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Eval 2

  1. 1. Shots They thought the use of the camera in the trolley created a They also liked the fast forward affect realistic idea. of the eaten pie for our statistics.
  2. 2. Overall, ouraudience thought Interview Stylingthat ourdocumentaryfocused on a realistic • Our audience thought that the use of use oftopic that was a sociologists was a good factor to theinteresting and documentary, however, it dragged on, andpromoted debate. her voice was very monotone.
  3. 3. Sounds • Although the setting of the presenter was iconic they thought that there was too much happening in the background and that maybe the sound should start as the presenter leaves the stage. MusicThe background music ofCarry out by JustinTimberlake (movingtrolley clip) proved a hitwith our target audience
  4. 4. The audience feltthe lighting whenNkechi filmed by thecanal was notproficient enoughand the setting wasnot good. (Draft 2) • Special K‟ which they can relate to. We also targeted our audience via interviews, by asking questions like: What documentaries are they most inclined to watch , what channel do they watch the most and what sort of debates do they seek to watch within these documentaries. • We learnt from our target audience that we had to mention more elements of Special K and focus less on adverts in general.
  5. 5. • Initially, our target audience are predominantly women – this is because we thought women would be more interested in domestic things such as food and cooking. We also thought that women are the more health and body conscious.• We also thought that teenagers and university students would be an ideal target audience as• ALTHOUGH- we have slightly directed our documentary towards women , it may also be target to those who are interested in topics surrounding products they may consume.• The general age category for our target audience varies from 16+.
  6. 6. We targeted our audience viainterviews, by asking questions like:What documentaries are theymost inclined to watch , whatchannel do they watch the mostand what sort of debates do theyseek to watch within thesedocumentaries.We received thesetypes of responses : Quick video clip ( my great movie)
  7. 7. WWW EBI• Engaging music • A lot of jump cuts• Use of effects of statistics • Too much background noise• Camera in trolley shot • Sociologist clip too long• Good location (presenter in diner)
  8. 8. Elements to improve TargetConventionsMusic Music was engagingInterview styling Clear, work on framingSounds (too much back ground noise – Shahna clip)Shots Use a wider range of shots rather than just mid shotsMise- en- scene Setting for Shahna really good, related to topic but too much background noise.
  9. 9. After going back to the We thought this would be mostlydrawing board , we thought women, who enjoy keeping fit , livethat our documentary a „healthy lifestyle‟ or men andwould people to a vast young people and want to knowamount of people. We had the ins and outs of what they eatchanged our topic from daily.telling people about food toknowing the ins and outs ofadvertising and how weconsume food.
  10. 10.  Our target audience will be attracted to our documentary due to the different forms and conventions used.e.g. we have used a young black presenter which challenged the convention of having an older whitefemale presenter. We attracted our audience by using interesting reoccurring debates . We realized that there are a lot of food channels that are aired on Channel 4, however none of them seem to cover the debates and topics that we have thought about.
  11. 11. We chose toset our Channel 4 is adocumentary channel thaton Channel 4 has a diverse We thoughtbecause it is target that we wouldone of the few audience continue thischannels that showing and decide toalways things from have ourintroduce “My Big Fat documentarydifferent Gypsy on this„cooking‟ and Wedding” to channel.exciting new “Come dinethings to tell with me”.you in andaround food.
  12. 12.  We chose to broadcast our documentary at 7. As we were not using any discriminating language and it just an informative show this would have been a good time to air following such shows as Come dine with me etc. This was decided as we thought our target audience is usually home and settled and this time.
  13. 13.  Our realistic topic The channel The time Questions that people may not necessarily know.
  14. 14. Documentary PowerPoint- we planned in stages on a clear PowerPoint what we wanted to do and aspects we wanted to incorporated inn our documentary. YouTube- converter Google- inspirational ideas Blog BBC I player Channel 4OD
  15. 15. YouTube (TV PowerPoint Googleshows)To watch and Embed and Search engineanalyze collectively for websitesdifferent real collate ideas that may hostmedia into slides and onlineproducts stimulate a documentary.which could draftingrelate to ours process.and see whatinspired us.
  16. 16. For our documentary we planned to list all the thingsHow weused then show a few we plan to film clips of them. I.e.forour documentary. YouTube >>>>>> To show the audience what type of technologies that we used i.e. YouTube we would use a different media platform at my house (Tiara) which will connect to my apple TV- to my actual TV and we can have different shots of me using the I pad and TV whilst showing how we used and downloaded clips on YouTube.
  17. 17. Hardware: Software: New Mac’s  iMovie 11 HD Camera  Garage band Tripod  PowerPoint PC’s
  18. 18.  HD Cameras New features on iMovie Garage band
  19. 19.  Briefly explain the difference between the old and the new camera. What differences have we foundHow are you going to in quality, quick demo of how we use it , and howfilm this we find uploading it to the new iMovie 11- on the new Mac’s. Hardware- New HD Cameras
  20. 20.  PowerPoint Google YouTube Slide share (transition from Google docs) Free online magazine websites camera – pictures of special k cereal Newspapers
  21. 21.  Blog - transition from Google Docs to Slideshare (powerpoints) Google- free online magazine websites Newspapers – double page spreads and adverts that influenced us
  22. 22. Blog  Show how we have movedHow we are going to from uploading on Googlefilm this Docs to Slide share. Google  How we searched for images and past media students ancillaries Newspapers  How they gave us ideas on the layout and the conventions of a double page spread.
  23. 23. How we plan to filmour documentary We will film this by showing which newspaper and adverts we used. Show what we searched in Google and the process of uploading powerpoints on slideshare
  24. 24.  Google Free online magazine websites HD camera – pictures of special k cereal Indesign Adobe Photoshop
  25. 25. Quick clip of special effects done on Adobe PhotoshopHow we plan to film (voice over done byour ancillaries. Rianna). For the softwares we’ve used (Adobe Photoshop) for the image (double page spread). Short tutorial of how to use it and how we used it e.g importing pictures, changing to PDF, putting text in. Indesign Show the pictures we took from variety of angles, ones of us filming and the cameras themselves. HD and Camera