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Weekly Report-8new


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Weekly Report-8new

  1. 1. Weekly Report Date: from 09/01/16 to 14/01/16 SeniorSite Engineer:Houssam Slika (ID: 1953) Zone Area: D (Z3B, Z4B) Site Engineer:Md. Shah Faisal (ID: 2747) Site Supervisor:Talaat Elsherbini (ID: 2607) Area boundary as highlighted between axes (G-W, 1B-9)
  2. 2.  COMPLETED WORKS: A- Fire Alarm System 1. Work done and inspectedfor FAS pointon slab of Z4B, B1 , AREA-5 between axes (K, L)- (3, 4). Refer:(IR-PDM-B1-T00025-FAS) 2. Work done and inspectedfor extensionPVCconduitfor FAS points on Z3B, B2, Area-9 betweenaxes(S-U),(3-5).Refer:(IR-PDM-B2-T00042-FAS)
  3. 3. 3. Cleaningand preparation slab couplingfoam for FAS work at stair core case in Z3B, B2, Area-9 betweenaxis(S-U),(3-5) 4. Cleaningand preparation slab coupling foam for FAS work at Ramp core case in Z4B, B2, part-5 betweenaxes(1A-4), (N-P).
  4. 4. B- Data Network System 1. Workdone andinspectedforDNSpointsonslabofZ4B,B1, AREA-5 betweenaxes (K, L)-(3, 4). Refer: (IR-PDM-B1-T00026-DNS) 2. Work done and inspectedfor extensionPVCconduitfor DNS points on Z3B, B2, Area-9 betweenaxes(S-U),(3-5).Refer:(IR-PDM-B2-T00043-DNS)
  5. 5.  Work in Progress: 1. Marking for ELV work on the ramp slab of Z4B, B2, part-5 betweenaxes(1A-4), (N-P).
  6. 6.  Material installed PVC 25mm Lm(M) PVC 32mm Lm(M) 51m 0 m  Look ahead: 1. 1 FAS pointon Concrete core wall in Z3B, B2, part-9 betweenaxes(R-S),(3-4) 2. 1 FAS pointon Concrete column in Z4B, 01, part-5 betweenaxes(K, 3-4). 3. 1 FAS pointon Concrete Column inZ4B, B1M, part-5 betweenaxes(L-5). 4. 6 FAS pointsand 2 DNS points on 2 concrete column in Z4B, B2, part-5 betweenaxes (N-Q),(7-9). 5. 1 FAS pointon Concrete column in Z4B, B1, part-5 betweenaxes(G-H),(3-5). 6. ELV work on slab in Z4B, GF/UGF/MGF,part-5betweenaxes(G-P),(4-7).