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  1. 1. Shalva Bakradze Tashkenti Str #17, apart 15 ,Tbilisi, Georgia Mobile- +971523156217 Email- Well experienced, motivated, English and Russian speaker Georgian nationality procurement, internal audit, manager etc. professional I have more than 14 year work experience. Last 2 years I have worked as a procurement head specialist for the Defence Ministry of Georgia. Through my career I worked as a team leader, as a director of the branch of the bank as well as the director of the retail and wholesale biggest company in Georgia. Also I have great experience in internal audit of the bank and company. I have studied in London and have taken many trainings. The most importantly last year I took trainings about procurement and resources management. I am the honest, truthful and quick Lerner person, who can speak fluently not only English but Russian as well. You will not regret at any stage if you choose me to work for your company. CAREER SUMMARY Head Specialist ofProcurement Division 2014 – Present --- Ministry ofDefence ofGeorgia My Key Responsibilities: As a head specialist of the procurement department my job has been to purchase any goods for different departments, structures or divisions. I was getting information what was needed to be purchased, than I checked if the specifications were well enough for getting quality goods. After that if this was not urgent I was preparing documentation for electronic tender and after tender was held, we checked a sample of the product. If it was good we finalized tender by contract. If goods should have been purchased fast, than after checking specifications we looked for such goods on the market and whoever could give us better quality goods for better prices we would buy from them. Director of HoldingCompany “ Tegeta Motors “ Branch 2010 – 2012 Tegeta Motors is a Holding offering full range of auto products and services to corporate and retail customers. As a regional branch director of this company my responsibility was to increase sales and look after the branch itself. I had staff of 25 persons and when I saw the needs in training for them, I asked for it and everybody took it (service +). I have to say that since I was appointed there sales of the branch increased significantly and my branch was among best
  2. 2. ones of the company. I would also like to mention that I got very good experience while working there in people's management, negotiations with potential customers and so on. Chief Auditorin theDepartment of InnerAudit of thePeoples Bank ofGeorgia 2009- 2010 Head ofAspindza Branch of thePeoples Bank ofGeorgia Fab 2008 – Dec 2008 As a branch director I was to manage day to day functionality of the branch according to banks internal and external procedures. Since I became head of the branch all targeted goals were achieved. I also would like to mention that the team I created there back in 2008 still doing job very well. Auditorin theDepartment ofInner Audit ofthePeoples BankofGeorgia 2007 – Fab 2008 As an internal auditor we worked in many directions. We were checking all branches all around Georgia. We made sure that there was exact amount of money in branches which they should had according to balance sheets. I also made sure that everybody was working according to banks internal procedures. I also checked transactions, credits given to pensioners or other customers, also documentations. I was checking credit officers portfolios. I have to say I got great experience in this. Operator in theDidube-Chugureti Service Centre #2 ofthePeoples BankofGeorgia 2006-2007 Deputy Head of Official Publishing Serviceof thePresident ofGeorgia 2005-2006 Deputy Head of International Department Deputy Head of International Department of theGeorgian National Investment Centre 2002-2005 Head Specialist oftheInternational Department 2000-2002 Georgian Investment Centre Georgian Investment Centre 1997-2000 Specialist in theInvestment Department 1996-1997 Ministry of Tradeand Economic Relations ofGeorgia EDUCATION
  3. 3. Trainings in Defence ResourcesManagement,Romania Apr2015-Jun1015 (human and financial recourses management in public sectors included) Procurement Services Trainings (Tbilisi) 2015 Training in Audit in the National Bank of Georgia, Tbilisi 2007 Training course in Athens, Greece- Investment and Financial Services’ specialist 1999 Training course in Athens, Greece – Investment and Financial Services 1998 The American University in London „Richmond College“ 1994-1996 English language course in ELS (English Language school) in London Aug1993-Dec1993 Economic University “Gaenati” 1991-1996 Business school 1990-1991