Genre research


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Genre research

  1. 1. For our music video the song we have chosen is an indie/soul fusion. Because our song incorporates multiple genres, we have to research into both genres in order to include the relevant conventions. Scruffy appearance Edgy Guitars Usually Indie a band Conventions Narrative shots are usually symbolic Mainly Blacks, greys, performance reds shots Studio/ Stage settings
  2. 2. Rhythm and Blues Casual dress Usually about family or love SoulLyrics based on Conventions Monotone colourpersonal experienceand emotions scheme Slow editing and cuts Gospel-style No CGI
  3. 3. Potential Artist Analysis Plan B • Plan B is a British singer. He represents multiple genres such as soul, hip hop, pop and acoustic. • His songs are often about or based on personal experience, which comes across in his singing and rapping.
  4. 4. Alex Clare • Alex Clare is another British singer, who is well known for his soundtrack to the Internet Explorer advertisement. • His style of music is a mix of electronica, alternative rock and dubstep.
  5. 5. Maverick Sabre • Maverick Sabre is a Irish- English singer/songwriter. • He falls into a number of genres, including; Soul, R&B, reggae fusion, post- dubstep, hip hop. • I feel he would be the best artist to go with, because his music videos look very Indie, but his voice is very soulful making it an interesting concept and provide a better range of ideas for our music video