Female Entrepreneurs 25.10.10[1]


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A presentation with GTZ, ADVETI , Carmen Muntel and Ute Mueller, for an all day discussion around women entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi under the Paronage and Organization of Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung.

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Female Entrepreneurs 25.10.10[1]

  1. 1. 30.01.2015 Seite 1 Female as Entrepreneurs – How to use unused potentials Workshop Session 1: How to enhance Entrepreneurship for Emirati women through Education?
  2. 2. 30.01.2015 Seite 2Page 2 How to enhance Entrepreneurship for Emirati women through Education? Workshop Session 1: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm  Introduction and Presentation about Education of Entrepreneurship in Abu Dhabi – Shaika Al Muhairi – 20 min  Brief about the experience in ADVETI – Ute Mueller ADVETI Al Ain; Carmen Muntel – ADVETI Al Gharbia – 15 min  Group discussion – 10:45 am – 11:45 am  Collection and presentation of group results – 11:45 am – 12:30 pm
  3. 3. 30.01.2015 Seite 3 Education of Entrepreneurship in Abu Dhabi Shaikha Al Muhairi
  4. 4. 30.01.2015 Seite 4Page 4 Entrepreneurship Risk Networking Resources Technical Skills Business culture Financials Regulations Management HR Creativity Market Economy Marketing Planning Competition PR Communication Decision making Innovation Procedures
  5. 5. 30.01.2015 Seite 5Page 5 UAE ranking among GEM countries with regards to Education and Training Rank 5/41Colleges and universities provide good preparation 9/41Primary and Secondary Education Encourage creativity, self sufficiency and personal initiative 12/41Vocational, Professional, and continuing education systems provide good preparation 15/41Business and Management education provides good preparation 18/41Primary and secondary education teaches market economic principles 21/41Primary and secondary education gives attention to entrepreneurship and new firm creation
  6. 6. 30.01.2015 Seite 6Page 6 Current Situation in formal education  School education: Grade 10 , Arts section: Theoretical Economics.  University Level: Only in Business Majors.  Vocational Education: Over the last two years.
  7. 7. 30.01.2015 Seite 7Page 7 Support Programs Over the Last 10 years In Abu Dhabi  Khalifa Fund : 1/3 of the applicants are women. Applicants have to go through a training program.  Tawteen Council entrepreneurship program in Coordination with KF.  Shell Intilaaqah.
  8. 8. 30.01.2015 Seite 8Page 8 Organizations Involved
  9. 9. 30.01.2015 Seite 9Page 9 Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE  2007 Country Report : Women Business Owners in the UAE.  110 women surveyed in Abu Dhabi and Dubai both local and expatriates.
  10. 10. 30.01.2015 Seite 10Page 10 Education Level is high  UAE regulations favor professional expatriates.  Local women are highly educated with women making up to 72 % of university students.  Women report their education has affected their business experiences.  73% surveyed had a post graduate degree.
  11. 11. 30.01.2015 Seite 11Page 11 Characteristics  Age: 25-34 make 26%, 35-44 make 44%, 45-54 make 26 %.  48% surveyed are national.  68& married and 60% with children.
  12. 12. 30.01.2015 Seite 12Page 12 Financials  39% used earnings  44% used savings  21% used credit cards  19% used commercial bank loans
  13. 13. 30.01.2015 Seite 13Page 13 Access to advice  77% consult senior management;  77% consult with other business owners;  64% consult with an accountant;  58% seek advice from a husband or family  members in the business;  53% consult with an attorney; and,  52% consult with an informal mentor.
  14. 14. 30.01.2015 Seite 14Page 14 Important areas of training and support All of the surveyed women were in favor of training and support to help to improve their business’ growth and success. This is a positive sign for groups that wish to provide training services. The top four areas listed by both nationals and expatriates as being the most useful are: 1-Learning more about how to access new markets at home and abroad; 2-Training sessions on business management and leadership issues; 3-Meeting regularly with other women business owners across the country to share ideas and experiences; and, 4-Learning more about how to use technology to grow the business.
  15. 15. 30.01.2015 Seite 15Page 15 Thank you! 30.01.2015
  16. 16. 30.01.2015 Seite 16Page 16 ADVETI = Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institutes Three ADVETI institutes exist so far. ADVETI Al Gharbia and ADVETI Al Ain were formed in 2008 with the assistance of GTZ International Services. (German government owned agency for sustainable development.) Vocational education and training prepares Emirati learners for careers that are based in manual or practical activities (hand on training) and that are related to a specific occupation or vocation. As the labor market has become more specialized and economies demand higher levels of skill, governments and businesses are increasingly investing in the future of vocational education. Each ADVETI institute offers its own set of special programmes to suit regional needs. 30.01.2015
  17. 17. 30.01.2015 Seite 17Page 17 Al Gharbia regional particularities Source: Western Region Development Council • Al Gharbia covers 83% of the total area of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi • Contributes to more than 40% of its GDP • Only hosts 8% of its population Distances (km) Madinat Zayed Liwa 60 Mirfa 90 Ruwais 170 Ghayathi 200 Sila 240 Dalma -
  18. 18. 30.01.2015 Seite 18Page 18 Estimated Employed persons by region 2008 30.01.2015 Total Male female Emirate of Abu Dhabi 86.272 68.074 18.198 Abu Dhabi 49.414 37.701 11.713 Al Ain 30.854 24.947 5.907 Western Region Compared to a total Population of Data source: Statistics Center Abu Dhabi 5.027 22.947 4.517 12.105 510 10.841
  19. 19. 30.01.2015 Seite 19Page 19 Household income and expenditure survey for citizens 2007/08 Value (‘000) AED 30.01.2015 Average Abu Dhabi urban Al Ain urban Western Region Salary benefits 322.8 398.6 276.2 299.5 Work owner income 14.5 24.5 7.8 19.2 Household production 2.8 1.0 0.2 24.0 Rentals Data source: Statistics Center Abu Dhabi 75.8 93.4 80.3 63.8
  20. 20. 30.01.2015 Seite 20Page 20 ADVETI Al Gharbia female students divided by age, residence and morning or evening classes (total of 178) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 18-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 older than 35 Evening Madinat Zayed Evening Mirfa Morning Madinat Zayed Morning Mirfa
  21. 21. 30.01.2015 Seite 21Page 21 Career Pathways ADVETI vocational education and training - 3 years programme – with the 1st year devoted to: occupational orientation, career guidance and acquiring basic vocational skills graduation on DIPLOMA level employment in salaried position starting an own business continuing with higher education placement assistance start-up assistance articulation and credits Programme stage post-training services stage Transition stage
  22. 22. 30.01.2015 Seite 22Page 22 EB - 01: Demonstrate Entrepreneurial and Business Competencies Course description: After completing this course the students will be able to apply all major aspects which are necessary to run a business successfully to a specific business idea. They will be able to identify and develop the competencies needed by a potential Entrepreneur in order to be successful. They will know how to scan the environment for business opportunities and how to generate new business ideas. The students are able to develop a marketing strategy for “their” Business as well as for other cases. They are familiar with the cost terminology and can plan a production process. The management cycle can be applied by the students and important aspects of communication are known to them. Finally, the students are able to compare the financial state of companies through the comparison of financial statements and the application of financial ratios. The autonomous knowledge about the above mentioned core elements of business planning will enables the students to write a business plan in the future.
  23. 23. 30.01.2015 Seite 23Page 23 EB - 01: Demonstrate Entrepreneurial and Business Competencies Learning Outcomes and Course Content:  Identify Entrepreneurial Attitude: e.g. Know Relevant Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PEC); Generation of a Business Idea  Assess the Validity of Business Concepts after investigating the Business Environment: e.g. competitors and industry  Discuss selected Case Studies with regard to Marketing Aspects: e.g. Marketing strategies; consumer behaviour; “4 p”  Analyze the Production Process for Goods and Services: e.g. Cost terminology; Break even point analysis  Outline a Planning Cycle for a Business Process : e.g. The management process  Portray an Organisation through a Chart : e.g. Drawing of an organisational chart  Compare the Financial Situation of Companies: e.g. record keeping for internal and external purposes; System of bookkeeping
  24. 24. 30.01.2015 Seite 24Page 24 EB - 02 Create your own business Course Description After completing this course the students will be able to present a Business Plan featuring a self-developed business idea. The students demonstrate entrepreneurial attitude and apply relevant of Business planning to a Business idea generated by them. They are able to construct a marketing strategy for their Business idea, calculate the Break even Point and portray the organisation through a chart. They are able to forecast a financial plan for the new Business including financial statements. The students will not only be able to present their business plan but also to critically discuss the validity of their business idea.
  25. 25. 30.01.2015 Seite 25Page 25 EB - 02 Create your own business Learning Outcomes and Course Content:  Demonstrate Entrepreneurial Attitude (PEC): e.g.Personality development and creativity; The Business Planning Process  Generate a Marketing Strategy for a new Business: e.g. Market research; Field interviewing techniques and field work; Preparation of marketing plan; Presentation of the marketing plan and review  Calculate the Break Even Point for a new Business: e.g. Fixed and variable costs, overhead costs; Planning of production and procurement; Presentation of the Production/Technical Plan and review  Construct an Organisational Chart for a new Business: e.g. Preparation and Presentation of the Organization and Management Plan ; Legal requirements  Forecast a Financial Plan for a new Business: e.g. Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows, Balance Sheet; Presentation of the Financial Plan and review  Present a complete Business Plan for a new Business: Business plan presentation including executive summary; Third party (bank) evaluation of Business Plan; Action plan for implementation
  26. 26. 30.01.2015 Seite 26Page 26 Departments
  27. 27. 30.01.2015 Seite 27Page 27 Applied Management  Human Resource Management  Accounting  Manage Financial Activities  Customer Service  Marketing  Demonstrate Entrepreneurial and Business Competencies
  28. 28. 30.01.2015 Seite 28Page 28 Further support  Excursions  Design contest  Internship  Periods in companies  Industry reference groups  Concept
  29. 29. 30.01.2015 Seite 29Page 29 Thank you! 30.01.2015
  30. 30. 30.01.2015 Seite 30Page 30 How to enhance Entrepreneurship for Emirati women through Education? Key questions: 1. How do you see the role of your organization to encourage entrepreneurial education? 2. Who do you see as the leading organizations in Entrepreneurial Education? 3. How do you see the implementation of entrepreneurial education within the currently existing education landscape in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi? 4. Further ideas and suggestions about this topic? 5. Suggest one person in your organization to be the liaison partner for further discussion.
  31. 31. 30.01.2015 Seite 31Page 31 1. How do you see the role of your organization to encourage entrepreneurial education? Khalifa Fund:  Networking  Establish partnerships with educational institutions  Mentorship programs DED:  Policy creation 2. Who do you see as the leading organizations in Entrepreneurial Education?  Executive Council  ADEC  Private sector: incentives  NGO’s 30.01.2015
  32. 32. 30.01.2015 Seite 32Page 32 3. How do you see the implementation of entrepreneurial education within the currently existing education landscape in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi?  Change of Curriculum (long term approach)  Change of Methodology  Teacher training / teacher Accreditation  Through religion  Short term / medium term approach: spend more time on Entrepreneurial education / courses  Partnership with/among training providers 30.01.2015
  33. 33. 30.01.2015 Seite 33Page 33 4. Further ideas and suggestions?  Create a network (through website) between/ among Emiratis and expatriates  Better Marketing and publicity of existing organizations dealing with Entrepreneurship (education)  Cultural change to be initiated/supported  “positive action after rejection” 30.01.2015