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OpenStack AUC Overview


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The path to becoming an Active User Contributor in OpenStack

Published in: Technology
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OpenStack AUC Overview

  1. 1. OpenStack Summit Barcelona The Path to Becoming an AUC (Active User Contributor) Shamail Tahir (@ShamailXD) - IBM Maish Saidel-Keesing (@maishsk) - Cisco 25/10/2016
  2. 2. Criteria for AUC Official OpenStack User Group Organizer Organizers and coordinators of official user groups will be pulled from Active members of an official UC Working Group WG must be listed on User Committee wiki and active participation is determined by reviewing meeting logs or by WG chairs Ops Meetup moderators Moderate a session at the Ops Meetup Contributions to any repository under UC governance Contributions to any repository under user committee governance (such as OSOps, openstack-user-stories, etc.) Contributors to Superuser Qualifying contributions to Superuser articles, case studies, etc. Active moderators on AskOpenStack Active moderators are defined as (1) seen within the last 6 months and (2) have more than 500 karma Self nomination for extra-AUC Self nominations can be submitted to AUC review committee using process found in board-criteria Track Chair for Summit Contributors who served as track chair for the upcoming OpenStack Summit
  3. 3. Current Status • AUC definition approved by UC • UC has approval from Board for by-law changes/associated charter • Discussion on benefits of AUC recognition AUC Recognition in Barcelona Stats: 255 AUCs 38% of the AUC are also ATC (97)
  4. 4. Future Directions • UC Elections (Q1 2017) • Investigate additional criteria to qualify as AUC – Will be responsibility of the UC • Share activities from AUC more broadly
  5. 5. Be an AUC at the next summit! Help with organizing Official OpenStack User Groups Participate in official UC working groups UserCommittee#Working_Groups_and_Teams Share the tool you built to help w/ OpenStack Ops Help users in the OpenStack Community Share lessons learned or your story Go to “About” > “Contact Us”