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Delta Australia NEW Solar Inverter H5A_222 with DC Isolator and internal Smart Meter for renewable energy


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Australia's newest solar hero has arrived on its shores. The most feature rich inverter in the renewable energy market today has chosen Australia for its launch. Built in smart meter for 24/7 consumption monitoring and compliant DC isolator makes the H5A_222 a safe choice for your solar power generator.

Starting at 35vDC all other competitors are still asleep when the Delta H5A_222 only needs two solar panels to operate.

Ask your solar provider for a Delta inverter from Delta Electronics Australia today.

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Delta Australia NEW Solar Inverter H5A_222 with DC Isolator and internal Smart Meter for renewable energy

  1. 1. • Low noise emission upto 20 dB PV INVERTER Home Series / H5A_222 Product Features • Wide input range from 30 to 600 Vdc • Built in Smart Meter / Dry Contact / DRM Port • Ultra light weight for easy installation and space-saving • Built-in Wi-Fi communication • Pre-commissioned to Australia • MyDeltaSolar cloud for remote monitoring • IP 65 Rated
  2. 2. MyDeltaSolar (Admin) Delta presents the H5A_222 solar inverter which features 5.0 kW AC output and the lowest start-up voltage yet at 35vDC. This new single phase solar inverter is designed for residential PV applications where maximum versatility, production and savings are important. With smart power meter built in, the H5A can provide consumption data and dynamic export control with the simple addition of CT clamps. Product Overview DC Connectors AC Connector Label Grounding Communication Interface Function Port System Architecture MyDeltaSolar APP CT Solar Panel Grid H5A_222 Load Charging TV Refrigerator Light Wi-FiDC Power AC Power Form Factor DC Switch P2P connection MyDeltaSolar Cloud Service (Monitoring) Cloud Digital input (DRM) Power meter Dry contact
  3. 3. Home Setting EnergyManagement •MyDeltaSolar cloud offers home user an online monitoring service •Proactive e-mail notification during inverter alarm (i.e. ground fault alarm) MyDeltaSolar Specifications Model Number 5000 W / 5000 VA 23 A 220 / 230 V 180 - 280 V 50 / 60 Hz (± 5 Hz) < 3% 0.8 Ind ~ 0.8 Cap < 2W Wi-Fi LED MyDeltaSolar APP ( iOS / Android ) MyDeltaSolar Cloud Mail Notification VDE-AR-N 4105 VDE 0126-1-1/A1 AS4777.2:2015 EN 50438 EN 61000-6-2 EN 61000-6-3 EN 50438 EN 61000-6-2 EN 61000-6-3 IEC 62116 G83/2 600 V 30 - 500 V 97.5 % 96.8 % 2 MC4 2 pairs 11Adc for each / 22Adc for total *All specifications are subject to change without prior notice H5A_222 240 - 500 V > 35 V 350 V Yes DC Input Max. Input Voltage Operating Voltage Range MPP Voltage with Max. Power Start Up Voltage Rated Voltage Max. Input Current Mpp Tracker Connection Type DC Switch AC Output Max. Output Power Max. Output Current Rated Voltage AC Voltage Range Frequency Range THD Reactive Power Night Time Power Consumption Efficiency Peak Efficiency Euro Efficiency Information Communication Indicator Display Cloud Alarm Certification General Data Operating Temp. Range Protection Level Noise Emission, Typical Operating Elevation Cooling Dimensions (W × H × D) Weight -25 to +60°C, full power up to 40°C IP65 20 dB (A) < 2000 m Natural Cooling (NO FANS) 380 x 318 x 130 mm 12 kg
  4. 4. Delta Electronics (Netherlands) B.V. Tscheulinstr. 21 79331 Teningen Germany Delta Electronics (Australia) Pty Ltd (Eltek Australia) 1/22 Narabang Way, Belrose NSW 2085 Delta Electronics (Australia) Pty Ltd Unit 20-21/45 Normanby Road, Notting Hill VIC 3168 Australia 2019 / 10 / 15