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Trailer Research


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Trailer research for media blog.

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Trailer Research

  1. 1. By Shane Fellows
  2. 2.  Since my film will be horror based, I have picked a few trailers that will link with my trailer, The reason I have picked these trailers are because they are good horror films and theyre popular within the public.
  3. 3.  This film is similar with myas it shares the same conceptwhich my horror film willundertake. Their will be onekiller, and the rest will be thesurvivalists. I also enjoy thescene’s in the trailer, I willuse the same sort of concept.
  4. 4.  Here is a link to the Devil Inside’s trailer, it is a 2 minute 30 seconds trailer and it’s only appropriate for certain audiences. VIyO9UlnJ0
  5. 5.  Again, Chernobyl Diaries is a horror based film, so again I will be using parts from this trailer when designing my own. I like the concept of this horror film as it has a mysterious, eerie, run through-out the film and constantly leaves the viewer on the each of their seats.
  6. 6.  Here is a link to the Chernobyl Diaries trailer, it is 3 minutes and 5 seconds long, it again gives a warning on appropriate viewing, knowing that this will be a scary trailer. v=ygmVZaYgbn8
  7. 7.  This film is different from my trailer as it is a comedy based film. It has a totally different perspective than a basic horror film, as its intent is to make their audience laugh, not making them jump out of their seat. In my opinion, this is a very good comedy film.
  8. 8.  Here is the trailer for the comedy film American Pie Reunion, again, nothing like my trailer as it is a comedy. It is 2 minutes and 10 seconds long. v=uoNWSutZk6M
  9. 9.  My final movie trailer is a film called Chronicle. This is different from what my trailer is going to be associated with as this film is ‘action’ based. It has a quick flow to it and it gets the viewer interested. Action films are usually at a quick pace as they usually have a lot of fight scenes.
  10. 10.  Here is the final trailer on Chronicle, it is a fast paced trailer and it is 2 minutes 14 seconds long. v=Exr5B8DCH4w
  11. 11.  To conclude, I have watched a different variety of trailers giving me ideas on what different types of genres have within their trailers. It will help me when making my horror film, as it has given me better input for when designing my trailer. I have listed all the times of the trailers as I need to know what time my trailer should be. Majority of the trailers are around 2 minutes 30 seconds-3 minutes long, this will give me a basic idea of how long my trailer should be.