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How to Clean Custom Metal Signs


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A "how to" guide on keeping your custom metal business sign looking it's best and working for you.

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How to Clean Custom Metal Signs

  1. 1. Source: Impact Signs
  2. 2. You probably spent a good bit of money having your custom metal signs made so it’s important to know how to clean and keep them looking new so they attract new business and build your brand. Copyright
  3. 3. Custom metal signs are generally very easy to clean and maintain but specific metals or coatings may come with special handling instructions. The following five-step method is a general guide for cleaning most metal signs and logos Copyright
  4. 4.  Step One: Always use a soft cotton cloth to lightly wipe away any loose dust on the sign. Use a light touch to avoid scratching the metal. Copyright
  5. 5.  Step Two: Fill a bucket with warm water, adding 1 cup of mild liquid dish soap and 1 cup of white vinegar. Copyright
  6. 6.  Step Three: Dip a soft cotton cloth in the cleaning solution. Wring out the cloth well. Copyright
  7. 7.  Step Four: Gently wash the metal sign with the wet cloth, re- wetting as needed. Again, use a light touch to avoid scratching the metal. Copyright
  8. 8.  Step Five: Dry sign with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth. And last but not least: Copyright Note: It’s important these cloths be soft and dry or you risk scratching your custom metal sign.
  9. 9.  Never use harsh chemical cleaning products or abrasive cloths to clean custom metal signs, unless the manufacturer of the sign specifically states otherwise. If your metal sign comes with cleaning instructions, read them carefully before cleaning your sign. Copyright
  10. 10. If you follow these five easy steps you’ll be able to save money by self maintaining your signs and keep your signs looking their best. Copyright
  11. 11.  For more information on cleaning your custom metal signs or in having one made for your company, contact us today! ◦ Impact Architectural Signs 2215 South Wolf Road Hillside, IL 60162 ◦ Phone: +1 (800) 492-1201 Fax: +1 (708) 492-0136 ◦ Copyright