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Coca cola


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Published in: Business, Self Improvement
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Coca cola

  1. 1. SUBMITTED TO SUBMITTED BYShantanu ghosh Bhupinder pal Singh ROLL NO= CUN110551007
  2. 2.  Fruit juices Energy drinks Water
  3. 3.  Bright and early Minute maid Amita
  4. 4.  Burn Samurai Monster energy
  5. 5.  Aquana Bonaqua Aquarious spring
  6. 6.  B vitamins Sugar Taurine Caffeine content Carbonated water (Burn ia a high sugar, high caffeine content energy drink with a citrus flavour that comes in 8.3 or 16.9 can.)
  7. 7.  Minute maid incase juice drinks Minute maid nectar juice drink Minute maid in the café Minute maid 100% fruit juice Minute maid fruitopia juices
  8. 8.  Good source of potassium Vitaminc Fat 0% Hydrogenated soybean oil Less than 2% citric acid
  9. 9.  Standard pouches Island refreshers Sunrise Roarin waters
  10. 10.  Enjoyed by vietnarnese adults who nees energy drink Fortified with six essential b vitamins Refreshing taste Raspberry green tea
  11. 11.  Carbonated water Caffeine Glucose Sucralose Monster nitrous(known as Extra strenght)
  12. 12.  Sports drink Help in regaining hydration level Light refreshing flavour Tastes best when served cold
  13. 13.  Bottled water Carbonated and noncarbonated Fruit flavoured or unflavoured
  14. 14.  Sports drink Fluoridated spring water for kids Flavoured or unflavoured Aquarious grapefruit