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Shaik cv


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Published in: Engineering
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Shaik cv

  1. 1. =============================================================== MECHANICAL ENGINEER =============================================================== Name: Shaik Riyasath Nationality: Indian Date of Birth: 11/01/1987 EDUCATION:s Degree : Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Year of Graduation : 2010. University : Osmania University, Hyderabad. ============================================================== EXPERIENCE STATEMENT: Am to my best in utilizing my technical and practical ability, problem solving skills and team playing Orientation, having 6 years of practical experience in the field of Mechanical / Production and Procurement Field as an Mechanical engineer. 6 years of working experience in Mechanical engineering in Construction (Aramco / Ministry projects), Production and Cleaning Projects.  Familiar with procurement process for Mechanical materials / Heavy Equipment’s.  Familiar with the quality control process for site works and delivered materials, construction management, progress monitoring and reporting, assessment of variations etc…  Familiar with Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards (SAES), Materials System Specifications (SAMSS) & Procedure for Inspection & Testing requirement.  Familiar with SAP and  Familiar with Computer fundamentals & Microsoft software. Key strengths: Ability to successfully manage multiple priorities and assignments. Possess capacity to approach problems effectively and creatively. Ability to direct and lead others to produce desired results. Having excellent inter personal skills and able to maintain healthy relationships with all levels of management. WORK HISTORY: Shaik Riyasath Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. =============================================================== MECHANICAL ENGINEER =============================================================== Total work experience: 6 Years. Total work experience in K.S.A: 3 years. 1. Employer Name: Azmeel Contracting Company, KSA. From: March, 2016 To: Present. Location: Jubail, KSA Department: Spare Parts Dept. Position: Procurement section Head (Acting as a procurement manager). JOB PROFILE:- • Direct reporting to higher management for all major issue and finalize deals. • Excellent interpersonal skills, team players recognized for propensity to establish and maintain solid relationship with co-workers, subcontractor, and management. • Extensive and unparalleled customer service, support, and on-site instruction. • Interacting interdepartmentally to streamline procedures and establish work requirements. • Involving in admin commercial activities. • Directed and supervised crews of up to fifteen (20+) employees. • Overall responsibility for purchase order execution, including problem resolution, expediting and delivery management. • Lead and motivate all Operative Purchasing team persons (8-9 direct reports). • Coordinate and participate in communications between vendors and internal departments as necessary to resolve procurement issues, both technical and systematic. • Supervise storekeepers and the storeroom operation to meet material management performance. • Plan, organize, direct and control the complete procurement functions and coordinate the procurement activities within the company and as well as with vendors. Shaik Riyasath Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. =============================================================== MECHANICAL ENGINEER =============================================================== • Keep close coordination with engineering/ planning/operation regarding upcoming material requirements in order to take pro-active steps to reserve and secure materials. • Coordinate with Finance Department for approval of price, payment terms evaluation and currency approval as well as legal aspects of transaction. • Ensure that necessary systems are implemented in all procurement activities. • Lead the department managing the morale and motivation of the staff as well as evaluate performance and plan for their development. 2. Employer Name: Al Yamama Co for Trading & Contracting, KSA. From: May, 2014 To: Oct, 2015. Location: Dammam, KSA Department: Heavy & Lights Equipment’s Dept. and Spare Parts Dept. Position: Procurement section Head. JOB PROFILE:- • Direct reporting to higher management for all major issue and finalize deal. • Directs and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in purchasing and distributing raw materials, equipment, machinery and supplies in organization. • Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned. • Establishes purchasing procedures and criteria for bid requirements. • Responsible for solicitation of materials and vendors. Works in concert with Procurement Manager to negotiate contracts terms and conditions for materials and vendors. • Maintains good quality and ethical purchasing standards and practices with all vendors. • Report schedules and shortage solutions. Keep internal customers advised of schedule impacts. • Participate in Special Project Teams to resolve issues and establish procedures. • Responsibilities include interviewing and training employees, planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems. Shaik Riyasath Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. =============================================================== MECHANICAL ENGINEER =============================================================== 3. Employer Name: Al Yamama Co for Trading & Contracting, KSA. From: Mar, 2013 To: May, 2014. Location: Dammam, KSA Department: Mechanical Engineering. Position: Procurement Engineer. JOB PROFILE:- • Review of contract documents. • Identify the area of work / scope of work. • Sending Enquiries to relevant vendors / subcontractors as per project specifications. • Evaluating the quotations / offers. • Preparation of compliance statement for materials and equipment’s i.e. materials specified verses material supplied. • Preparation of comparison statements between difference suppliers. • Techno commercial evaluation of material / equipment’s. • Assisting in preparing purchase orders • Raising technical queries to client for clarifications. • Proposing technical proposals to client for alternative materials, i.e., if saving cost to company. • Arranging technical discussions and meetings between vendor and client. • Preparation and evaluation of material submittals for client review and approval. 4. Employer Name: Acmi Industries, India. From: July2010 To: Mar, 2013. Location: Hyderabad, India. Department: P.P.E & Q.C. Position: Mechanical Engineer. Shaik Riyasath Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. =============================================================== MECHANICAL ENGINEER =============================================================== JOB PROFILE:- • Read technical drawings, schematics, and computer-generated reports. • Convert the customer drawing to production drawing. • Confirm with engineers and other personnel to implement operating procedures, Resolve system malfunctions, and provide technical information. • Research and analyze customer design proposals, specifications, manuals, and Other data to evaluate the feasibility, cost, and maintenance requirements of Designs and applications. • Distribution of work load to operator in order to achieve daily production target. • Follow up the operators whether they are following the route cards, control Charts, etc. • Responsible for giving day-to-day machine-wise & shift-wise loading to Production • Supervising hourly production. • Production Planning & Control, Manpower Allocation. • Full utilization of man & machine to achieve preset production targets. • Planning materials for achieving the daily production target & maintaining Physical stocks for month production requirement. • Troubleshooting and solving technical problems. • Removing useless work. • Inspection the job with “Vernier calipers, Micrometers, Puppy dial, Bore gauges, • 100% visual and dimensional inspection as required to meet customer Engineering and specification requirements. • Maintaining record related to leak testing. Shaik Riyasath Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. =============================================================== MECHANICAL ENGINEER =============================================================== • Cross checking the ok jobs with ok leak testing jobs (records). • Online inspection of incoming materials in machine shop. PASSPORT DETAIL: Passport No : J3431681 CONTACT DETAIL: Contact # 00966-053 184 7445. E- mail: Shaik Riyasath Page 6 of 6
  7. 7. =============================================================== MECHANICAL ENGINEER =============================================================== • Cross checking the ok jobs with ok leak testing jobs (records). • Online inspection of incoming materials in machine shop. PASSPORT DETAIL: Passport No : J3431681 CONTACT DETAIL: Contact # 00966-053 184 7445. E- mail: Shaik Riyasath Page 6 of 6