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Products information of faber castell

  1. 1. Faber-Castell Product Information & Feature of Benefit Presented ByMuhammad Reazul Islam Manager-Sales Fast Corporation (Pvt) Ltd Dhaka,Bangladesh.
  2. 2. Faber-Castell InternationallyIn 1761 Kasper Faber set his first manufacturing unit in stein near Nurembreg, Germany.The 19th century his great grandson, Lothar Faber transform the company.He mechanized production and created standards for todays pencil size and grades of hardness.In 1898 the marriage of his grand Daughter Ottilie and Alexander graf zu Castell- Rudenhausen gave rise to the name of Faber-Castell.Company Vision “ Quality leads to success”Products users: In schools and offices, in the field of art and graphic design, Technical illustrations and for every individual need.Owns product sites: Austria, Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Australia, Turki, and India.The group employes over 6,500 people, has sixteen (16) production sites and nineteen (19) sales & distribution companies, together with sales agencies in over 120 countries around the globe
  4. 4. Faber-Castell Color RangeRED RANGE BLUE RANGE GREEN RANGE3 to 12 years 12+ & Creative ProfessionalsBlack Lead pencils Black Lead pencils Black Lead pencilsWax Crayons   Markers & InksErasable Crayons   PensOil Pastel   Stamp PadWater Color Pencils   Mechanical PencilsClassic Color Pencils   LeadsSketch Pens   Technical PensPoster Colors   StencilsErasers    Sharpeners    Scissors    Geometry Box    Scales    Drawing Book    
  5. 5. Faber-Castell Products LineBlack Lead Pencil Geometry BoxColor Lead Pencil Text linerWax Crayon Marker PenPoster Color Refill of Marker PenFabric Color PenSharpener Sketch PenEraser Stamp PadScale Glue Stick Mathematical Set
  6. 6. Faber-Castell Symbols
  7. 7. Black Lead Pencil Red matt pencil Gold Faber pencil Castell 9000 pencil Motif pencil (Cow) Motif pencil (Giraffe) Motif pencil (Tiger)
  8. 8. Black Lead Pencil Feature BenefitHexagonal. When it is kept on a table it does not fall from the table, because our pencil is hexagonal in shape.Round end. For it’s round end it looks beautifulSharpened. Sharp and 100 % equal in length proved that it does not break when it is sharpened.100% equal in length,Marking F,B, HB, 2B, 3H, 4H, 3B, 4B, 6B AD & We easily find out any grade as we need.8BLead is placed 100% in central point. Since it’s lead is placed 100% in central point, it is not misused when it is sharpened.SV Bonded SV Bonded means that the lead was bonded by special glue when it was placed between two parts of wood. So it does not become internal fracture. Moreover SV means “Secural Verfahren” is a German Term.
  9. 9. EraserNDL NDS Child safe eraser  It erases very clearly of pencil and charcoal sketch without damages paper.  It consumes itself very slowly. So it is last longer then any other brand in the market.  Due to vinyl mix it creates all dust into a roll.  No-Dust specially erases any spot of color pencil as well as black lead pencil.  Child safe
  10. 10. SharpenerBox Sharpener Connector sharpener Plastic sharpener
  11. 11. Sharpener Feature BenefitStainless steel blade Its blade is rust free so it severs for long time.Design & molded to Body designed is very attractive andgive safety and best comfortable to catch and cut the pencil.sharpening angleQuality blade It holds extra power for sharpening about 18 pencils at a time or more.
  12. 12. Color Lead Pencil (Classic color)Classic color pencil Classic color round tin
  13. 13. Color Lead Pencil (Classic color) Feature BenefitLead color body Easy to find outSmooth rich & brilliant For it’s brilliant colors and more softnesscolors. nature extra glossies picture can drawSV “Secural Verfahren” Due to SV bonding impacts resistant it’sbonded lead.Available in Paper Pack You can draw your imagine by using it’sand in Round tin box 48 colors.with 12 colors, 24 colors,36 colors and 48 colors.
  14. 14. Color Lead Pencil (Water color)Water color pencil Water color pencil round tin
  15. 15. Color Lead Pencil (Water color) Features BenefitsLead color body Easy to find outHigh pigmented and For it’s brilliant colors &medium water base nature two type picture can be drawn.Soft 3 mm lead More coverageSV “Secural Verfahren” Due to SV bondingbonded impacts resistant it’s lead.Available in paper pack, You Can draw yourRound Tin & Flat tin box in imagine by using it’s 4812/24/36/48 colours colors
  16. 16. Wax Crayon
  17. 17. Wax Crayon Feature BenefitRich bright colors, Smooth flow and Easy to draw a picture for it’s extra softnesstexture and smooth flow.Food Grade and Non Toxic Colors, It is safe for our children for it’s food grade color.Triangular Wax crayons are Ensure better grip for it’s triangular shapetriangular in shape and name space and for it’s name space easy tois available. It’s length is 90 mm’s personalized.Bullet Wax crayons are small and Last longer for it’s thickness & hard nature,thick for little hand. Length is 56 mmand 11 mm is it’s diameter.Crayon color wrapping paper cover Clear identification of color from wrapper itself.Non-Porous Crayons Even dispersion of Color.
  18. 18. Poster ColorTempera poster color
  19. 19. Poster Color Feature BenefitInk color cap. Easy to find out.Available in 6 colors pack and 12 Non toxic colors safe for childrencolors packSmooth rich and brilliant colors. Washable off most fabric. Easy inter-mixing colors. Can be used on paper on clay.
  20. 20. Text Linerice text liner text liner
  21. 21. Text Liner Feature BenefitPolypropylene (PP) body, laser tight and No-Porous body. So prevents drying out anddouble seal cap in end sight thus lasts longer gives product a glossy finish & good looksInk color cap Its easy to find out any color of text liner.Tri-dimensional fiber nib Tri-dimensional nib, we can easily work 3 type of marking such- 1 mm, 2mm, & 5mmPocket clip Convenience, mobilitySuper-fluorescent ink Brighter markingsNon-toxic ink Safety for childrenWater- Based inks Washable
  22. 22. Sketch PenConnector sketch pen Tip sketch pen
  23. 23. Sketch Pen Feature Benefit Ink color body Easy to choice any color, Ventilated child safe cape for sketch pen. Safety for children for it’s ventilated cap,Polypropylene plastic body, Does not dry ink due to polypropylene plastic body up to 2 years,Durable fiber tip, Smooth writing for it’s fiber tipsFood grade, washable, Non Toxic and fluorescent For it’s food grade color ink, Washable and nontoxicink. nature, does not harm to our body40% more ink, Extra mileage capacity i.e.: 900 mm.
  24. 24. Geometry BoxGR8 Geometry box I-Tech Geometry box
  25. 25. Geometry Box Feature BenefitExtra ordinary and glorious color box as Due to thermoformed sturdy and strongstrong tray. tray it last long than any other box in the market.Precision elements for accurate For its precision elements ensuremeasurement accurate measurement after using several times i.e.; 100 timesGeared compass with the anti slipadjustmentIt contains 8 pieces of most importantelementsCompass, divider, set square 45°, setsquare 60°, protractor 180°, eraser,pencil, and scale.
  26. 26. Mathematical Set
  27. 27. Stamp Pad
  28. 28. Stamp Pad Feature BenefitDurable plastic case It holds long life for it’s plastic body,Ink color button Easy to identifyMicro woven ink pad Blur free impression for it’s micro woven ink padRefillable It last for long period
  29. 29. PenG-Pastel Pen
  30. 30. MarkerWhite Board Marker Permanent Marker
  31. 31. Permanent Marker’s Refill
  32. 32. Glue Stick
  33. 33. Gift Box
  34. 34. Thank YouSkype/Facebook/Twitter:shaheenbslCell Phone:+8801728-088880