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The jade bracelet


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The jade bracelet

  2. 2. SUMMARY• This story is about the jade bracelet, owned by Siew May’s grandmother who is sick and dying. She wishes to hand over the jade bracelet to Siew May.Siew May really likes the jade bracelet.At the end of the story, the grandmother died and the jade bracelet which has been burnt with her does not turn into ashes but only turn colour from green to white.However,the jade bracelet is hand over to Mrs. Wong’s brother, not to Siew May as the grandmother requested.
  3. 3. THEMES• Love – Further connection with family bond• Passionate on the jewellery - chinese culture• Concern about others – can be a non-blood relationship
  4. 4. CHARACTERSIEW MAY  Clever girl, A naive child  Has a strong curiosity instinctMRS.WONG  Sentimental person  Patience mother  Has a strong bond-ties with her motherMRS.LEE  A concerned neighbour  Sympathetic person
  5. 5. • THE GRANDMOTHER  Dying  Sick old women  Loved her granddaughter so much
  6. 6. PLOTInitial SituationSiew May heard her mother, Mrs. Wong and her uncle were whispering in sending the grandmother to Sam Poh Tong Temple.ConflictThe grandmother was dying, she wished to hand over her beloved jade bracelet to Siew May, she was sent over to Sam Poh Tong Temple.
  7. 7. ClimaxMrs. Wong stayed up to look aftergrandmother, felt something bad willhappen, the grandmother died.DenoumentSiew May had the jade bracelet in herhand, Siew May pleaded Mrs.Wong to give thebracelet to her.ResolutionMrs.Wong handed over the jade bracelet to herbrother, Ah Fook Kee without consideringanymore
  8. 8. SETTINGS• Place-house-main hall of the house-the grandmother’s room-Sam Poh Tong Temple• Time-a week ago-in a morning-on the evening
  9. 9. LITERARY TERMSArchetype -the jade bracelet symbolises for luxuries, heritage, women.Irony -Mrs.Wong said to herself that she hated her husbandFlash baack -interrupt the flow of story by going back in time and telling the reader what happened in the character’s past.