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Monthly Print Newsletter, The Bulletin (Congregation Shaare Emeth)


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I coordinated content, edited copy and wrote copy for Congregation Shaare Emeth's monthly print newsletter, The Bulletin (mailed to nearly 200 households). This issue is from October 2015.

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Monthly Print Newsletter, The Bulletin (Congregation Shaare Emeth)

  1. 1. The Bulletin C O N G R E G A T I O N S H A A R E E M E T H October 2015 Simchat Torah Celebration, Consecration, Service and Concert with Rick Recht Erev Simchat Torah – Sunday, Oct. 4, 6 p.m. in the Stiffman Sanctuary Celebrate, dance, sing, read and learn on Simchat Torah! Rick Recht will bring his beautiful music and spirit as we read the end and beginning of the Torah for all to see on the big screen. We’ll learn and dance together to celebrate endings and beginnings. Appropriate for all ages! We will also welcome our newest students into our learning community with Consecration. RICK RECHTCONGREGATIONSHAAREEMETH EREVSIMCHAT TORAHCELEBRATION 10.4.15 6PM
  2. 2. 2 Worship Schedule FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service in the Stiffman Sanctuary First Fridays, October Birthdays SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3 9 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship in the Stiffman Sanctuary Andrea Alyssa Stern, daughter of Timothy and Julie Stern, becomes a Bat Mitzvah 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship Service in the Stiffman Sanctuary Alexander Lucas Radovilsky, son of Vadim and Olga Radovilsky, becomes a Bar Mitzvah SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4 6 p.m. Simchat Torah Celebration, Consecration, Service and Concert with Rick Recht in the Stiffman Sanctuary MONDAY, OCTOBER 5 9 a.m. Simchat Torah Yizkor Service in the Pasternak Chapel FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9 6 p.m. Tzedek Shabbat in the Stiffman Sanctuary SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10 9 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship in the Stiffman Sanctuary Seth Isaac Goldman, son of Barry Goldman and Heather Allen, becomes a Bar Mitzvah 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship in the Stiffman Sanctuary Ian Scott Greenblatt, son of Michael and Cindy Greenblatt, becomes a Bar Mitzvah FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service in the Stiffman Sanctuary SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 9 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship Service in the Stiffman Sanctuary Andrew David and Evan Robert Goldstein, sons of Barry and Melanie Goldstein, become B’nei Mitzvah 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship Service in the Stiffman Sanctuary Talia Jeanne Granick, daughter of Robert and Deborah Granick, becomes a Bat Mitzvah SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18 4 p.m. Service of Wholeness and Hope FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service in the Stiffman Sanctuary SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 9 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship in the Stiffman Sanctuary Zachary Harrison Schwadron, son of Rachel Schwadron and Christopher Spencer, becomes a Bar Mitzvah 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship in the Stiffman Sanctuary Alyssa Morgan Kalishman, daughter of James and Amy Kalishman, becomes a Bat Mitzvah Friday, October 30 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service in the Stiffman Sanctuary SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship in the Stiffman Sanctuary Dylan Hendersen Stern, son of Scott and Nicola Stern, becomes a Bar Mitzvah ALL SERVICES ARE OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY Pre-Service Nosh: Join us starting at 5:15 p.m. each Friday evening. Babysitting: The Congregation provides free babysitting for children ages 18 months to 7 years Friday evenings during services in room 1. Watch Services on Your Computer or Mobile Device: Live streaming of services held in the Stiffman Sanctuary is available every Friday evening. Visit Listen to Services from Your Telephone: Listen to any Friday and Saturday Shabbat services held in the Stiffman Sanctuary. Call 800-846-4808 and enter ID #91088047. Service of Wholeness and Hope SUNDAY, OCT. 18, 4-5:30 P.M. A re you struggling with…illness, grief, mental illness, aging, estrangement, transition, caregiving? Then join us for our Service of wholeness and Hope.
  3. 3. 3 Counting Our Blessings Break the Silence A challenge so compelling, so urgent, so timely faces us all: It is time to break the silence surrounding the many issues of mental health in contemporary society. We are all touched by the many facets of this reality. Our friends, our neighbors, our loved ones live lives of silence, often afraid to talk about their struggles and pain. Especially among our teens and young adults, the shame that so often accompanies the many GLIÀFXOWLHV RI OLYLQJ ZLWK GHSUHVVLRQ DQ[LHW VXEVWDQFH XVH and abuse, eating disorders and more weighs heavily on the spirit. Beginning now, we invite our congregation to break this silence and to begin a conversation about what we must do to change this reality. Jodi Miller, our Director of Youth Engagement, has been ZRUNLQJ ZLWK RWKHUV WR WDNH D ÀUVW VWHS UHDG EHORZ DQG MRLQ XV James M. Bennett, Rabbi Race to Nowhere J ewish tradition commands us to respect our bodies and to strive for health as a means of honoring our relationship to God. In recent years, mental health issues have become a common concern for our families. Increasing numbers of congregations have begun to develop responses and programs that speak to the Jewish view of health and wellness. We want to create a safe, supportive place of care, strength and learning at Shaare Emeth, and respond to the need of raising awareness and reducing the stigma within our congregations regarding individuals and families who are dealing ZLWK PHQWDO KHDOWK LVVXHV :H ZLOO FROOHFWLYHO ÀJXUH RXW KRZ ZH FDQ KHOS HDFK RWKHU ZKDW ZH FDQ GR WR PDNH D GLIIHUHQFH DQG KRZ WR KHOS RXU FRPPXQLW KHOS XV 3OHDVH MRLQ XV IRU D VFUHHQLQJ RI WKH ÀOP Race to Nowhere on Wednesday, Nov. 4, at 7 p.m. at Shaare Emeth. Race to Nowhere LV D GRFXPHQWDU ÀOP H[DPLQLQJ WKH SUHVVXUHV IDFHG E RXQJ people, teachers and parents in our high-stakes public and private education system and our “pressure-cooker culture.” Race to Nowhere points to the silent epidemic running rampant in our schools. Students have become disengaged, stress-related illness, depression and burnout abound, and young people arrive at college and the workplace unprepared and uninspired. This issue affects us all—teens, adults, families and friends. :H LQYLWH WHHQV DQG DGXOWV RI DOO DJHV WR MRLQ XV IRU WKH ÀOP DQG GLVFXVVLRQ ,I RX KDYH any questions, feel free to contact me at or 314-692-5362. Jodi Miller, Director of Youth Engagement Engaging Israel: Foundations for a New Relationship A Shalom Hartman Institute Study Series led by Rabbi Jim Bennett T hrough engaging video lectures, serious text study, and group discussion, we will bring the world-renowned faculty of the Shalom Hartman Institute into our Shaare Emeth community this fall, exploring the Jewish values and ideas at the foundation of our personal Jewish commitments and our relationship with Israel. This class will involve a commitment to study the text together and in small group partnerships, and to engage openly and respectfully in dialogue with others. WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 7–9 P.M. OCT. 7, 21, 28; NOV. 4, 11, 18; DEC. 2, 9, 16 COST, INCLUDING MATERIALS: $50 FOR SHAARE EMETH MEMBERS, $75 FOR OTHERS Register by Oct. 5 at or call Emily Cohen at 314-692-5365.
  4. 4. 4 You are invited to join Rabbi Jim and Amy Bennett on a Congregation Shaare Emeth Jewish Heritage Tour to Eastern Europe (BERLIN-PRAGUE-BUDAPEST-KRAKOW-WARSAW) March 31-APRIL 14, 2016 O ur Jewish heritage and family experiences are deeply interwoven into the map of Eastern Europe. We will explore over a thousand years of Jewish history as we wind our way through the stories, villages and people from Berlin to Prague to Budapest to Krakow to Warsaw. Along the way, and under guidance of skilled and experienced local tour guides, we will explore the highs and lows of our people’s journey through these beautiful and vibrant lands, exploring our own personal journeys as well as we travel through some of the most historic and beautiful cities in Europe. For a detailed itinerary and more information, please visit or contact Gloria Schwartz at 314-692-5302 or From the Clergy Becoming Aware…of Breast Cancer O ctober, as many are aware, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The purpose of this time is to raise awareness about the disease and provide education for families that will help them become the best advocates for their health and bodies that they can be. It is important for women of Ashkenazi descent, in particular, to make sure that know the facts about increased risks that they may face. Researchers have determined that women of Ashkenazi descent have an increased genetic susceptibility to breast cancer and ovarian cancer. One in four men and women of Ashkenazi descent carries a genetic mutation that greatly increases the risk of developing these cancers. Women who carry this mutation have up to an 80% risk of developing breast cancer and up to a 45% risk of developing ovarian cancer. If you or your partner is of Ashkenazi descent, genetic counseling and testing can help determine if either of you carries this gene mutation. I learned a great deal about these genetic links to breast and ovarian cancers this summer in speaking with representatives from Sharsheret Supports here in St. Louis. Sharsheret is a QDWLRQDO QRQSURÀW RUJDQL]DWLRQ WKDW VXSSRUWV RXQJ ZRPHQ and their families of all Jewish backgrounds who are facing breast and ovarian cancers. In Hebrew, the word Sharsheret means “chain,” and this organization is creating strong links in a chain across St. Louis so that women and families who are facing the challenges of breast or ovarian cancer do not have to GR VR DORQH 7KHLU SURJUDPV DUH WDLORUHG WR ÀW HDFK LQGLYLGXDO woman and family, and their mission is carried out with compassion and warmth. In St. Louis, Sharsheret Supports is sponsored by Nishmah: The St. Louis Jewish Women’s Project. If you or someone you love is battling cancer or any other illness, Shaare Emeth wants to be here for you. Our Caring Community offers a number of programs and services, including meals that can be delivered to your home, and a monthly Service of Wholeness of Hope, where we come together to ÀQG VSLULWXDO VWUHQJWK DQG VXSSRUW ,I RX ZRXOG OLNH PRUH information about any of these opportunities, please contact me at 314-569-0010 or To learn more about Sharsheret visit May October be a month of health and support, learning and caring for us all. L’shalom, Andrea Goldstein, Rabbi
  5. 5. 5 Shaare the Vision B ack in August, I attended a luncheon with members of our Tzedek committee, clergy and staff. 7KH OXQFKHRQ ZDV WKH ÀUVW 'RLQJ 0RUH Good Awards Luncheon in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Salvation Army. At the luncheon a number of entities and people were honored for doing more good in our overall community. We attended because Shaare Emeth was honored with the Faith Partner award for our efforts in social justice and advocacy in the community. We were the only religious organization in the community recognized. This honor reminded me just how many things our congregation is involved in throughout the community in addition to being our spiritual home. I mention this because by providing so many programs, education opportunities, and support to so many people, our resources and facility are not just a resource to us, they are a resource and support system for the entire community. As you recall from my speech at the High Holy Days, we have embarked on the Shaare the Vision campaign for the future of the congregation. As you will learn over the course of the next few months, your temple leadership has many suggestions of how to bring our facilities up to current standards of access and XVH ZKLOH DOVR JURZLQJ RXU HQGRZPHQWV WR HQDEOH XV WR IXOÀOO our mission and provide for our future. Our endowments will also enable us to continue to be a resource to those in need both in the congregation and in the overall community. In the Torah, we are told as a people we can be a light WR WKH QDWLRQV % KDYLQJ D VWURQJ ÀQDQFLDO DQG SKVLFDO foundation, we can be that light in the Saint Louis community. I ask that each of you will with an open mind attend one of the informational forums we will be offering about the Shaare the Vision project and that you will contribute in a way that is appropriate for you. Together with our collective strength we can provide for the future of our Congregation and brighten its light knowing we have the resources and facilities to enable our mission and goals of making the world a better place. Greg Yawitz, President SHAARE THE VISION INFORMATION SESSIONS WEDNESDAY, OCT. 14, 7:30 A.M. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 14, 5 P.M. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 14, 7 P.M. TUESDAY, DEC. 8, 12 NOON WEDNESDAY, DEC. 16, 7 P.M. All members are welcome. Registration is not required, but if you know in advance you’re attending, please call Stacy at 314-692-5304. From the President Congregation Shaare Emeth was named Faith Community Doing the Most Good at the Salvation Army STL’s Doing the Most Good Awards Luncheon Aug. 26.
  6. 6. 6 Jewish Life Learning TORAH STUDY What Does Torah Really Say? TUESDAYS, 10-11 A.M., AND SATURDAYS, 9:30-10:30 A.M. J oin one of our clergy and others in reading and discussing the ancient words of our tradition and discover what you think Torah really says. Torah study groups meet every Tuesday morning from 10-11 a.m. (except holidays) and Saturday morning from 9:30-10:30 a.m. No previous knowledge or experience required. We provide copies of The Torah Commentaries—join anytime. Morning at the Movies presents Hester Street with Ellen Futterman WEDNESDAY, OCT. 28 9:30-10 A.M. BAGELS AND COFFEE 10 A.M.-12:15 P.M. MOVIE AND DISCUSSION J oin us for a viewing of Hester Street followed by a discussion moderated by Ellen Futterman, editor at The St. Louis Jewish Light. Hester Street is set in the early 1900s and focuses on the experiences of an immigrant Jewish family in New York City. Couples Night Out in the Sukkah SATURDAY, OCT. 3, 7:30 P.M. AT THE HOME OF RABBI JONAH AND JAMIE ZINN K ickoff the New Year at Couples Night Out, an initiative for couples in their 20s and 30s to connect and build community. This event is for newcomers and not so newcomers, couples with young children and those without children, who are looking to connect with other couples in a similar stage of life. For more information and to RSVP, contact Rabbi Zinn at B’Yachad Spiritual Shabbat Experience C elebrate Shabbat with Rabbi Zinn and other young adults in their 20s and 30s. The evening begins with a participatory service and continues with a delicious Shabbat dinner. FRIDAY, OCT. 2, 7 P.M. SHAW PARK, NORTH SHELTER, CLAYTON FRIDAY, OCT. 30, 7 P.M. RISE COFFEE HOUSE, 4180 MANCHESTER AVE, ST. LOUIS B’Yachad Shabbat experiences are held at creative venues across St Louis. For more information, visit Saint Louis
  7. 7. 7 Wise Aging: Beginning Your Encore Chapter You are invited to join us for this special, monthly learning series TUESDAYS 3-4:30 P.M. OCT. 13, NOV. 10, DEC. 8, JAN. 12, FEB. 9, MARCH 8, WHAT IS THIS? Wise Aging is offered to us by The Institute for Jewish Spirituality, the same group that Rabbi Goldstein introduced to our congregation through the Tikkun Middot project this past year. The goal of Wise Aging is to discover the possibilities for living the years ahead with joy, resilience and spirit. Wise Aging combines Jewish texts and practices with poetry, experiential exercises, secular writings, and heartfelt dialogue, to challenge participants to develop their own sense of what it means to “number their days” and “grow a heart of wisdom.” WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? We will meet as a group six times for 1 1/2 hours each. Led by your guides, the sessions will include mindful meditation, text study, discussion and contemplative listening. We will provide you with texts about wise aging. No previous knowledge of any kind is required. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? There is no monetary cost. We ask that you give of your time, your enthusiasm, your active participation and your feedback. WHO ARE YOUR GUIDES? Sharon Weissman and Debbie Bram both went through intensive training to guide our congregations Wise Aging Program. Sharon has been a member of Congregation Shaare Emeth for thirty years. After receiving her MSW, Sharon worked as a medical social worker. Sharon then completed comprehensive chaplaincy training and worked as a chaplain for both hospice and JFCS. She has chaired our Caring Committee. Sharon brings her knowledge, warmth and passion to The Wise Aging program Debbie is our Director of Jewish Life and Learning. She also has an MSW and received her Master’s in Jewish Education from Hebrew Union College in 2013. Debbie’s work at Congregation Shaare Emeth includes expanding the learning opportunities for our empty-nesters. Please contact Debbie Bram at or call 314-6925345 for more information or to register. Live Streaming from New York’s 92nd Street Y: 50 Years After Nostra Aetate: Catholic, Jewish and Latino Relations in the Age of a Latino Pope TUESDAY, OCT. 20, 7 P.M. F ifty years ago, the groundbreaking Vatican II Council and Nostra Aetate forever transformed Catholic-Jewish relations. Today, the majority of Catholics in the U.S. hail from Latino backgrounds. Learn from a distinguished panel of speakers on the current state of Catholic-Jewish relations, including Rabbi David Sandmel, Director of Interfaith Affairs, ADL, Rabbi Aaron Panken, President, HUC-JIR, Father Brian McWeeney, Director of Interreligious and Ecumenical Affairs, Archdiocese of New York, Judith Banki, author of The Image of the Jews in Catholic Teaching, and Reverend Jean Pierre-Ruiz, Assoc. Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, St. Johns University. Getting to Know Our Catholic Community FRIDAY, OCT. 30, 6 P.M. DURING SHABBAT SERVICES F. Javier Orozsco, OFS, PhD, Executive Director for Intercultural and Interreligious Affairs, Archdiocese of St. Louis, will join our clergy in discussion and dialogue about Catholic- Jewish relations in St. Louis today.
  8. 8. 8 5:30 Club Created for Religious School Parents/ Guardians J oin other parents, grandparents and adults monthly at 5:30 p.m. during Religious School Midweek Program to discuss special interest topics with our clergy, directors DQG RWKHU SURIHVVLRQDOV 7RSLFV DUH FKRVHQ E SDUHQWV DQG JUDQGSDUHQWV OLNH RX 5:15 P.M. GATHER IN THE RUBIN LIBRARY CONFERENCE ROOM FOR SOME LIGHT REFRESHMENTS 5:30 P.M. MONTHLY 5:30 CLUB DISCUSSION FINISH BY 6 P.M.—JUST IN TIME TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD/ GRANDCHILD FROM RELIGIOUS SCHOOL October 13-14 – What does it mean to be a Reform Jew? Facilitated by Rabbi Andrea Goldstein. What are the hallmarks of Reform Judaism and what does it mean for your child or grandchild? November 10-11 – The December Dilemma Facilitated by Rabbi Jim Bennett. Chanukah or Christmas? Santa or Chanukah Harry? Menorah or Christmas Tree? How can we help our children and our families to navigate the challenges of being Jewish during the winter holiday season?” December 8-9 – Shabbat: One Size Doesn’t Fit All Facilitated by Cantor Seth Warner. How can we make Shabbat meaningful in our busy lives? January 12-13 – Supporting our Children in Sticky Situations Bullying, mean girls, socialization issues. February 9-10 – Supporting Our Children in Other Sticky Situations How do we support our children when their friends are having trouble? March 8-9 – Making Judaism a Way of Life: Home Practices Facilitated by 5DEEL $QGUHD *ROGVWHLQ (WKLFDO GHFLVLRQPDNLQJ DV UHÁHFWHG WKURXJK 5HIRUP -XGDLVP April 12-13 – Making Judaism a Way of Life: Community Resources Facilitated by Debbie Bram. Find go to resources both on-line and in our community. Families: Purim Carnival Focus Group SUNDAY, OCT. 25, 10:30-11:30 A.M. RABBINIC CONFERENCE ROOM. :H DUH VWDUWLQJ WR SODQ WKH QH[W 3XULP DUQLYDO VFKHGXOHG IRU 0DUFK :H ZDQW WR FKHFN LQ ZLWK IDPLOLHV WR PDNH VXUH ZH DUH PDN- ing the event as fun and convenient as possible. We hope you will help us. RSVP to Emily Cohen, 314-692-5365 or SENIORS Shaare Emeth Seniors Lunch MONDAY, OCT. 19, 2015 NOON-2 P.M. DOORS OPEN AT 11:30 A.M. Take advantage of free valet parking at WKH 6DQFWXDU HQWUDQFH Lunch will be apricot glazed chicken, fresh salad, green beans and roasted potatoes. Contact Emily Cohen, 314-692-5365, for more details and to make your reservation. EARLY CHILDHOOD ENGAGEMENT Simply Sukkot MONDAY, SEPT. 28, 9-10:30 A.M. RAIN OR SHINE J oin us in the Outdoor Kitah (classroom) of Shirlee Green Preschool for a fun morning 6XNNRW FHOHEUDWLRQ :H ZLOO VLQJ :H ZLOO shake the lulav and etrog :H ZLOO ÀQLVK DVVHPEOLQJ DQG GHFRUDWLQJ D 6XNNDK This event is rate G: Good for all Ages. Reservations are not required. More questions, please email Karen Lucy at Karen Lucy, Director of Early Childhood Engagement
  9. 9. 9 WOMEN OF SHAARE EMETH WWW.SESTL.ORG/WOSE WOSE Update W omen of Shaare Emeth is a group of women of all ages and backgrounds who serve as an auxiliary arm of Shaare Emeth. We are part of the national organization of Women of Reform Judaism. We gather for social events, participate in social justice projects, run the gift shop and engage in fundraising to sponsor or support several temple programs. All interested women, regardless of temple DIÀOLDWLRQ DUH ZHOFRPH +HUH LV D OLVW RI our upcoming activities thru the end of the year. All women of the congregation are invited to participate. OCTOBER 2015 8 Schmoozing with your sisters 5:15-7 p.m. Fallon’s Bar and Grill 9200 Olive Bd. 21 Chico’s Fashion Show 7 p.m. 27 Board Meeting 7 p.m. NOVEMBER 2015 4 Bunco 7 p.m. 12 Schmoozing with your sisters 5:15-7 p.m. place TBD 24 Board Meeting 7 p.m. Sandy’s Judaica Shop Clearance Sale S tarting Sunday, Oct. 18, 8 a.m.-1 p.m., we are having a clearance sale to make room for all RI RXU QHZ PHUFKDQGLVH 3OHDVH VWRS E and check out all the great bargains. Auxiliaries Clubs Sunday, October 18 8 a.m. to lO:3O a.m.
  10. 10. 10 Community Branson Holiday Trip NOV. 16-18 J RLQ XV IRU VRPH WHUULÀF VKRZV DQG +ROLGD OLJKWV DW 7KH KDWHDX RQ WKH /DNH The Andy Williams Holiday Spectacular, starring the Osmond Brothers and /HQQRQ 6LVWHUV Wake Up with Yakov, called a “national treasure” by President 5RQDOG 5HDJDQ Holiday Wonderland, RQH RI %UDQVRQ·V ODUJHVW KROLGD SURGXFWLRQV and Puttin on the Ritz, ÀOOHG ZLWK VRQJ DQG GDQFH URXWLQHV IURP PDMRU PXVLFDO ÀOPV over the last 50 years and featuring a tribute to Fred Astaire. This will be a toe tappin’ VLQJ DORQJ WULS IRU RXU HQMRPHQW %DODQFH LV GXH 2FW 5HVHUYDWLRQV EDVHG RQ DYDLODELOLW $OO $ERXW 7UDYHO -XG 6FKHQEHUJ RU MXG#VFKHQEHUJQHW $ SRUWLRQ RI SURFHHGV EHQHÀW 6KDDUH (PHWK 6HQLRUV Community Do You Have Medical Equipment Not Being Used? Health Equipment Donation Drive SUNDAY, OCT. 11, 9 A.M.-2 P.M. CONGREGATION B’NAI AMOONA PARKING LOT 324 SOUTH MASON ROAD, S t. Louis HELP,, takes donations of new or previously owned medical devices from the community, which are then cleaned, refurbished and loaned to anyone in need—at no cost or fee. Accepted medical equipment: manual and power wheelchairs, scooters, canes/crutches/walkers, shower chairs, grab bars, elevated toilet seats, portable commodes, lift chairs, seating cushions, back supports, folding ramps, stair lifts—nearly every type of medical equipment except oxygen and medications Drive sponsored in part by Congregation Shaare Emeth The Jewish Food Pantry Needs Our Help F or the month of October, the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food 3DQWU LV ORRNLQJ IRU WKHVH VSHFLÀF items in order to provide well-balanced nourishment for the community in need: 1. Canned vegetables and fruit DQQHG WXQD ÀVK 3. Kosher food 4. Canned beef stew/chili/pasta with meat 5. Healthy hot and cold cereals 6. Dry pasta 7. Tomato soup 8. Shampoo, hand soap, toilet paper and laundry detergent Items should be brought to the wooden bin inside the temple’s main entrance.
  11. 11. 11 SCRIP GIFT CARDS FUNDRAISER WWW.SESTL.ORG/SCRIP Gift Cards for your Halloween and Thanksgiving Shopping W ill you be buying groceries for a fall get together? Shaare Emeth sells gifts cards to many local grocery stores including Dierbergs, Shop ‘n Save, Farm Fresh and Whole Foods. We also have cards for restaurants and retailers including Macy’s, AMC Theater, Applebees, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Fleming’s and more. Stop E WKH 7HPSOH RIÀFH DQG VKRS LQ RXU ER[ RU FRPSOHWH PDNH D special order from an extra-wide selection using the form at www. VHVWORUJVFULS 6SHFLDO RUGHUV FDQ EH SLFNHG XS LQ WKH 7HPSOH RIÀFH or mailed to you. Contact us as 314-569-0010 with questions or for more details. Tree of Life Sponsor In honor of 50th anniversary of Fran and Chuck Mannis With love and admiration, Their Children and Grandchildren Mazel Tov/Simchas David and Lora Biernbaum on the birth of their grandson, Lev Aronzon Biernbaum. Sharee and Dr. Mark Feldman on the marriage of their daughter, Andi, to Rabbi Daniel Fliegel. Andy and Bill Rubin on their 50th anniversary. Congratulations also to Andy Rubin on his 70th birthday. Carole Levin on the engagement of son, Daniel, to Lisa Gottesman. Congratulations also to Carole on being awarded WKH HUWLÀFDWH LQ UHDWLYH :ULWLQJ IURP :DVKLQJWRQ 8QLYHUVLW University College of Arts and Sciences, on May 13. Loren Landau on his special birthday. Alan N. Zvibleman on being named the Best Lawyers’ 2016 Family Law “Lawyer of the Year” for St Louis. Congratulations also for being selected by peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Stephanie and Michael Dwyer on the birth of their daughter, Layna. Congratulations also to grandparents, Bonnie and Steve Rosen. Carol and Jeff Schulman on the marriage of their son, Jim, to Tricia Landes. Staci Tons and Joey Gerchen on their marriage. Congratulations also to Staci’s parents, Sherri and Bruce Tons. To share your simcha, visit and click “Share a Simcha”. Or, call Shandi or Gloria in the Temple Joy Shaare Emeth Tree of Life Would you like to honor or remember a loved one? A beautiful way to honor and remember your loved ones at Shaare Emeth is to dedicate an engraved leaf on our Tree of Life located in the lobby. To learn about the Tree of Life or order a leaf, FDOO *ORULD 6FKZDUW] LQ WKH 7HPSOH RIÀFH
  12. 12. 12 Temple Joy Candle Blessings FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2 Tom and Karen Stern and Naomi Mormol The Radovilsky Family FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9 The Goldman Family Michael, Cindy, Halli and Emerson Greenblatt and Kristopher Freeman FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 Melanie, Barry and Emily Goldstein Debbie, Rob, Jacob and Amy Granick FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 Rachel, Zach, and Ali Schwadron and Gloria Schwadron The Kalishman Family FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30 The Scott Stern Family Anyone wishing the honor of lighting the Shabbat candles on Friday nights may call Gloria Schwartz or Stacy Jespersen New Members Ann and Lawrence Miller, with children, Mara, Sophie and Camryn Howard and Anita Tischler Esther Langsam Jason and Amy Williams, with children, Jackson, Melanie and Collin Melissa and Andy Kaiser, with children, Tyler and Jacob Nicole and Noah Lander, with children, Luke, Harlow, and Nash Jacob and Lauren Murov, with children, Noah and Alexa Jacob and Heather Lampert, with children, Naomi, Bridget and Sawyer Larry and Julie Dyson, with daughter, Isabella Mason and Holly Rothert, with daughter, Elle Michelle and Matthew Schwerin, with daughter, Eva Nosh Sponsors FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9 Halli, Sydney and Emerson Greenblatt in honor of brother, Ian, becoming a Bar Mitzvah FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 Barry and Melanie Goldstein in honor of sons, Evan and Andrew, becoming B’nei Mitzvah Bruce and Barbara Feldacker and Richard and Jill Granick in honor of granddaughter, Talia Granick, becoming a Bat Mitzvah FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 Elaine Brown in honor of great granddaughter, Alyssa Kalishman, becoming a Bat Mitzvah FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30 The Scott Stern Family in honor of Dylan Stern becoming a Bar Mitzvah Greeters FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2 Suzanne and Bill Bierman FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9 Siler Family FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 Ken Levine Family FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 Marci and Mark Thal FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30 Heather Katz
  13. 13. 13 Thinking of You Condolences Sympathy RUDOLPH FREEDMAN Husband of Henrietta Freedman Father of Dr. Judith Lawrence, Dr. Robert Freedman and Richard Freedman CRAIG ZIMERMAN Husband of Janet Zimerman Father of Benjamin and Megan Zimerman NAOMI GOLDFORD Wife of Arthur Goldford Mother of Dennis, Marc, and Bruce Goldford BARRY BROCKMAN Husband of Francine Brockman Father of David Brockman and Dee Dee Spivak DR. BRUCE WHITE Husband of Ellen White Father of Daniel White and Laura White DR. WILLLIAM FRIEDMAN Husband of Gail Friedman Father of John Friedman and Laurie Friedman CHERYL BARACK GOUGHER Mother of Lesley Gougher Susan Lipstein on the death of her father, Jack Ullman. Tom Krakover on the death of his father, Ted Krakover. Bernice Schwartz on the death of her daughter, Diane E. Solomon. Dr. Sharon Jick on the death of her mother-in-law, Regina Jick Wayne Ault on the death of his mother, Florine Ault Perpetual Memorials A memorial has been established for: RUDOLPH FREEDMAN Established by Henrietta Freedman SIGMOND S. LANGSAM Established by Esther Langsam, David Langsam, and Barbara Langsam Shuman RICHARD J. MILLNER Established by Harry and Gale Hilburg and Jean Millner MARJORIE JEANNE BECKER Established by Marlene and Harvey Sachs, Barry and Teresa Becker, and Steve and Kathy Becker HELEN WOOL Established by Sam Wool ANDREW S. EIGLES Established by the Eigles-Mellovitz and Goldman Families Those remembered by a Perpetual Memorial have a plaque in the Stiffman Sanctuary during the week of their yahrzeit, a plaque in the Pasternak Chapel during the entire year, are remembered E DKU]HLW GDWH UHPLQGHUV VHQW WR GHVLJQDWHG IDPLO PHPEHUV· homes, and are automatically included in our memorial book on RP .LSSXU )RU PRUH LQIRUPDWLRQ RQ HVWDEOLVKLQJ D 3HUSHWXDO Memorial, please contact Gloria Schwartz, administrative DVVLVWDQW WR WKH FOHUJ DW
  14. 14. 14 OCT. 2, 2015 Shirley Ansel Paul Barron Daniel L. Becker Priva Berg Victoria Berger Gerald Jerry Berman Gretchen Braufman Florence Chait Avis D. Cohen Robert A. Cohn Sylvia Dansker Sarah DeWoskin Louis Druck Ben J. Fadem Rawin Fischer Herman Floun Miriam Franklin Morris L. Friedman Harold Geffen Jennie Gers Dorothy Uscher Gilner Anne Glaser Adolph Gluck Edward Goldman Ely Goldwasser Bessie Golub Ted Greenberg William Gutman Helen Middleman Heisler Byrnece Jaffe Marcella Kohn Kahn Harry L. Kaufer Rabbi Julius Kerman David R. Komm Ralph George Koppel Rose Krasner Minette Sachar Halpern Laba Thea Lawton Rose Dorothy Levy Roselee Claire Lipschitz Louis Arthur Marcus Mary Margolies Saville Mayer Rachel Medve Florence Mehlman Gertrude Neuman William H. Newman Rosabelle Oksner Morris Oppenheimer Pearl Ovchinsky Oscar Pearl Beth Radinsky +DUU 5DLI¿H Adolph Rederer Kenneth E. Rhodes Sophye J. Richter Bernard M. Ritter Shirley Ann Rosenthal Rose Mary Rudolph Ruth Safron Elaine Gressman Samson Harry D. Schneider Loraine T. Schnidman Daniel Seches Marcella Segall Ruth Goodman Sherman Jacob Harris Shieber Alexander S. Singer Marcella Spector Herman Steinberg Joseph B. Stutson Fannie Sudin 0DU 7RÀH Katie Tzinberg Sorlee R. Wagman Barney Wallstein Louis Weiner Rose Weiss Henry Wishnuff Jane Wohl OCTOBER 9 Manuel Barth Jacob Beck Minnie Becker Sadye L. Berger Joseph Blath Milton Cohen Daniel Daniel Bertha Lentzner Demba Goldie Dick Ben Ellis Charles J. Errant Jack M. Feigenbaum Carrie Hertz Feiss Louis Feldman William David Fox Maude F. Frank Rose Freeman Walter Freund Miriam Yavitz Geller Samuel Ginsberg Sara Ginsberg Mary Ginsburg Blake-Ashley Glaser Mildred Goldenhersh M. Erwin Goldstein Sophya W. Goldstein Jacob Goodman Rose Gottlieb Martha Greensfelder Rose Harris Solomon Horowitz Sylvia Jacobs Ruth Kaufman Anson H. Klauber, Jr. Morris S. Kleiner Corinne D. Koplar Ann E. Kramer Eleanor H. Kristal Fanchon Lappeman Herman Lippman Meyer Lipsitz Min Liss Adolph Loebel Simon J. Loewenstein Henry Lourie Dorothy Lowenstein Sarah Traner Marx Leo Mednik William Monashkin Octavia Nehmen May Marx Newman Stuart W. Novack Dr. Harry Oksner Martha Light Pallo Anna Petrofsky Ben Philipson Pauline L. Popper Samuel Martin Rosen Mildred Klein Rosenkranz Esther Rosenthal Isadore W. Rubin Richard Sarnoff Norma Schuman William H. Sebel Milton C. Seigel Ida Shapiro Henrietta R. Shield Morris Silverblatt Alvin Paul Sokol Fannie Spielberg Joyce Srenco Mary Goldberg Stern Nathan Stockhamer 0LQQLH 6XI¿DQ Betty Svetsinsky Leon Tannenbaum Herbert Taubman Lucille Brasch Weinberg Marshall Craig Weisman Stella Wishnuff Sarah Wool Martin J. Zigler OCTOBER 16 Alvin Arndt Abramson Gail Frances Altman Harry Applebaum Melroy S. Auslander Max Babchick Sherron Sue Benick Frederick A. Berger Sidney M. Bleich Esther Bly Dan Broida Anna Steinhammer Bromberg Ida Pazol Bryan Paul David Carson Albert E. Cohen Lt. Theodore R. Cohin Helen Collier Morris Crone Jennie Cytron Elaine S. Edelman Arleen Emert Rosalie Epstein David Feiss Milton Flom Frances Fogel Walter S. Freeman Esther Friedman Rose Gillerman Pauline Ginsburg Jeanette Gotler Joseph Greenberg Verna Greenspan Sigmund Hilburg Hyme Himeles Lee Hochman David Daniel Israel Adeline Kaplan Marvin W. Kasnetz Lina Kaufman Helen-Rose Klausner Louis Kolchinsky Paul Kosovski Justin F. Kraner, M.D. Bettina Lehman Ida Rosen Lerner Charles H. Levin Miriam D. Levinsohn Henry Levison Edward Levy Minnie Levy Mildred Lippman Marilyn R. Lott Isaac Margulis Gene Jerome Melman Hyme Mendell Doreen (Doe) Mestman Moe Morris Mestman Paula Michel Max Minoff Solomon Muller Max Munich Nat Perkoff Sarah Rice Herman Richman Janice S. Rittenberg Sam Rosenblatt Evelyn Roth Julian Schwander Selina Sachs Schweich Benjamin P. Shapiro Sidney Sigoloff Myron Lewis Silver Sylvia Silverberg Samuel Silverblatt Sophia Silverblatt Henry I. Smith Joseph Speyer Gertrude S. Stadler Erwin Taryle David L. Tzinberg Leopold Wohlgemuth Clara Wolfort Harold Milton Zager Max O. Zimmerman OCTOBER 23 Maurice M. Alexander Rose Beck Leonard M. Blumenthal George Brody Ralph Cohen Leonard A. Cohn David Corwin William Dardick Micah A. Davis Frank Dolgin Nathan Elkins Blanche N. Emmer Vivien H. Emmer Nathan Evzikov Marian Feir Freida Feldman Barry Craig Fendelman Samuel Fleischer Riette Sale Frey Harry Gedaliah Friedman Minnie Berdy Friedman James Steven Gad Gwendolyn Goldberg Florence Goldford May Goldman Sylvia R. Goldstein Nathaniel Goodman, M.D. Mollie Gordon George T. Green Henry Gruenhut Regina Gruenhut H. Neal Harris Irvin (Sonny) Harris Anna Hartmann Mark Jay Hersckowitz Alfred Edward Hollander /LO $QQ -DI¿H Sadie Brand Katz Rose Kessler Jean Kisslinger Erwin S. Lerner Samuel Dov Lerner Erwin M. Loewenstein Max Marshak Albert Mayer Louis Meisel Lucy Lamm Mostow Adeline Olevitch Sidney Pearl Albert Pearlstein Sally Postal Nathan Prywitch Benjamin Recht Earl E. Roach Albert Robnak Frieda Rosen Rose Landau Rosenblatt Michael D. Rudman Sheri Lynn Schechter Sidney P. Shipman Celia Sigoloff Laura Hartman Simon Adolph David Singer Lester C. Soldz Charles Spector David Spector Mildred W. Spitzer Frank Suroff Nathan Tons Nathan Tureen Melvin S. Weinberg Irving Winter OCTOBER 30 Leo Aaron Gertrude Abrams Irvin Ansel Joseph Auer Lottie Bensinger Bernard Bernstein Morris Brenner Jacob Brilliant David E. Brown Pauline Brunswick Ethel Covinsky Julius E. Dann Anna Frelich Davidson Edward H. Fagan Yahrzeits
  15. 15. 15 Constance Ruth Foster Saul Freedman Heiman Frumson Louis George Frumson, Jr. Margaret Galosy Anna Glassman Morris Glassman Joseph W. Green Edward L. Guller David Guttin Glenda L. Harris Cecil Haskell Adolph L. Horwitz Ida Intrater Annie Jackson Ida Jacobs William Abram Joffe Sam Kessler Sarah Kolker Erwin Kreisman Beatrice Kushkin Maury Lamberg Lillian Landers Annie Pearl Lasky Sophia Levy Lillian M. Lewis Simon Lowenstein Irene Emilie Lowy Kevin D. MacFadyen Harry Machtinger Samuel Mehlman Montefoire Louis Montague Dorothy Nell Mostovoy David Paskal Harry Preston Joseph Raciti Robert Rennard Sol Robinson Rena Rudy Bernard Schwarzkopf Hershel J. Schwarzkopf Sol M. Seigel William S. Seltzer Meyer Shacat Clara Shapiro Joseph Shapiro Max S. Shapiro Morris Silbergeld David Silverstein Harry B. Simons David Sokolik Clementine Bach Stein David Steiner Amanda Straus Fannye S. Taxman Julius Wallstein Sam E. Weitzer Esther Estelle Wiesman Lee Yavitz Bernard Yawitz Tributes RABBI’S SPECIAL FUND A DONATION: Myra Charles Moscowitz IN APPRECIATION OF: 5DEEL %HQQHWW IRU RIÀFLDWLQJ DW WKH funeral of Jeanne Becker Kathy Steven Becker Rabbi Bennett with deep gratitude for helping Madeline become a Bat Mitzvah Marci Kenneth Bluestone Rabbi Bennett for call and caring Morton Leanore Mendelsohn Rabbi Bennett for help preparing Dylan to become a Bar Mitzvah Scott Nicola Stern Rabbi Bennett for leading Havdalah at Andi and Daniel’s wedding 0DUN 6KDUHH )HOGPDQ Rabbi Bennett for stone dedication for Ron Unell Elaine Unell Rabbi Goldstein for help preparing Lauren to become a Bat Mitzvah Bette Greenblatt Rabbi Goldstein for moving service at stone dedication of Dan Bluestone Ellen Bluestone 5DEEL *ROGVWHLQ IRU RIÀFLDWLQJ DW WKH wedding of Andi and Daniel 0DUN 6KDUHH )HOGPDQ 5DEEL *ROGVWHLQ IRU RIÀFLDWLQJ DW WKH wedding of Kelsey Gillstrom and Sam Lipsitz Kelsey Gillstrom Sam Lipsitz Rabbis Bennett, Stiffman Goldstein IRU RIÀFLDWLQJ DW %DU 0LW]YDK VHUYLFH for James Werner Marsden Charles Gigi Werner Rabbis and Cantor for loving care of Jack and our family during his illness Patricia Croughan IN HONOR OF: Ellen and Bruce White for their 49th anniversary Harvey Leanne Schneider Sam and Lilly Nixon for becoming B’nei Mitzvah Barry Sherry Shafman Sophie Sokolik for becoming a Bat Mitzvah Irl Susan Steiner IN MEMORY OF: $OOHQ -DIÀH Marilyn Weinberg Bernard Bryan Dale Carol Wolf Doris Taryle Barbara Ira Einsohn Jack Croughan Alyn Marlyn Essman Jan Ballin Ed Nancy Solomon; Dale Carol Wolf; David Ellen Lawson May Karsh Saul Marilyn Dien Rebecca Harrison John Judy Brandvein Ted Krakover :HQG )OXVVHU CANTOR’S SPECIAL FUND IN APPRECIATION OF: Cantor Warner for teaching and support for Madeline as she became a Bat Mitzvah Marci Kenneth Bluestone Cantor Warner for help preparing Lauren to become a Bat Mitzvah Bette Greenblatt Cantor Warner for help preparing Dylan to become a Bar Mitzvah Scott Nicola Stern DQWRU :DUQHU IRU RIÀFLDWLQJ DW service of Marvin Steinberg Dorothy Steinberg DQWRU :DUQHU IRU RIÀFLDWLQJ DW WKH wedding of Andi and Daniel 0DUN 6KDUHH )HOGPDQ DQWRU :DUQHU IRU RIÀFLDWLQJ LQ WKH Bar Mitzvah service for James Werner Marsdsen Charles Gigi Werner Cantor Warner for help preparing Adam to become a Bar Mitzvah David Anna Poger IN HONOR OF: Lily and Sam Nixon for their B’nei Mitzvah Lawrence Joyce Kolker IN MEMORY OF: Jack Croughan Michael Paula Geigerman JACQUELYN WIESMAN ARTSTEIN CAMP SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN HONOR OF: Melanie Bruder for her special birthday )UDQN 6DUD 3IDII IN MEMORY OF: Jacquelyn Wiesman Artstein, Esther Wiesman Melvyn Marcia Wiesman MAX AND BERNICE BABCHICK JEWISH FAMILY INVOLVEMENT FUND IN MEMORY OF: Mark Babchick Nancy Bormaster Max and Bernice Babchick Nancy Bormaster JOSEPH LILLIAN BEIL ISRAEL FUND IN MEMORY OF: Bernard Bryan, Rudolph Freedman Sanford Hadassah Lebman BEMA FLOWER FUND IN HONOR OF: Zachary Schwadron, becoming a Bar Mitzvah Gloria Schwadron Andrew and Evan Goldstein becoming B’nei Mitzvah Gloria Ron Schwartz Alyssa Kalishman, becoming a Bat Mitzvah Amy Greg Salkind Andrea Alyssa Stern becoming a Bat Mitzvah 6WHUQ )DPLO Seth Goldman becoming a Bar Mitzvah *ROGPDQ )DPLO Talia Granick becoming a Bat Mitzvah Richard Jill Granick; %UXFH %DUEDUD )HOGDFNHU These tributes are those processed in August 2015.
  16. 16. 16 Dylan Stern becoming a Bar Mitzvah 6FRWW 6WHUQ )DPLO IN MEMORY OF: Norman Segall Michelle Edelman Donald Dykshorn Charles Bierman, Goldie Lippe William Suzanne Bierman Gladys Cutter 'RQDOG 6DOO )ULHGPDQ Jacob Schachter $UOHQH *RRGPDQ )DPLO Ruth Rockmore Juliet Bruce BROCKMAN-SIEGELMAN GEMILUT HASADIM FUND IN HONOR OF: Melanie Bruder for her 75th birthday Allen Ronnie Brockman IN MEMORY OF: Helen and Oscar Brockman, Evelyn and Sidney Goldberg, Wilma and Caroline Siegelman, Bernard Bryan. Craig Zimerman, Jack Croughan Allen Ronnie Brockman Naomi Goldford Joyce Jackie Rudolph BUILDING MAINTENANCE FUND IN HONOR OF: Sharon Barnholtz for a new beginning Diana Barnholtz; Mae Lou Stangle IN MEMORY OF: Jack Croughan 5REHUW 'HERUDK )HLW CHUSED ISRAEL EXPERIENCE FUND IN MEMORY OF: Nathan Greenberg Ellis Jaqueline Kantor MICAH DAVIS MEMORIAL FUND IN HONOR OF: Micah Meyers for becoming a Bar Mitzvah Norman Davis IN MEMORY OF: David Mesker, Gail Lewis, Micah Davis Norman Davis Eva and Al Fleischer, Milton Schwartz, Micah Davis, Mark Seldin Alice Schwartz Margot Davis Rudolph Freedman Alice Schwartz ESSMAN-SCHAEFFER CAMP SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN MEMORY OF: Rudoph Freedman Alyn Marlyn Essman ESTELLE AND ED FISCHER CHILDREN’S SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN MEMORY OF: Betty Deall Roxann Greenberg AL AND EVA FLEISCHER HEALING FUND IN APPRECIATION OF: Rabbi Stiffman Alice Schwartz IN HONOR OF: Suzanne Bill Bierman for the birth of great grandson, Orion Sogn %·DFKDG 5RVK KRGHVK *URXS IN MEMORY OF: Bobbye Shifrin Alice Schwartz Rudolph Freedman Harold Shirley Mosinger LISHA GAYLE PRESCHOOL ENRICHMENT FUND A DONATION: For the naming of grandniece, Millie Sydney Seltzer Wayne Hoffman Joy Seltzer SHIRLEE GREEN PRESCHOOL FUND IN APPRECIATION OF: Marc Schreiber for speaking to the Shaare Emeth Senior Group Shaare Emeth Seniors IN HONOR OF: Dave Plengemeier for the marriage of Amy Plengemeier and Tom Wilson James Abby Susman Mr. Mrs. Jonathan Gordon for the marriage of their daughter Lawrence Marsha Rothman IN MEMORY OF: Melvin Greenberg Lawrence Marsha Rothman IDA HARRIS KRAMER SOCIAL ACTION FUND IN HONOR OF: Jill Schupp for receiving the Tzedek Award at Heart and Soul 2015 Wayne Hoffman Joy Seltzer LEADERSHIP, EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT IN HONOR OF: Dr. Richard Bernstein for his retirement %LOO 1DQF %XUFKÀHOG NANCY LEVIN PRESCHOOL FUND IN MEMORY OF: Herman Mass Louise Mass Nancy Levin, Babette Birenbaum Donald Suzanne Levin DOROTHY LEVITT/BIRDIE FURSTENBERG SUPPORT STAFF PENSION FUND IN MEMORY OF: Jack Croughan Ronald Gloria Schwartz LIBRARY FUND IN HONOR OF: Janice Greenberger for a speedy recovery Beverlee Sagel IN MEMORY OF: Rudolph Freedman Sol Susie Awend Anne Brasler Wayne Brasler LISA’S STAR FUND FOR CAMP EMETH IN APPRECIATION OF: Rabbis for wedding blessing of Jessica Becker and Jacob Mirowitz Kathy Steven Becker Laura Sher, Joel Sher, Nancy Sher and Jeremy Sher Lois Sher IN MEMORY OF: Ronald Sher Lois Sher DR STANLEY B. LYSS ADULT EDUCATION FUND IN MEMORY OF: Bernard Bryan Lauren Buchsbaum; Bob Barbara Cohn MANN FAMILY HUNGER FUND IN MEMORY OF: Jack Croughan, Rudolph Freedman Harvey Leanne Schneider MICHAEL MATLOF FUND FOR HOMEBOUND SERVICES IN HONOR OF: Barbara and Mark Rosen for the birth of granddaughter, Hannah Charlotte Harriet Summers Charles and Frances Mannis for their special anniversary Eugene Dale Corn Sharon Rosenblum for her special birthday Susan Matlof Michael Cohen IN MEMORY OF: Bolter Kelsey Allen Ronnie Brockman Steve Bernstein Harriet Summers, Scott Summers OPERATIONS ENHANCEMENT FUND IN HONOR OF: Jody and Mickey Waldman for the marriage of Todd to Diana Sternberg Richard Sherri Goldman Linda Sylvan Holtzman for their special anniversary Lou Jan Hockenberg IN MEMORY OF: Alfred Rosenstrauch Joseph Brenda Pereles; Marvin Sandra Sher Belle Tureen John Tureen Hattie Rubin William Rubin Jack Croughan 0DUN 6KDUHH )HOGPDQ 6SHQFHU Betsy Garland; Richard Sherri Goldman; John Diane Kalishman; William Livingston, -U -HUUL /LYLQJVWRQ 6WHYHQ Sherri Newstead; John Eunice Reichman; Samuel Renee Silverstein Jack Ullman Joseph Brenda Pereles Jan Ballin Jeffrey Joyce Glaser Jean Kamin Richard Sherri Goldman )DPLO Morris Fischer Lucille Alexander Nathan Levy Eleanor Levy Norm Segall Joyce Cherry Kabak; Barry Lois Scherer; David Michele Mixon; Jerrold Linda Vesper Tributes
  17. 17. 17 Rudolph Freedman Patricia Croughan Sharon Goldinher Shirley Appel RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND IN MEMORY OF: Dorothy Newman Gregory Claire Powell Alfred Rosenstrauch Irl Susan Steiner SAM GOLDYE ROSEN MUSIC FUND IN HONOR OF: Steve and Bonnie Rosen for the birth of granddaughter, Layna Kay Dwyer Steven Sherri Newstead; Joe Brenda Pereles Irv and Ileane Fagin for their 50th wedding anniversary Harvey Leanne Schneider WILLIAM SELTZER OLDER ADULT FUND IN MEMORY OF: Fred Rosenstrauch Toddy Goldman Alan Jacquelyn Kofsky SIMON’S FAMILY EQUAL ACCESS FUND IN MEMORY OF: Norman Segall Lois David Zuckerman IDA STACK SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN HONOR OF: Rabbi Stiffman, just for being Rabbi Stiffman Gerald Cheryl Stack JEFFREY B. STIFFMAN LECTURE FUND IN APPRECIATION OF: Rabbi Stiffman for sage council Douglas Collinger Rabbi Stiffman for stone dedication for Sheila Kamenetzky Stephen Phyllis Kamenetzky IN HONOR OF: Arlene Stiffman for her birthday Beatrice Borenstein Daniel Levin and Lisa Gottesman for their engagement Steven, Linda, Marla Lance Krasny Lorraine Rothman for her special birthday Margie Andrea Kulstein Norma Segal for her 90th Birthday /RUUDLQH 5RWKPDQ )DPLO Margie Andrea Kulstein Rabbi Stiffman for 50 years in the rabbinate Robert and Barbara Cohn; Thomas Levin II Kay Levin IN MEMORY OF: Rudolph Freedman Marcus Joan Sessel TEMPLE ENDOWMENT FUND IN MEMORY OF: Jack Croughan Marsha Grazman; Jacquelyn Kenneth Kleban Jack Ullman, Rudolph Freedman Jay Joy Liss Marie Silberstein Lot Silberstein WERNER ART FUND IN MEMORY OF: Jack Croughan, Neil Bernstein Charles Gigi Werner KATHY AND MARTY ZIGLER ENDOWMENT FUND FOR PRESCHOOL IN HONOR OF: Sharee and Mark Feldman for the marriage of Andi and Daniel Kenneth Sally Katzif IN MEMORY OF: Alfred Rosenstrauch Jacquelyn Kenneth Kleban Jack Croughan Kenneth Sally Katzif WOMEN OF SHAARE EMETH PHYLIS MARK KAPLAN CHILDREN YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN HONOR OF: Ryder Fogel, granddaughter of Lynn Fogel, Jerri Bill Livingston IN MEMORY OF: Jan Ballin Lesley Mark Levin; Jerri Bill Livingston Ted Krakover Jerri Bill Livingston Make a Tribute in Honor of a Simcha or Yahrzeit F or a donation of at least $10, we’ll print and mail your recipient a card stating a donation has been made to Shaare Emeth and print your tribute in The Bulletin. To make your tribute, visit and click ´ORJLQµ RU ÀOO RXW D IRUP LQ WKH 7HPSOH RIÀFH What’s New At New Mt. Sinai? T here’s a lot of new developments at New Mt. Sinai. First, we have a new section at the cemetery—84 new two-grave family lots. These affordable lots allow you to have a family monument as well as foot markers. Located on a beautiful hill in the newest area of New Mt. Sinai, these lots are sure to be a popular choice for couples looking for property just for the two of them. Call now to schedule an appointment to see these new two- grave lots. The cemetery has also just purchased a new pressure washer to clean the many structures around our historic grounds. If you have monuments or markers on your family’s lot or grave and those stones have become dingy over the years, we can now offer very reasonable prices to clean the stones. As a member of Shaare Emeth, one of our owner congregations, you qualify for a GLVFRXQWHG UDWH RQWDFW RXU RIÀFH WRGD DQG PDNH DUUDQJHPHQWV to have your loved ones’ resting place “spruced up.” Dan Brodsky, Executive Director, New Mt. Sinai Cemetery 314-353-2540
  18. 18. 18 EREV SIMCHAT TORAH 6 p.m. Simchat Torah Celebration, Consecration, Service and Concert with Rick Recht (p. 1) SIMCHAT TORAH/ SHEMINI ATZERET OFFICES PRESCHOOL CLOSED 9 a.m. Simchat Torah Yizkor Service 4 p.m. Room at the Inn 7:15 a.m. Weekday Morning Minyan 10 a.m. Torah Study 5 p.m. SGP Chaverim Family Picnic 7 p.m. Engaging Israel (p. 3) 7:15 a.m. Weekday Morning Minyan 5:15 p.m. WOSE Sip and Schmooze with your Sisters 5:15 p.m. Nosh 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service Tzedek Shabbat *HQHVLV ï 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 9 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship October 2015 SEPTEMBER 27 SEPTEMBER 28 SEPTEMBER 29 SEPTEMBER 30 1 2 3 SUKKOT BUILDING PRESCHOOL CLOSED 9 a.m. ECE Simply Sukkot (p. 8) FIRST DAY OF R.S. MIDWEEK 7:15 a.m. Weekday Morning Minyan 5:15 p.m. Nosh 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service, First Friday, 7 p.m. B’Yachad S DW 6KDZ 3DUN
  19. 19. Exodus 33:12–34:26 9 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship 6:30 p.m. Amazing Race: Sukkot (p. 9) 7:30 p.m. Couples Night Out in the Sukkah (p. 6) SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY EREV SUKKOT FIRST DAY OF RELIGIOUS SCHOOL 6 p.m. Sukkot Under the Stars Picnic Dinner and Service (see High Holidays Booklet) FIRST DAY OF R.S. MIDWEEK 10 a.m. Torah Study 5:30 p.m. SGP Tzipporim Family Picnic 7 p.m. WOSE Meeting 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 10 a.m. Torah Study 7 p.m. Live Streaming of )LIW HDUV $IWHU Nostra Aetate 7 p.m. WOSE Fundraiser 7 p.m. Engaging Israel (p. 3) 7:15 a.m. Weekday Morning Minyan 11:30 a.m. SGP All-Family Shabbat 5:15 p.m. Nosh 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service *HQHVLV ï 7:15 a.m. Weekday Morning Minyan 12 p.m. Seniors Lunch 9 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship 8-10:30 a.m. Kibitz Cafe (p. 9) 4 p.m. Service of Wholeness and Hope 9 a.m. ECE Event 9 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Health Equipment 'ULYH S DW B’nai Amoona) 6 p.m. Peter and Paul Community Services Volunteering (at PPCS) COLUMBUS DAY 7:15 a.m. Weekday Morning Minyan 10 a.m. Torah Study 3 p.m. Wise Aging: Beginning Your Encore Chapter (p. 7) 5:30 p.m. 5:30 Club (p. 8) 7 p.m. Yiddish Club 7:15 a.m. Weekday Morning Minyan 5:15 p.m. Nosh 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service *HQHVLV ï 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 9:15 a.m. SGP Parents Advisory Council Meeting 5:30 p.m. 5:30 Club (p. 8) 7:30 a.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m. Shaare The Vision Town Hall 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship 7:15 a.m. Weekday Morning Minyan 10 a.m. Torah Study 7 p.m. WOSE Board Meeting 7 p.m. Yiddish Club 9:30 a.m. Morning at the Movies: Hester Street (p. 6) 7 p.m. Engaging Israel (p. 3) 7:15 a.m. Weekday Morning Minyan 5:15 p.m. Nosh 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Getting to Know our Catholic Community Service, First Friday 7 p.m. %·DFKDG S DW Rise Coffee House) *HQHVLV ² 9 a.m. Kindergarten Family Program Advertiser of the Month for October Dawson 5RRÀQJ ,QF 6SHFLDOLVWV LQ 4XDOLW 5HURRÀQJ 5HSDLUV ‡ ZZZGDZVRQURRÀQJFRP Thank you for supporting The Bulletin
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