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Getting to Know Shakespeare


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Published in: Education
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Getting to Know Shakespeare

  1. 1. presented by Sponsored byGetting to Know Shakespeare Paul Edmondson The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust ! In conversation Ewan Fernie The Shakespeare Institute!
  2. 2. Encountering Shakespeare
  3. 3. Who is Shakespeare? What is he?
  4. 4. A great Shakespearian… ‘I find that I cannot exist without POETRY.’ John Keats!
  6. 6. Getting to Know Shakespeare•  Free on-line guide provided by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust engaging a range of resources and partners with support emails.!•  Sponsored by The Arden Shakespeare!•  Students, teachers, the general visitor to The Shakespeare Houses.! presented by Sponsored by
  7. 7. Questions? connect with us@paul_edmondson @ShakespeareBT!