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Introduction to Cloud VPS


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A primer to

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Introduction to Cloud VPS

  1. 1. Cloud VPS An introduction.
  2. 2. VPS, or Virtual Private Server, isbasically a middle stage between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS Dedicat ed Shar Cloud ed VPS
  3. 3. VPS comes to life when we divide aphysical server into multiple virtual servers, each having its ownindependent operating system and software.
  4. 4. This division happens using a special virtualization software, thus a standard VPS is served from 1 particular server.
  5. 5. VPS is more expensive than shared hosting,but less expensive than buying the dedicated hosting. VPS offers more control over softwareinstallations, security, patches, updat es, etc.
  6. 6. VPS is prone to the same problem, if the physical server hosting all the VPS faces any hardware failure, it means downtime for all the containers on that node.
  7. 7. To find a practical solution to this, theCloud VPS solution was introduced, and have since proven to be a better alternative, offering the same cost bracket, and more reliability, scalability and upgradability.
  8. 8. If one server in the Cloud goes down for any reason, the data is brought back online by another available node. By far, Cloud VPS solution is morereliable than any standard single server configuration.
  9. 9. Why use cloud VPS? No upfront fees Pay only for actual use No need to monitor the hardware or hire Admins Easy to manage from different platforms Easy scalability, up or down Change OS, Rebuild & Clone VPS, etc.
  10. 10. Who needs Cloud VPS? Data storage Media streaming Multi-site hosting E-commerce solutions Standalone database & email servers Large websites with dynamic functionality
  11. 11. You can create your ownCloud VPS, beginning with thebasic settings, and upgrading / downgrading as required,with a simple click of a button.
  12. 12. That’s all folks. For more information, price quotations, inquiries, please visit You can contact us on