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Life and Poems of William Blake


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This Power Point is about William Blake. It contains my summary over two poems by him as well.

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Life and Poems of William Blake

  1. 1. Life and Poems of William Blake Shai Dougherty
  2. 2. William Blake 28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827
  3. 3. About Mr. Blake —  Mr. William Blake lived from the years 1757 to 1827. —  He was born in the city of London. —  Mr. Blake was educated at Henry Pars Drawing School. This was before he became an apprentice to James Basire, an engraver, in the years of 1772 to 1779.
  4. 4. More about W. Blake —  Blake opened a print shop in London the year of 1784. —  By this time Mr. Blake was an established graphic designer and a drawing tutor. —  Mr. William moved to Sussex the year of 1800 but moved back three years later after being charged with a high treason. The treason, however, was acquitted after he moved back to London.
  5. 5. More about William B. —  Mr. William Blake went into obscurity and became a mystic in the year of 1809 after a unsuccessful show of his work. —  William was a huge supporter of the French Revolution. —  Mr. Williams poetry and art work nearly always showed his social, political and religious beliefs.
  6. 6. More about William Blake —  Mr. Blake was not fully understood by the people that he grew up and lived around, but now in the twentieth-century many readers and artist are appreciating his greatness that he had achieved.
  7. 7. Poems by William Blake A Cradle Song A Dream
  8. 8. A Cradle Song —  A Cradle Song is a Romantic poem. It is simply about a mother’s love for her baby. This poem was written in a way people all around the world could understand the meaning and all have a mutual feeling when reading it. —  Some say that the way that this poem is wrote is soothing just like a “mother’s voice.”
  9. 9. A Dream —  A Dream, it is very difficult to tell you what this poem seems to mean. To me, however, I do believe that Blake’s religious views are coming out. I have came to believe that Jesus and God are both put into this poem. —  Emmet- Ant who has lost his way (a person perhaps). —  Glow-worm- Jesus (who lights the way home). —  Beetle- God (lights the ground for everybody/ thing).
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