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Oodles1card investor presentation

  1. 1. Oodles1Card Loyalty Program
  2. 2. The average U.S. household belongs to 18 Loyalty Programs *141 million US Households• More than 2 billion memberships and counting
  3. 3. Buried Treasure The 2011 Forecast of U.S. Consumer Loyalty Program Points Value• Nearly one-third — a full $16 billion — of those rewards earned in a given year will go unused.• Value translates into the average active U.S. household earning $622 in rewards per year — yet not “cashing in” on one-third of it, or about $205.• Just think of the impact this would have, if properly unleashed, not only on general consumer spending power, but on the health and viability of businesses in all industry sectors.• Analysis: Consumers, issuers, merchants and manufacturers have an opportunity to capitalize on the “buried treasure”
  4. 4. The Problem• Finding the right card at checkout. Not having enough room on a keyring for all of them. Multiple websites to manage.• Nearly half (49%) of loyalty program members never or rarely take advantage of loyalty program perks when shopping online.• More than three-quarters (78%) of Americans who are members of loyalty card programs say easy online access to their loyalty memberships would make them more likely to shop at the retail websites that honor their loyalty programs online.• When shopping online, only half (53%) of Americans who are members of retail loyalty rewards programs visit websites of retailers where they can earn discounts and rewards, before looking elsewhere.• The need for a consolidated loyalty device has been well-established, and half of American consumers (52%) prefer a single card that can hold all their memberships, versus a consolidated key fob or mobile application.• One-third (32%) of Americans prefer a consolidated key chain card or key fob; 17% of Americans would like to see a mobile app that consolidates all of their retail loyalty rewards programs. *Rob Seward, ACI Worldwide.
  5. 5. Solution• Oodles 1 card converts and manages all retail loyalty cards into one loyalty card & UPC code.• One website to manage all data you’re your accounts at various stores. Coupons will be displayed on your log in page from the data collected of your buying habits. You can view local store deals and circulars. Daily coupon deals will be available through the website.• Whether its a grocery card, a library card, or a club member card, half of all Americans use some form of customer loyalty cards each and every day. Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward loyal buying behavior — behavior that benefits you.
  6. 6. Loyalty program for all industry verticals Grocery Retail Travel Proprietary program allows data synchronization and 1 website to manage all vertical loyalty points.Hotel Drug Store Specialty Retail
  7. 7. Site Structure
  8. 8. Competitor Market Program Focused on check-ins with ipads Program Focused on Restaurant punch cards
  9. 9. Market IntegrationPartnering directly with issuers and merchants to strengthen the relationships they have withconsumers, while still allowing issuers to maintain control over key components of their valueproposition, branding and messaging.We will place a oodles1card system in each location to synchronize with our data center.
  10. 10. Conclusion• The average U.S. household belongs to 18 rewards programs.• There are 48 billion dollars in new points and miles awarded each year.• Over 16 billion dollars of them go unredeemed each year.• Only 1 solution makes these numbers work.
  11. 11. RevenueMonthly fee charged to participating retail, restaurant &business location.Targeted coupons to customers based on buying habits datafrom grocery chains and direct product companies.
  12. 12. Features• Combine Points to use at any location• Sell points for $ value – ebay model• Donate points to charity – Example: Local food pantry shelter to buy food• Monitor buying habits and build a temp grocery shopping list for card holder weekly• Low cost advertising for local small business• It’s free
  13. 13. PeopleLloyd Cohagen - FounderBiographySearch Engine Marketing Professional with a focus on Internet advertising. Manage millions in online adspend using multiple platforms. Analytical data enthusiast involving performance, how consumers use andsearch online.SkillsOmniture, Hbx, Sitecatalyst Word Tracker, Overture, Double-Click, Dart, DFA, Keyword Analyzers, LinkPopularity Analyzer, Google analytics, MSN Adcenter and Yahoo search marketing, AtlasExcel, Word, HTML,PHPTed Cekan - CTOBiographyNetwork and Systems Architect and Administrator for a local ISP. Extensive experience with Cisco andUnix routers, firewalls, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, DNS, web servers and email servers.PHP web application designer and developer and database administrator. Experience with PHPframeworks, MySQL, MS-SQL, css, Javascript. Designed and coded VOIP, e-commerce, and socialnetworking applications.Currently I work as a member of a very experienced team of web application, SEO, and iPhoneapplication developers. We are looking to work on new projects that will benefit from our broadknowledge base and experience.SpecialtiesPHP development, database design, network design, server administration
  14. 14. Contact• loyalty@shakingcup.com• 917.652.6736