Durex condoms


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An Agency Brief made by my class mates and I on role playing Durex as our Client and hence, giving an agency brief to our prospective Agency. Check it out!

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Durex condoms

  1. 1. Durex CondomsAgency Brief
  2. 2. Our Objective Changing of the mindset of the Indian consumers Lifting the taboo towards condoms among youth, with themessage on „love, fun and safe sex‟ Increasing the number of sales in our various categories ofcondoms Focusing on „sex‟ being about emotional connection betweena couple, rather than it being a physical act“Durex firmly stands for love and togetherness…” – Mr.Chander Sethi, Senior Vice-President, South-East Asia-Reckitt Benckiser18th February, 2013
  3. 3. Typical Prospectus Male Influencer: Female Lower---middle---upper class young adults (18 years – 30 years)
  4. 4. Marketing Objective Maintain largest market share. Ansel- 2nd best competitor with15% market share Existence of over 75 years in India 42% global condom market share. Ensure brand loyalty remains. India supplies 50% - 60% Durex condoms globally. Fall of supply in mid 2011- tussle in JV 20% contraceptives affected worldwide
  5. 5. Preferences andTastes Odorless Safe-100% sure? Protection? As good as a no condom experience Flavors, variety, odors Durex Jeans cool blue condoms- 2009 Maximum pleasure Easily opening access Easy availability Subjective needs
  6. 6.  Category which has the highestsales in India:Superthin Ultima
  7. 7. Role of Brand inProspectus’ Life Assurance of protection Hygienic Guarantee of no transmission of STD‟s “ feeling is everything” Consumer is assured he will get maximum pleasurewith maximum safety measures at the same time ifhe uses Durex
  8. 8. influenced Encouraged buying by packaging more number of single packs in onepacket Encouraged use of condoms 100% of the times when there is nointention of pregnancy. “ SAFE SEX , BEST SEX” As there is a large variety of DUREX condoms available, we need ourconsumers to know there is a type of condom by DUREX availablefor all kinds of pleasure and needs. People should be proud of having sex but only safe sex DUREX synonymous to condoms already Encourage the number times people use condoms Using condoms is cool as its responsible for sustainable development.
  9. 9. Legacy Values We Wantto Preserve Increase of visibility in the market Focus on maximum pleasure – “feeling is everything” We provide an extreme range of variety Durex – DURability, RELiability and EXcellence
  10. 10. Brand needed to beChanged Bad breath created by the tussle bet: Reckit Benckister andIndia‟sTTK group regarding many issues. No more future loss of supply chains and lack of productavailability.
  11. 11. from your agency1. “Lend a Condom” Campaign New Brand Ambassadors:Alia BhattVarun DhavanSiddharth Malhotra2. Durex Condom posters displayed in allretail/medical stores mentioning the variety of theDurex condoms that are available + their variouspackage deals3. Creating more awareness of our Durex E-Store, thiscould tap the shy audience segmentActors of the new Karan Joharmovie “Student of the Year”
  12. 12.  Thank you