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Abbreviation 2


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Abbreviation 2

  1. 1. ABBREVIATIONS ARPU ASP ASAP agcy agt assn BRU B2B B2C bldg CAO CAGR CAPEX CAPM CA CDS CEO CFA CFC CFCT CFM CFO CFO CFS CIA CIF CIMA CISA CMA CMO COB COGS COO - Average revenue per user Average selling price (As soon As Possible) (agency) (agent) (assistant) Business Recovery Unit Business to Business Business to Consumer (building) Chief Accounting Officer Compound annual growth rate Capital Expenditure Capital asset pricing model Collateralized Debt Obligation Credit Default Swap Chief Executive Officer Chartered Financial Analyst Consumption of fixed capital Cash Flow Cycle Time Certified Financial Manager PEX Capital Expenditures Chief Financial Officer Consolidated Financial Statement Certified Internal Auditor Cost Insurance With Freight Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Certified Information Systems Auditor Certified Management Accountant Chief Marketing Officer Close of Business Cost of Goods Sold Chief Operating Officer
  2. 2. CPA CPP CSO CRM CVP CTO C&F DDA DI disc dept EAR EAY EBIT EBITDA Amortization EDI EFTPOS EPS EXP FOB FIFO FL FP&A FPO FIX FX GAAP GAAS GDP GFCF GRN GP GL HR - Certified Public Accountant Certified Payroll Professional Chief Security Officer Customer Relationship Management Cost Volume Profit Chief Technology Officer Cost With Freight Depletion Depreciation Amortization Dispatch information (Discount) (department) Effective annual rate Effective Annual Yield Earnings before interest and taxes Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale Earnings per share Export Freight On Board First In, First Out Financial leverage Financial Planning & Analysis Follow on public offer Financial Information Exchange Foreign exchange market Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Generally Accepted Audit Standards Gross Domestic Product Gross fixed capital formation Goods Receipt Note Gross Profit General Ledger Human Resources
  3. 3. HQ ICB ICRM IE IMP IPO IR J LC LIBOR LIFO LLC LBO MTD MOQ MSOD mfg NAV NCND NDA NOA NOPAT NPV OPEX OC PMAC PO PO PP&E P&L P/E PPP PR QTD QC - (Headquarters) Industry Classification Benchmark Innovative Customer Relationship Management Interest expense Import Initial Public Offering Interest Rate - typically referring to an IR derivative product Journal Letter of credit London Interbank Offered Rate Last In, First Out Limited Liability Company Leveraged Buyout Month-to-date Minimum Order Quantity Monthly Statement of Select Operational Data (manufacturing date) Net Asset Value Non-Circumvent and Non-Disclosure Non-Disclosure Agreement Net Operating Assets Net Operating Profit After Tax Net Present Value Operational Expenditures Opportunity Cost Period Moving Average Cost Profit Objective Purchase Order Property, plant, and equipment Profit and Loss Price-to-earnings ratio Purchasing power parity Purchase Requisition Quarter-to-date Quality control
  4. 4. RE ROA ROCE ROE ROI ROIC RONA ROS RR R&D t Sales SCM SG&A SIR SIOP SIV SOHO SOX TCO TSR WACC WC wk wrk wo YTD YOY - Retained Earnings Return on assets Return On Capital Employed Return on Equity Return on Investment Return on Invested Capital Return on net assets Return on Sales Resource rent Research and Development (during time period t) Supply Chain Management Sales, General, and Administrative expenses Stores Issuance Requisition Sales Inventory and Operations Plan Structured Investment Vehicle Small Office/Home Office Sarbanes-Oxley Total Cost of Ownership Total Shareholder Return Weighted average cost of capital Working capital week work work order Year-to-date Year-Over-Year