 6-month period, I need some aspects/goals totrack. These will be as follows: 1. Views of my profile 2. Group discussions joined and participated in.
  14. 14. 3. Making at least 3 new contacts a week. 4. Posting at least 1 interesting article a day to my profile. 5. Endorsements 6. Expanding my work history and activities.By tracking all of these variables, I hope to gain a broader knowledge of what I needto do in order to expand my contact base and also what content I generate, willcreate the most traffic to my profile. After all, isn’t that what you want people to do?You want people to be driven to your profile, because you want to show off yourtalents and experience.Twitter: This pillar is my overall favorite. It not only allows you to connect with somany people but it also gives you a real time look at what is going on with yourinterests. I use my account for only a few things: connect with thought leaders in thefield of marketing, curate content regarding my interests, express myviews/opinions on these interests, occasional humor and finally, listen to what isgoing on in the field of marketing. I feel like Twitter is one of the best ways toexpress your thoughts to many people, in concise and quick manner. The ability tosearch hashtags (#’s) has become a hobby of mine because it allows you to see whois talking about an exact topic and what people are saying about it. When setting upyour profile, I think it is of the utmost importance that you have: a clear picture ofyourself, interesting bio and an emotion-inducing title picture. All of these will drivemore traffic to your profile. “You are what you Tweet” is a saying I have heardbefore and it is very true. If you want to use it in a business sense, tweet about and
  15. 15. read articles about that field of business. This will give you a consistent communityof people in which you are listening to and engaging with whatever atmosphere youare trying to cultivate. I recently joined Twitter but in the three months I have beena member, my profile has grown rapidly and looks a little something like this:I will also use a 6-month tracking time for this website as well. Again, I am not tryingto copy anyone else but this amount of time just makes sense to me. Aspects I willtrack are as follows: 1. Retweets
  16. 16. 2. Favorites 3. Posting minimum of 3 interesting articles a day. 4. Commenting on at least 3 other tweets a day. 5. Followers: Gain at least 5 new followers a week. 6. Following: Follow 10 new people a week. 7. Post at least 3 engaging pictures a week. 8. Make contact with 1 new thought leader a week. 9. MentionsBy using tools like TickrUS and Hootsuite, I will be able to see the progress of myprofile and how it grows. Both of these resources will allow me to view stats on all ofthe following aspects I just spoke about. Being able to see all of these stats will giveme an overview of what tweets and content create the most positive results for myprofile. I will also get a chance to see when the best times to tweet are. I.E. 9:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M. or 7:00 P.M.-10:00 P.M. I suspect that these two times will give me themost influence and create the greatest chance for me to obtain followers. These arethe times when most people get a chance to look at their profile. Weekends will alsobe an objective of mine because of all the free-time allotted for everyone. Evenbefore doing research, I could tell that these times were going to be my bread andbutter.Pinterest: Pinterest is an interesting platform and one I love to use. It is one of thefastest growing social media sites out there and it has recently started to leave itsmark on the business world. The real value in this site stems from the ability to pair
  17. 17. great written content with striking visuals. Most of the images I look at on Pinterestare infographics regarding social media marketing or content marketing. By beingable to create what the company calls “boards,” you can curate a vast variety ofinteresting/engaging content that pertains to where your interests lay. This siteliterally gives you an image of what is going on in the area of your interests. I amfamiliar with Pinterest but there are some things I need to do more research on. Forinstance, I have not clicked the “follow” button 62 times, yet I am following 62individuals. As of this moment, I only have two boards: Social Media Marketing andContent Marketing. My profile is as follows:
  18. 18. I am going to be consistent and use 6 months again as my tracking time. I do not feelthat this site will allow me to collect as much data as Twitter or LinkedIn but thereare a few aspects I can think of: 1. People who RePin my content. 2. My RePins of other’s content. 3. Followers: Acquire 5 new followers a week. 4. Following: Follow 5 new people a week. 5. Create a new board once a month. 6. Comments on my boards.By using Google Analytics or TickrUS, I could track these statistics on Pinterest butfrom the research I have done, there are not many options for tracking informationon this particular platform. I will just have to gain more followers and follow morepeople in order to broaden my community for this site. I do not believe that there isa specific time in the day, in which my Pins will get most recognized but I do believethat I need to keep my eye open for the best content and not just any old infographicthat I find. Pinning the best content is where my real goal is, in order to brand myself as more of an expert in certain matters.Scoop.It: I am a very new user of Scoop.It and have just in the last few days havestarting using this website.Scoop.Itis one of my pillars because I feel it gives you agreat way of sifting through all the “bull-shit” content in what ever you want moreinformation on. Being able to see how many views a person has and followers on
  19. 19. his/her page is a great way to determine who are seen as thought leaders/experts. Itry to look for pages that have the most views, because I believe this is where youcan start finding those hidden gems of information. I am interested in looking forScoops regarding Content Marketing and International Marketing (specifically inGermany). Having a huge cookie jar of this information will allow me to really“fatten up” my knowledge in these two areas. The one Scoop.It page I have right nowis labeled: “Content Marketing that doesn’t suck”. I will start by scooping the bestarticles and infographics for content marketing and hopefully people will startviewing my page as THE place to look for content marketing advice. Like I said, I justvery recently set up this account but my Scoop.It looks as follows:
  20. 20. Since I do not knowScoop.It as well as the other websites, I am going to track only asmall amount of data over a 6-month period for this website. They will becategorized under the following: 1. Views per week for my pages. 2. Following: Start following at least 5 thought leaders in the topic of Content Marketing a week. 3. Followers: Obtain at least 20 new followers a month. 4. Create one new page related to marketing a month.Again, using resources like TickrUS or Google Analytics, one could track thefollowing aspects I have mentioned but there is not a lot out there in order to obtainstatistical information on your Scoop.It. I first want to focus on gaining morefollowers and views, before I try to start trying to do analysis on my page. Byfocusing on these two things, I think it will give me a great starting point for thisfantastic site and I can later decided how I will look at my stats.Personal Blog (WordPress): During the duration of the semester, we created ourown blog using WordPress. The main purpose I have for my blog will be to drivetraffic to it through the use of all my other social media sites. Here, I will write poststhat are much more opinion based. All of these posts will pertain to my personalexperiences in the field of marketing and what lessons I am learning along the way.By doing this, I hope to build more rapport with my online community and continueto brand my self as a person of interest. I have added links to some of my social sitessuch as: LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Having only had this blog for a very short
  21. 21. amount of time, I haven’t been able to use it yet but after creating it, the design is asfollows:By using a resource called MyBlogLog, I will be able to look at statistics regardingmy blog and what is going on with it. I will be using a 6-month time period. The fewaspects I want to focus on and track will be the following: 1. Views of my page. 2. Comments on my posts. 3. Mentions of my blog on other websites. 4. Followers of my blog. I want to gain at least 5 a month.
  22. 22. 5. Following: I want to start to get more involved in reading other blogs so I will set the goal to follow at least 5 new blogs a month and at least 3 of these will be thought leaders in the field of marketing. 6. I want to post at least 2 comments a week on other’s blogs. 7. Keep my blog up-to-date with my life by posting pictures as well. This will bring more of a visual aspect to my page.What to look forward to:By the end of this spring, I will be a very recent college graduate. I do already have ajob lined up but chances are, I won’t stay there my whole career. This is why thiswhole plan is so important! By building relationships online and expanding my poolof contacts, I am creating an advantage for my self as time goes. Every person reallyis unique in his or her own way but on paper what sets you apart from others in thejob market? For most of us, nothing does but implementing a plan like this will giveyou that “extra something” our professors have been ranting about for the past 4years and in my case, 5 years. Hey, two majors in 5 years isn’t the easiest thing toaccomplish. All I am trying to say is, if someone offered you an opportunity to getyour: name, experience, thoughts, opinions and insight out there to thousands ofpeople, wouldn’t you take it? I feel this is exactly what building a personal brandonline does for you. It gets you out there and will allow others to see what you’reabout.