Picturing a Thousand Words


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This slideshow explores the uses of Many Eyes as a classroom teaching and analysis tool. In particular, it looks at how students at St. Edward's University in Rhetorical Criticism analyze speech texts using visualization tools available on Many Eyes. Tag Clouds, Wordles, and Word Trees are combined to determine word frequencies and clusters. These findings are used to create a rhetorical analysis based upon Kenneth Burke's Cluster Criticism.

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Picturing a Thousand Words

  1. 1. Picturing a Thousand W o R D S Using Data Visualization Methods as Teaching Tools by Shannan Butler shannanb@stedwards.edu St. Edward’s University Austin, TX
  2. 2. many eyes Provided by IBM’s Visual Communication Lab Their goal is to “democratize visualization and to enable a new social kind of data analysis.” Absolutely FREE!
  3. 3. many eyes 90,000 user provided data sets both textual and numeric U.S. Gov, OECD, Employment, Climate, Income, Diversity, etc. 18 Visualization Types Share data Foster discussion
  4. 4. data sets Choose one Create one View raw data as table or text Check validity & formatting
  5. 5. visualize Choose an appropriate visualization type Play with your data!
  6. 6. share Create an account Add your visualization Solicit or share feedback
  7. 7. of Tag Clouds & Word Trees
  8. 8. Cluster Criticism •Based on the work of Kenneth Burke •Select key terms based on Frequency & Intensity
  9. 9. Chart the Clusters •Identify terms that cluster around the key terms •Look for proximity, conjunctions, and cause-and-effect
  10. 10. Iraqi People www.many-eyes.com
  11. 11. Construction of an Enemy in George W. Bush’s State of the Union Speech, 2003 by Nowlen, Jensen, Gibbs, Murphy, Taylor & Wang
  12. 12. Four Key Terms •Saddam Hussein •Iraq •United States / America •Iraqi People
  13. 13. Character •Deceived Hussein •Dominated •Intimidate Tools • Terrorist • Hijackers • Al Qaeda • Biological Weapons • Nuclear Weapons Action • Kill • War • Death • Hiding
  14. 14. Iraq Character •Evil •Enemy •Dictator •Regime Tools •Biological Weapon •Illegal Weapon •Burning •Rape •Mutilation •Electric Shock Action • Not disarm • Denying • Blocking • Intimidating
  15. 15. Character • Honorable • Resolute United States • • Strong Free • Brave / America • Tools Innocent • Armed Forces • Military • Power • God • Allies • Friends • U.N. Actions • Battle • Force • Risk • Peace
  16. 16. Iraqi People •Character •Brave •Oppressed •Refugee •Tools •Food •Medicine •Supplies •Action •Freedom •Liberty
  17. 17. Terms Devil •Hussein •Iraq God •America •Iraqi People
  18. 18. Tag Cloud
  19. 19. Iraqi People Word Tree
  20. 20. Iraqi People Word Tree
  21. 21. Iraqi People Word Tree
  22. 22. Iraqi People Word Tree
  23. 23. Iraqi People Word Tree