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Strategic Vision For All Hands Meeting


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Strategic Vision For All Hands Meeting

  1. 1. All Hands Meeting June 2015 VIVID VISION
  2. 2. Choice Mission To guide & inspire organizations to operational excellence through their people and process
  3. 3. Our office continues to be an open, collaborative environment but we have outgrown our space and have expanded in our building to at least double the size Clarity of vision and all aligned around this vision Culture of teamwork and opennessWe are consistently listed as a best place to work in Alpharetta / Atlanta Have a team of “A” players who want to be at a high performance / high culture company and want to grow We have the best benefits and pay in the industry and we can afford it because “A” players produce 2X results of “B” players Culture We have a team that has fully adopted around our core values and all decisions are made around them: Deliver Wow Addicted to Accuracy Own it Lead and embrace innovation Attitude of gratitude Have a little fun
  4. 4. Meeting Rhythm Daily huddles have become the backbone of our business in all functional areas Weekly team meetings have a specific agenda and are high performance meetings that help to drive the metrics we are all aligned to Monthly leadership meetings are designed to hold teams accountable to the strategic plan. Some team leads will be invited to these meetings to present results which also allows leadership training opportunities for future leaders Quarterly all hands meetings are designed to communicate where we are related to the strategic plan and to be transparent to whole team Annual strategic planning off site which will include leadership team and some additional team leads for charting direction
  5. 5. Leadership Leadership models all desired behaviors at all times Primary role is to remove unnecessary processes and roadblocks Because we only hire high performing “A” players, only minimal processes are required A fully engaged team of “A” players means the company leadership has no need to micro manage and are freed up to help their teams produce great results and to help execute the strategic vision Our leadership team and all team members are religious about our core values and those that do not exemplify them are quickly identified and asked to leave. We are not soft or apologetic about this because this is our foundation.
  6. 6. Clients We target X – Y employee companies that value their employees and value what we do. The smallest client is no less than $XK annual revenue and the largest does not provide more than 5% of total revenue of the company The businesses of our clients are solid and growing Our sales team takes special care to bring in solid companies that will help to improve the value of Choice Payroll We do not accept “mean” employees and therefore we do not accept “mean” clients Our clients love us and speak highly of us regarding our expertise and our service 20% of our new clients come from existing client referrals Because of our core value of innovation and our focus on high performance, we no longer sell low revenue / high service clients. We offer self service for small clients that just need a platform and we only offer full service for very large revenue clients
  7. 7. Partners and Vendors We treat our vendors and partners as well as well as our employees and clients because they are the backbone of our business and we need them as much as they need us We do not always pick the cheapest vendor partner but we pick the best value. We value our partners but will always be looking to make sure we have the best partners/vendors for our business
  8. 8. Technology One of our core values is lead and embrace innovation so we are always looking for the best technology to bring to our clients We will never say, “that is the way we have always done it”. That is death to a company. We will be open to new ways when necessary to service our clients We will not adopt new technology just because it is cool but only when it makes us better for our clients
  9. 9. The NumbersWe generate $XMillion in annual revenue We generate 25% net profit margin on that revenue, or $Xmillion We share 25% of that profit with our employees when goals are met so there is a feeling of ownership of the company Because our balance sheet and income statements are so healthy, we are still privately owned. Any outside debt is due to expansion opportunities and not out of necessity. Our banking partners love us and will work with us on traditional debt if we desire expansion
  10. 10. Our Brand We are known in the local market as the best in class in the HCM space with regards to technology but even more importantly with regards to implementation, expertise and service We are known as a best place to work in all local markets we are in We make no apologies for pricing because we are confident in what value we provide for our clients and we provide them with a value statement that we can back up Clients love to talk to our employees because they are knowledgeable an friendly and love to help our clients become better at what they are doing. We “guide and inspire” in all we do for our clients
  11. 11. Recruiting and Training We are a sought after employer and have no shortage of prospective employees in our pipeline Our leadership team is always looking for great people and our employees refer their best friends or people who would add great value Our interviewing process is consistent, specific and efficient. Prospective employees know what their status is at all times We only bring in “A” players who want to grow and have a sense of curiosity and desire to learn and figure things out We are totally OK with training future leaders for other companies when we do not have a higher level position available for them. We only hire motivated, energetic team players
  12. 12. Sales We have a team of highly motivated, knowledgeable HCM consultants that look after the best interest of the company and the clients Quota is the lowest number the team strives for. They are not happy unless they blow it out and hit accelerators The sales team only invites great companies in as clients knowing that bad clients equal frustration and financial losses for the company and its employees
  13. 13. Operations We have a team of highly motivated experts that love to help clients implement and use our system The clients ARE our business and not in the way of it We have great technology that is easy to use and helps the team do their jobs better instead of getting in the way Every team member is always looking at how to do their jobs better and is motivated to figure things out. We are a resourceful team Teamwork is the key to success. We support each other and are not jealous of each other. We love being a high performing team. Weak players will not be tolerated and neither will “culture killers”. High performance is not an excuse for poor culture fit
  14. 14. CommunityAttitude of Gratitude is one of our core values and we have begun to really live it We give back to our community by volunteering some of our time as a team to specific causes that we vote on We are known in the community and sponsor some great events
  15. 15. We Celebrate We live by the work hard / play hard mantra as is exemplified by our motto of High Culture / High Performance Because of this, we set high goals and we celebrate when we hit them We have fun as a team and like to spend time together when possible We set monthly goals that we celebrate on Fridays and we set quarterly goals that we celebrate with larger experiences