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Competent and Excellent Communicators


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Published in: Education
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Competent and Excellent Communicators

  2. 2. DR. GLORIA GALANES Dean of the College of Arts and Letters Missouri State University Photo credit: Follow her on twitter at @GloriaGalanes
  3. 3. DR. GLORIA GALANES Direct but personable Will be upfront and to the point Honest and has an open communication style Kind and genuinely cares about every student, faculty, and staff members
  4. 4. DR. GLORIA GALANES  Supportive  Encourages and pushes others to perform at their best  Provides advisees resources and tips on how to reach their educational and personal goals  Will go out of her way to help someone with an issue or problem. If she doesn't have the answer, she will find out.
  5. 5. DR. GLORIA GALANES  Informed and knowledgeable  Has an abundance of knowledge related to the College of Arts and Letters as well as Missouri State as a whole  Works with many different departments at Missouri State University as a facilitator and mentor to improve various communication problems and aspects in their department.  Continues to actively learn more about her field of study and seeks guidance when needed.
  6. 6. HANNAH BRENCHER  Writer and Entrepreneur  Check out her blot at: http://hannahbrenche Photo credit:  View her TED talk at: om/watch?v=n56JDif 4hnw
  7. 7. HANNAH BRENCHER  Connects emotionally and personally with others  Shares her personal stories and experiences in a way that others can connect and learn from them  Truly wants to get to know others and encourages individuality  Writes uplifting and positive blog posts to women of all ages
  8. 8. HANNAH BRENCHER  Works to better society  Challenges others to be their best self and to help others in need  Created a letter writing campaign entitled "More Love Letters" in which individuals write uplifting letters and leave them in public places for strangers to find.  Has expanded her campaign both nationally and internationally
  9. 9. HANNAH BRENCHER  Inspires others  Personally mentors writers, entrepreneurs, and individuals in order to grow their ideas and businesses  Is a TED talk speaker and also lectures at universities about communication and connection  Leads conferences and trainings for organizations
  10. 10. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT  First Lady and wife of FDR  Activist and Public Figure Photo credit:  View Eleanor’s Human Rights speech at om/watch?v=sPVWm mVKVk0
  11. 11. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT  Driven and Determined  Equal rights activist for women, African-Americans, and the impoverished  Was not afraid to take a stand for what she believed in, even if she would be ridiculed for her opinion  Hosted conferences at the White House to bring awareness to others about the problems that many of the nations citizens were facing in order to promote action and change.
  12. 12. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT  Ethical  Promoted peace and mediation  Worked to influence her husband, FDR, and eventually future presidents to promote peaceful interactions internationally  Served on the newly developed United Nations as the only women
  13. 13. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT  Set goals and used her power to make a positive impact  Paved the way for women around the world to take a stand and make a difference  Used her resources (time and money) in a way that would benefit others  Continuously worked to improve human rights
  14. 14. REFERENCES  Brencher, H. (2013). Writer. Speaker, Creative. Retrieved from  National First Laides’ Library. (2014). First lady biography: Eleanor Roosevelt. Retrieved from:  All information gathered on Dr. Galanes is from personal observation and interaction.