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Startup Kit-Guide, Tools & Resources (Preview) |Colluide


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Launch Your Startup-Guide, Tools & Resources

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Startup Kit-Guide, Tools & Resources (Preview) |Colluide

  2. 2. Phase Five: Finalize business Phase Four: Market Product & Build Phase Three: Research & Build MVP Phase Two: Build Foundations Phase One: Develop A Motivation Startup Checklist/Executive Summary Formation Investor Contacts Extra Set Of Resources
  3. 3. Develop entrepreneurial purpose Develop pitch Do product research Build marketing strategy Register trademark/copyrigh t Connect with business idea/problem solver Perform idea swat analysis Create designs Launch landing page Register business Assess strengths & weaknesses Build MVP Assess feedback from social media Business plan Determine costs Use feedback to finish the 1st beta Business checking account Find co-founders Investor or bootstrap Network Fundraise
  4. 4. Create a motivation & connecting business idea
  5. 5. Do The Business Building Legwork Check out our for our Personality- Business Matchup Quiz for help
  6. 6. Do Product Research & Build MVP
  7. 7. Build Marketing Strategy
  8. 8. Legitimize Your Business