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Do's and don'ts in conversation design


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As a product person, I find chatbots to be interesting enough to go deeper than I intended to.
So after using various types of tools, talking to a vast amount of people, and scratching the web for more readings than I can read, I’ve decided to share my insights. Hoping I can help people deal with launching their bot.

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Do's and don'ts in conversation design

  1. 1. Shachar Nahari Do's and Don'ts in conversation design
  2. 2. Shachar NahariProduct Consultant & Bot Trainer Founder @Co-mito Co-founder @IESC Community manager Accelerators (in Israel and out) Product consultant @Moburst Train your chatbot as you would train a dog M.A. – User Interface & Experience
  3. 3. How to design conversational UI ??? What we do not have No buttons (design customization) No tutorial No onboarding No visuals (pics & vids) No ‘out of the box thinking’ in getting the user’s attention Remember - chatbots have a very limited palette No clear understanding of the future %$#&*
  4. 4. Work your funnels right through clear KPI’s 1. Check Your Competitors (FB has more than 30K) 2. Analytics (implement & reach conclusions) 3. Onboarding 4. Core Functionality/Engagement 5. Retention 6. Virality (K-factor) 7. Monetization (ROI positive/negative) Your entire app experience comes down to a few lines of text
  5. 5. What we do have Your user's full attention USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE
  6. 6. Do’s & Don’ts 1 Chat briefly (don’t be that ‘annoying’ friend) Use lite-talk (humor is more attractive) Be positive with your answers ”No worries, I’ll…” Have more than one “I didn’t understand” reply Build various of options to queries & test them. But don’t leave just the best one Get to the point quickly (value or CTA) Hire a writer (in-house/freelance) Cover all expected scenarios (it will take some time, but do your best)
  7. 7. Do’s & Don’ts 2 Make sure your users are ready for your bot segment (market fitness) Justify by offering real value (an app don’t have) Automation Automation Automation (learn à train à improve) Use analytical tools from day one! Monitor (babysitting) your chatbot ’in real time’ (set a ‘taking over the chat’ alert) Run a ‘Turing Test’ (can the user recognize if it’s a bot or a human) Offer an ‘improvement’ or ‘feedback’ option Don’t hide your identity from your user *If you are pivoting from an app – make sure to list your features and A/B test them on your chatbot platform
  8. 8. Mobile Success Agency: Strategy From idea to strategy through design and marketing KPI’s to achieve success Media Using propriety technologies to target the right user at the right time ASO Increasing organic downloads and discoverability within Google Play and the App Store Creative Creating powerful visuals that transmit impactful messages and influence audiences Product Enhancing mobile product to increase virality, retention, and conversion rate
  9. 9. 225+ Times in top10 charts 400+ Media partners 3800+ Mobile campaigns 140M+ Mobile app installs Mobile Success Agency Specializing in app optimization and mobile marketing, we achieve mobile success for our clients over various platforms
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