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Oxygen services-profile


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Oxygen Qatar Real Estate Agency

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Oxygen services-profile

  1. 1. Oxygen services establishmentEnglish
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  7. 7. +974 44834554- 18831––
  8. 8. Real EstateMarketingReal EstateManagementLocal &internationalReal EstateexclusiveinvestmentOffersfreeconsultationsOxygen Services Establishment
  9. 9. About usOxygen Services’ mission is to advance real estate. This isconsidered the most important aspect in investments. Currently weare mainly focused on the Middle East.Oxygen Services provides the finest and most outstanding projects.Consisting of: Castles, Villas, CommercialBuildings, Residential, Flats, Lands and Resorts. We are highlyequipped to market any type of project & property.We offer all that is best in real estate projects, which is concernedwith all respect to the property in addition to performances fabulouspalaces, villas, residential buildings, commercial, apartments, landand parks as well as provide an opportunity to market your offersreal potential for a sophisticated and modern methods quick andeasy.Also we are glad to help you with commercial consulting. So, don’thesitate to present your project. We have professionals that arecapable to help and advise you in anything real estate has to offer -Free of charge.
  10. 10. Our Services:Marketing your property to the public and provide a widerange of communication with investors to get the bestdeals and best-selling opportunities, please contact us formore details.What we can offer you in our organization as an agent foryou, to get the best offers for your property,The following is an explanation of the most importantservices.• Marketing the property• Management of real estate• property valuation• sale of real estate• real estate consultancy
  11. 11. Our Vision:Oxygen Establishment is concentrated on severalcategories in real estate. Our vision is to expand andimprove day by day. Further, to become a well-knownestablishment worldwide in all commercial categoriesespecially, in real estate.Our total focus is firmly on the future. We areconstantly asking how we can improve our systems;how we can offer our clients even higher levels ofpersonal and professional service, and how we cantrain and equip our staff to achieve the best possibleresults for their clients.
  12. 12. The Pearl :A Riviera-style man-made island developed in anexclusive environment in Doha, Qatar and the Middle Easts mostglamorous address, covering 400 hectares of reclaimed land, isQatars first international urban development ventureas it is the first in the provision of absolute ownership opportunitiesfor foreign investors.? The project, which is created on the four stagesof 10 distinct districts to be developed over five years. there is villasover the beach, elegant homes, luxury apartments, spaciouspenthouse apartments, hotels of the category of 5 stars, and port andschools in addition to shops and restaurants of high quality. the lifeway where a special community of Riviera thats why we started workin the marketing of the early stages in 2005, hailed attractedbusiness, class velvet.City of Lusail - which is located just 15 kilometers north of Doha, theQatari capital, located near the archaeological sites, and near thecastle historic renovated and some of the effects, there is a farm inthe site of the city. Considered the environment in Lusail a desertrock, and in the general planning of the city was chosen differenttypes of plants that suit the nature of the soil and the desertenvironment, and there is occurrence of the Granger desert site insmall numbers in Lusail, such as red fox and gerbils. And somereptiles and birds.These two projects, with a high importance to investors of allnationalities, where Qatar was granted a period of 99 years for thosewho own real estate in tourist areasMarketing projects
  13. 13. Dafna: its named by this name because they buried thesea, and its ​​one of the most vital areas in Doha where heincludes many of the residential towers, administrative andcommercial malls and international hotels and its located tothe Corniche in Doha.Favored by many investors Arab and foreignWhereinvestment opportunities are guaranteed easy and fast.oxygen started in this area like any other realestatemarketing companies where we work now on the marketingof residential towers and the administrative and commercialDoha: Also we have our business through internal propertiesin the real estate market, Doha, Qatar, which is experiencingsignificant residential development in this period.We have many offers of real estate like Buildings, apartmentsand land for sale or rentalso welcome the owners to offer their properties to us.Also do not forget the coastal cities such as SmismaKhor, Dukhan, Mesaieed, Al Wakra, Alwekir and other citieson the outskirts of the capitalMarketing projects
  14. 14. Saudi Arabia:Ajmakan legendary approximately $ 6.5 billion Saudi riyals dedicatedto building modern homes and luxury. This wonderful project, whichoccupies an area of ​​1.9 million cubic meters in the area of ​​lavender,northeast of the capital Riyadh signed by famous Japanese designerNikken Sekkei. This project is Ajmakan based in the heart of thedeserts uniqueUAE:Terra Tower – Jebel Ali, 168,000 Terra is a 168,000 sqm residentialtower, situated on Dubais last remaining 15 km of natural coastline..There is no doubt that the latest methods of architectural design andimplementation techniques are making a project engineering will bethe title of the investors and businessmen. The project provides awonderful combination between the upscale residential area andcommercial area and involve a wide range of what other aspects ofexcellence.And many of the towers of investment, land and farms that coverlarge areas in more than one country, and I would like to add alsothat we can cooperate with more than one institution and a companyinterested in marketing and development to bring in more customersand also contracted with Arab and foreign companies tourist toorganize groups in different times of the year as appropriate to thecircumstances of each region.Marketing projects
  15. 15. Oman: looks now a lot of attention and Gulf Arab investors to invest inOman especially in Muscat, Sohar and Salalah. Oxygen start themarketing of land and tourism projects different in Oman and we havemany exclusive agencies for marketing the most important tourismprojects, for example, in Salalah and is now going to finish building aninternational airport of the largest airports in Gulf to serve the regionand Salalah, specifically, Salalah is the city the only in Gulf ranging thehighest temperature in summer between 25 to 28 degrees.Now we looking to market large lands in Salalah for the various projectsof international hotels and chalets, and most importantly build a citywater games to be the first in Oman. Sohar, a city tourist coastalcharming and also seek our marketing many of the investment projectsof residential, commercial, and also because Sohar, working on theestablishment of a seaport is one of the largest ports in Gulf and herethe industrial investments and business will be in the first class of Sohar.Jordan:Within our interests to increase Arab investments in Jordan, where it hasan important strategic location between the Gulf countries and thecountries of the Levant, Iraq and the countries of Africa through the portof Aqaba,We have a lot of land and investment projects are distributed betweenthe capital Amman, the Dead Sea and AqabaOxygen ready to meet all your needs in all cities and regions accordingto your requestMarketing projects
  16. 16. Among our concerns investments in America and Europe, we beganmarketing in London, France, Austria, Sweden and America, we arethe marketing of many homes, buildings, villas in various cities, inparticular based on the markets, universities and the services thatare available.We also provide large investment proposals for businessprofessionals foreign investment and provide the necessary facilitiesto them through our office in Doha or our representatives who are inmany countries and ready to meet all their needs in any time andeverywhere.We also offer free consultations for those who wanted help beforestarting any project and provide him with the best solutions andprovide a financial return feasible projects for periods of reasonableand well thought out for each country separately.VIPwe service marketing palaces and towers of investment andcommercial residential and administrative also various serviceprojectsMarketing projects
  17. 17. Web site: www.oxygenqatarest.comTelfax : + 974 44834554P.O Box : Doha , Qatar 18831Dafna- Aljazeera Tower 23rd floorEmail: info@oxygenqatarest.comContact us