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Promotional Management


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Promotional Management

  1. 1. OTOBI Prepared For: Prepared By: Taufique Hossain (TMT) Shadman Bin Zahir Lecturer A.N.M.Nafis Ahmed School of Business Md.Samid Razzak Shahrin Ali MKT 337, Section:8 Mohd. Rifatul Maksud
  3. 3. Geographic Segmentation Area Urban Semi Urban Semi Rural Rural Demographic(Income) Segmentation User Status Upper class Upper middle class Middle class Lower middle class SEGMENTATION
  4. 4. TARGETING Geographic Segmentation Area Urban Semi Urban Semi Rural Rural Demographic(Income) Segmentation User Status Upper class Upper middle class Middle class Lower middle class
  5. 5. Communication Objectives  Informing the consumers about the product lines  Reminding consumers about the products  Persuading consumers to buy Otobi Furniture.  Increasing overall Brand Image and enhancing their brand in terms of price, quality, design and service.
  6. 6. Increasing credibility of the products offered. Increasing brand loyalty by offering services such as after sale services. Aiming to be the Top of mind and Top of Choice
  7. 7. Positioning  Pioneer in manufacturing modern furniture  Use of laminated board  Strong brand recognition  Corporate and office furniture
  8. 8. Revised positioning  Price, Quality and Design  Needs more awareness in the B-2-B sector
  10. 10. PULL STRATEGY TVC Direct marketing Bill Board Print Ad
  11. 11. PULL STRATEGY Reverse Psychology Variability Theory Enhance Awareness TVC
  12. 12. • 3D Billboard • Few other billboardsBillboard • Newspaper Ad • Lifestyle Magazine Ad Print Ad • SMS (Informing about new offers) • Email Direct Marketing PULL STRATEGY
  13. 13. PUSH STRATEGY SALES PROMOTION Coupons/ Membership Card Discounts Retailer Commission Seasonal/Fes tival Sales
  14. 14. PROFILE STRATEGY Improve Management System Enhance Corporate Image Improve Communication Activations and CSR STAKEHOLDERS
  15. 15. INSIGHT “I know there’s a brand called OTOBI , which has high price and little existence. ‘’
  16. 16. Affordable and durable Its worth trying Low awareness High Price Not Durable Not worth buying OUR TARGETCURRENT MINDSET Change in perception
  17. 17. BIG IDEA 3 1 2 “Change In Perception Using Different Communicati on Tools’’ It’s not a product it’s an experience It’s value for money and worth trying “Change In Perception Using Different Communication Tools’’ It’s my comfort zone
  19. 19. অটবি বিয়ে আর পারা গেয় া িা সকায় র চা টাই গ া এখি আর গেষ হে িা IMC (PRINT AD)
  20. 20. IMC (PRINT AD) আর কখননো অটবি ককনো যোনি নো এন ো আরোনে অভ্যোস নষ্ট হনে যোনে
  21. 21. IMC (TVC) Objective of the our advertisement: -Create awareness Message Theme: -It’s part of their lives.(Emotional connections) -Attachment of people with OTOBI furniture in home , office , even in car!
  22. 22. IMC (TVC) Leverage points of the AD: Attributes: Soft Cushion and spacious. Benefits: Comfort Personal values : Comfortable life and happiness Appeal : Emotional Executional Style: Dramatic
  23. 23. IMC TAGLINE ‘’ এত ো আরোম ..অটবিতে বিতে আর পোরো গেত ো িো”
  24. 24. BILLBOARD We see a lot of billboards but how many do we actually remember??
  25. 25. BILLBOARD For the 1st time in Banglades h , a 3D billboard in prominent area will create a buzz.
  26. 26. BRAND LOYALTY One year later after they have bought the furniture…..
  27. 27. BRAND LOYALTY A greeting card with a personalized message 
  28. 28. A greeting card with a personalized message  BRAND LOYALTY A greeting card with a personalized message 
  30. 30. • Sponsorship • Lifestyle and Classical Music Shows. • Forced Exposure • Rapid Interaction • Direct Communication • Discounts • Display Corners in Mega-stores. • Experience Booth. • Participant Observation. • Creating Awareness • Gaining Attention and Interest • Providing Information OBJECTIVE THEME EVENTSTACTICS
  31. 31. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Tree Plantation Concerned about the Environment Enhance Brand Image Social Welfare
  32. 32. Social Media Campaign Product Designing Competition Share and Collect Likes Exclusive Prizes for Winners
  33. 33. Type Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Month 9 Month 10 Month 11 Month 12 Television January to June (High intensity) Low or no intensity Newspaper Billboards After every two months DITF High Promotions Facebook 7 months = UNPAID 5 months = PAID Promotion at Trade Fairs/Real Estate Fairs Jan to Jun Competitions Last four months TIMING AND SCHEDULING
  34. 34. BUDGET 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% Budget Allocation TVC Billboard Print Media Activation Campaign Social Media
  35. 35. Evaluation and Control • Rating • Focus Discussion Advertising • Database Management • Feedback and Response Direct Marketing • Brand Image • Customer Credibility Public Relation • SalesSales Promotion • By the implementation of these tools, peoples AWARNESS about OTOBI will increase along with positive BRAND IMAGE