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Mawji shan ignite_presentation_slideshow


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Mawji shan ignite_presentation_slideshow

  1. 1. Cussing on Daytime Telev"ion Shaneali Mawji
  2. 2. Watching TV wi# my Nephew On daytime television Penny bursts out with the “B” word
  3. 3. My nephew continuously asked me what the word meant “Why is it on TV?” He wanted to know why a bad word was on TV
  4. 4. Religious household Zero Tolerance for Cursing Why l"ten to me?
  5. 5. T H E . B I G . I D E A Discourage “Soft” Cuss Words
  6. 6. What’s in it for y%? Protect your children from bad words
  7. 7. Avoid the shows completely Remove the influence
  8. 8. Prevent children from learning bad words Stop encouraging adults to use bad words at home Don’t condone bad language Main Points
  9. 9. Avoid shows with bad Language They contradict the morals you teach your children
  10. 10. “Children and teens exposed to profanity in television and video games are more likely to show aggression toward others.” (Dana, 2011)
  11. 11. Pun"hment It doesn’t always work Work to prevent the bad language “College students have vivid memories of punishment; however 94% reported that they continue to curse.” (Jay, King, Duncan, 2006)
  12. 12. Children will mirror what we do They look up to us as an example of what they should be
  13. 13. Role Models “Nearly two-thirds of the adults surveyed that had rules about their children swearing at home found they broke their own rules on a regular basis. This sends children a mixed, confusing message about swearing and when it's appropriate.” (LiveScience, 2010)
  14. 14. Be Consci%s of y%r Langua&
  15. 15. “…profanity in the media may increase aggression levels among teens…” (Nauert, 2011) Show Respect, Don’t Curse
  16. 16. 30 day Challen& Avoid shows with bad language for 30 days Your child’s attitude will greatly improve
  17. 17. Prevent children from learning bad words Stop encouraging adults to use bad words at home Don’t condone bad language Main Points
  18. 18. D"c%ra& “So)” Curse words They’re completely unacceptable on daytime television
  19. 19. A World wi#%t Cursing " a ha*y one Isn’t that what you want for your child to grow up in?
  20. 20. References Dana, D. L. (2011, Oct 31). Swear words on t.v. associated with aggression in kids. Retrieved from http:// Jay, T., King, K., & Duncan, T. (2006). Memories of Punishment for Cursing. Sex Roles, 55(1/2), 123-133. doi:10.1007/s11199-006-9064-5 (2010, Sept 23). TOh $#*!, I'm 3! Kids Learning to Swear Earlier. Retrieved from Nauert, R. (2011, Oct 11). Profanity in media linked to teen aggression. Retrieved from http://