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A detailed description of THE PGA OUR CLUB.

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  1. 1. An innovative corporate entertainment concept for companies seeking A shArper competitive edge
  2. 2. introducing the first nAtionAl sports entertAinment club membership—the tour club THE TOUR CLUB brings the prestige and excitement of the PGA TOUR, one of the most recognized and trusted brands in professional sports, and over $1 billion in combined assets to a unique membership offering. Members of THE TOUR CLUB enjoy unparalleled access to: » A network of spectacular private and resort » Member-only access to PGA TOUR events across the golf courses PGA TOUR, Champions Tour, and Nationwide Tour » Luxury residences at world-renowned resorts » TOUR-level instruction and exclusive private golf clubs » A dedicated TOUR CLUB Concierge team that » Previously unattainable golf and lifestyle makes each and every experience memorable experiences so remarkable, they’ll be spoken and effortless about by Members for a lifetime THE TOUR CLUB membership is invaluable for corporate entertaining in an increasingly competitive business environment, and it offers a compelling financial argument when weighed against the alternatives. TOUR CLUB membership is invaluable for corporate entertaining in an increasingly competitive business environment Club Residence The 17th at TPC Sawgrass
  3. 3. impAct Your business As never before THE TOUR CLUB membership highlights: » luxurY residences // Enjoy access to a growing portfolio of luxurious residences (each valued at $2+ million) at some of the most sought after golf destinations such as Pelican Hill, Newport Coast, CA; Wynn Golf Club, Las Vegas, NV; Sage Valley Golf Club, Graniteville, GA; Pronghorn, Bend, OR; and many more to be announced throughout 2010. » tournAment plAYers club (tpc) nAtionAl membership // Membership includes TPC and affiliated courses across the country (22 of which are private) with unique guest-sending privileges nationwide across the network. Through THE TOUR CLUB, your membership allows key executives or employees and their guests to experience the privileges of membership at some of the most exceptional and exclusive private venues in the country. » extrAordinArY experiences // Imagine helping set the pins with PGA TOUR officials on the morning of the final day of play at THE PLAYERS Championship and then playing the same course the next day under tournament conditions, along with some of your best clients. As a Member, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in many similarly unforgettable golf and non-golf events. » pgA tour tournAments And events // Benefit from member-only VIP access to PGA TOUR events across the PGA TOUR, the Nationwide Tour, and the Champions Tour, with clubhouse access and very special hosted “inside the ropes” experiences at selected events each year. » tour AcAdemies nAtionwide // Enjoy TOUR-level training based on instructional techniques and state-of-the-art technology that, until recently, were only available to TOUR professionals. With six locations today and an “On the Road” mobile program, TOUR Academies will take your game, and those of your clients, to a new level of performance and enjoyment. Primary CLUB Members will have unlimited access to any TOUR Academy throughout the year. » privAte golf clubs worldwide // Enjoy exclusive access to a collection of the world’s premier private courses and a proprietary Member’s reciprocal “Play-Away Network” enabling Members to host each other at their home courses. » the tour club concierge // A Concierge makes every moment at every venue seamless, effortless, and memorable. The Concierge team provides comprehensive, proactive travel and event-planning services for Members and their guests anywhere in the world, with a central system for managing and tracking all their activities and expenses.
  4. 4. TPC Scottsdale A better pArAdigm for doing business Membership is designed for firms needing entertainment options that are: » Completely customizable to the company’s » On-demand (usable when and as often as desired) requirements » More cost-effective than traditional sports » Geographically diverse, providing company use entertainment alternatives locally, regionally, and nationally, whether for a » Managed by THE TOUR CLUB Concierge and few people or a few hundred events-planning team, who seamlessly handle all » Offered year-round (not tied to event schedules Membership activities of traditional, local sports entertainment venues) Providing access to over $1 billion in combined assets, including luxury residences, private and resort golf, and PGA TOUR events Club Residence TOUR Academy
  5. 5. Club Residence membership designed Around Your needs THE TOUR CLUB isn’t a “one size fits all” membership. It can be tailored to best suit the needs of a small, single-location firm or scaled for the world’s largest, multinational corporations. Any company that values golf as a proven, effective business tool will find THE TOUR CLUB to be the best way to invest in building strong relationships. The ability to keep THE TOUR CLUB experience fresh, exciting, and always memorable, whether entertaining a small group or hundreds of people, is unique in the corporate hospitality world. Membership options are completely customizable, scalable, geographically diverse, and available on-demand Extraordinary Experiences Pronghorn Golf Club
  6. 6. TOUR-level Golf Instruction A smArter wAY to spend And trAck Your client entertAinment dollArs Golf has long been recognized as a highly viable resource for growing business. THE TOUR CLUB provides the platform for unprecedented client entertainment, while delivering a range of added benefits for your employees and business partners. Unlike most other forms of sports entertainment, THE TOUR CLUB offerings are designed to allow you to build deeper, lasting relationships with key clients and associates. As a part of your membership, THE TOUR CLUB provides management and “return on entertainment” tracking of the delivery of all CLUB activities. To find out how Membership can be tailored to the needs of your company and used to enhance your business, please contact a Membership Director at THE TOUR CLUB: (866) 795-3324 or Memberships are offered at a fraction of the cost of other corporate entertainment options Palmilla Golf Club
  7. 7. unpArAlleled Access. extrAordinArY experiences. ““ Today, organizations need unique and value-driven entertainment solutions that build key relationships, leading to increased sales.This membership achieves that through unparalleled access to the world of golf.” - John fechter, the tour club president