Project enigma v1.0


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INB391: Project Enigma game idea presentation

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Project enigma v1.0

  1. 1. The young nation of Corpust is a place of great diversity. In the natural world this takes the form of snowy peaks, wild savannahs, luscious forests and the wretched wastelands of its least inhabited regions – all of which occupies a region no greater in size than a large city.All the world seems to be here, and the people are just as varied as the geography; held together by a council representing the often contrary interests of each faction calling Corpust home.
  2. 2. RPG style with a handcrafted world for the player to explore and interact with (selectively).Think Myst in terms of the mystery/discovery element and Morrowind in terms of gameplay style, except not as extraordinarily detailed as the latter; it is about creating the illusion of a living world – not actually doing it.A visual and narrative experience, cutting down the need for a powerful game engine and focusing on elegant, simplistic gameplay that brings the story to life.But different from most RPGs…
  3. 3. Diverges from RPGs as it will not incorporate a leveling system or inventory management. Combat has to be earned. It is not about simply hacking and slashing your way through. This can be achieved through interacting with the NPCs and factions in the game, who each represent a differing vision of an ideal Corpust and grant alternate ways to handle problems, either physically, diplomatically or indirectly.E.g. The Corpust Civil Service might endow the player character with a chainsaw… for creative applications in the game world.
  4. 4. Narrative and choice, as the player resolves conflict and uncovers the mysteries of Corpust– both pertaining to their character as well as all the events taking place in the game world.Continuing with the ideology of letting the player choose the way they play – though the option to enjoy the best of all worlds remains.
  5. 5. The settlement of Corpust was once a vast experimental complex known as Corpus-T.Subtle hints towards this and other mysteries are seeded throughout the experience, starting from the very beginning: the discrepancy of so many geographical elements in one small region – it’s unnatural.The revelations will flow in the usual ‘peak and trough’ tension and release pattern towards the climax; which will be a unique ending based upon decisions made.
  6. 6.  Platform: PC Scope: easy to adjust the amount of content. The incorporation of truly alien creatures - not just variant humanoid - as sapient beings; if any artists are interested in really exploring such things.
  7. 7.  Team of 6, including myself (game designer / writer / sound designer) ~2 x animator / modeler  Character models, landscape, texturing, art assets etc. ~2 x level designer / scripter type  Additional level development and implementation. 1 x programmer type (optional / multi-skilled)  Can be a secondary skill, mainly to troubleshoot any issues that might pop up.