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critical comment

  1. 1. Name : Nur Shahirah Zafirah Binti ZainunSearch for the challengers of the Malaysian education system. Write a criticalcomment as to how the challenges could be managed by teachers. Malaysia now strongly belief that education plays a vital role in achieving thecountry’s vision of achieving the status of a fully developed nation in terms ofeconomic development, social justice and spiritual, moral and ethical strength,towards creating a society that is united, democratic, liberal and dynamic nation. It isthe mission of education to develop a world class quality educationsystem.Globalization is a term frequently used in the world today. Higher educationin Malaysia is delivered through both public and private systems under the power ofthe Ministry of Education.The Malaysian higher education sector has grownextremely during the past one decade and Malaysia is fast becoming a centre ofeducational excellence in the region. The current issues of challenges in MalaysianHigher Education System are lack of higher impact research, limited number ofcompetent experts, lack of exposures and resources to embrace education withoutborders, lack of innovative, teaching and learning, and also the need for more qualityeducation programs to meet market demands. By then we have several ofchallenges in Malaysian education system to be improve and solve the old problemswhich is could managed by teachers in school. First of all it should be started by us as a teacher. Teaching is a naturallystressful profession but with team-mate support you can learn to manage it creativelyand positively.Being a teacher, we should have to lead, guide, encourage, motivate,manage, discipline, and support their students every hour of every day. This is nomean feat. Most of us do it with goodwill, remarkable and patience. We must knowstudents have significant learning and behaviour disorders.Managing what isnaturally stressful in our profession does not mean the absence of tension but our
  2. 2. ability to cope with, and support one another in that naturally stressful environment.Learning to creatively live with that natural tension and stress is essential. Most of uscan find some moral support amongst our fellow friends and we always need that,we also need to build and maintain supportive opportunities, structures, processesthat can be depended upon for support. Friends support cannot be left to goodwillalone or to chance. One of the main responsibilities of teachers is to deliver a good qualityinstruction while managing with a classroom of students who are individuals withdifferent personalities and learning styles. Learning wouldaffect if the classroomenvironment is chaotic. Organization and clearly defined expectations are the keys tohandling a good discipline. As a good teacher we can explain and discuss theclassroom rules and consequences on the first day of school with your students. Butbear in mind to allow students to express their opinions and give them a goodfeedback. Then the teacher can apply rules uniformly and impartially. Being ateacher, forgive and forget is needed. That may sound tired, but it is important thatthe students in your class can see that you will not hold their mistakes against them. Besides, operant conditioning also one of a form of learning that occursthrough rewards and punishments that in turn produces a certain behaviour effect,such as continued behaviour or a reduction in behaviour type.Operant conditioning isa term coined by behaviour psychologist. In this classroom, it can be particularlyuseful when dealing with challenging students or students that need more motivationin the classroom. There are many ways to go about using operant conditioning,either negative or positive reinforcement, but as long as you remain consistent inyour efforts, your students will respond to you.Operant conditioning is a reward andpunishment type of discipline. The student will receive a positive or negative reactionfrom the teacher in response to certain actions. According to the Journal of AppliedBehaviour Analysis, this type of classroom discipline produces the desired studentbehaviour over time when a teacher consistently uses the method as a
  3. 3. reinforcement or punishment. The most important aspect when using this method isconsistency an inconsistent enforcer will confuse students and the discipline will fail. Frustration occurs when someone would like to do something, but cannot.This is a normal feeling feels by teenagers. It can be as difficult as being frustratedthat you dont have enough money to buy a new gadget, or a simple as beingfrustrated that your stuttering means you cannot speak clearly. When frustrationhappens in a classroom, it can lead to challenging behaviour problems. Started tobemore emphasize the connection between what youre teaching and the real-worldlives of the students. This is a particularly effective strategy if the challengingbehaviour is rising from boredom and short attention spans. Explain how knowledgeof the subject at hand can help them improve their lives, or give an example of howknowledge of that particular subject has improved your own life. You can also tell atruth story of your own experiences. Develop constructive relationships betweenstudents by pairing them for team projects. Clearly indicate to your students thatgrades for team projects will be based as much on cooperation as on the quality ofthe project itself. As the conclusion, the challenges faced by the Malaysian Educational Systemclearly prove that urgent measures must to be taken and managed by teachers toovercome these barriers before Malaysia can become the best provider of educationin the Asia. Teachers can make changes about these challenges through guidingthem with true skills and style.