Social media 2.0 for Businesses


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Social media branding and best practices for small business.

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  • Next: Word of Web.\n
  • Next: SoMe Networks\n
  • Launches into larger view.\n
  • Next: Trust and Relationships.\n
  • 1. Blogs & dynamic data.\nNext: Push Vs. Pull\n\n
  • Use unBootCamp example of Pull marketing.\nNext: Economics and Buying Power.\n
  • Next Case Study #1: AJ Bombers\n
  • Next: Case Study #2 BlendTech\n
  • Next: Case Study #3 - Dell.\n
  • Next: Social Media Myths\n
  • 19% of online adults age 18-24 (Twitter)\n20% of online adults age 25-34 (Twitter)\nmedian age of a twitter user is 31\nmedia age of a facebook user is 26\nmedia age of a linkedin user is 40\n5. Dominos Pizza example.\nNext: Strategic Planning\n
  • Which are you planning for?\nNext: Sharing\n
  • Free items, information or affiliate programs.\nNext: Trend Analysis\n
  • Reporting tools - Google Analytics, WebTrends, etc\nNext: SoMe to Search Engines\n
  • Next: 10 Cautionary Pitfalls\n
  • Astroturf - to disguise or promote personal agenda.\nNext: Let’s Connect!\n
  • Mention: Human SEO Book, Services and Excira Media.\n
  • Social media 2.0 for Businesses

    1. 1. Social Media 2.0The Beginning of New Business Strategies Shannon K. Steffen President & CEO
    2. 2. What is Social Media?
    3. 3. Social Media isa Conversation Word of Web Trust & Relationship Building Pull Vs. Push Marketing
    4. 4. Word of Web
    5. 5. Social Media Networks
    6. 6. Trust and Relationships1. Content 7. No Hard Selling2. Be Transparent 8. Time is Important3. Picture of Your Day 9. Criticism is Important4. Picture of You 10. Have Fun!5. Saying Thank You6. Do Not Auto-Message
    7. 7. Push Vs. Pull
    8. 8. Economics and Buying Power 69% are “Spectators” 37% are “Critics” 29% are “Collectors” 29% “Joiners” Only 5% are “Inactives” Reference:
    9. 9. AJ Bombers Milwaukee, WI• Networks: Twitter, Foursquare• Reach: 75% of his customers• Weekly sales were up +60% a yearlater without spending $1 intraditional media through Twitter.• Foursquare increased sales +110%. Reference:
    10. 10. BlendTech Orem, Utah• Networks:YouTube• Reach: Geeks, Households &Health Community• ROI: Increased company sales+700%. Reference:
    11. 11. DELL Round Rock, TX• Networks: Twitter (DellOutlet)• Reach: Worldwide CustomerBase• ROI: Booked $3 million inrevenue in one year. Reference:
    12. 12. Social Media Myths1. Social media is for kids2. There is no ROI in SoMe3. SoMe can’t be measured4. Not for businesses “like us”5. No control - safer out6. SoMe is a fad
    13. 13. StrategicPlanning TrafficConversion Rate Branding Networks Success
    14. 14. Sharing GiveawaysInformationPartnerships
    15. 15. Trend Analysis
    16. 16. SoMe to Search Engines
    17. 17. 10 Cautionary Pitfalls1. Dont astroturf 6. Dont use interns2. Dont confuse your value 7. Dont overreact with your customer’s 8. Dont be afraid to try new3. Dont be inconsistent with things your message 9. Don’t make the mistake of4. Dont think that SoMe is thinking that supporters networking websites only play in your sandbox5. Dont wait to build a 10. Dont focus on tactics! relationship
    18. 18. Let’s Connect!How can I help you?Shannon K. Steffen @ShanSteffen