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Clean environment


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Selesai dibuat pada 6 Februari 2013

Published in: Environment, Business
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Clean environment

  1. 1.   Throw up the trash in its place. Separated trash between wet anorganic waste, dry anorganic waste, and organic waste. Then that waste can be processed. Organic waste create fertilizer which use for plant in the school. And anorganic waste can be recycled into craft, then sold, so our school get income. Utilizing the existing land, we can make area which occupied by students comfortable learning, like land around the dump. It can become favorite place for student to learn, because condition there is cold and shady. We must only clean that area from trash, move the dump to another place, and slightly remodeled into an open learning space. So that, the student will learn more spirit, and more comfortable to learn in the school. By that spirit, student’s performance will exellent.