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Introduction to Rapport - First of its kind sales force engagement and productivity platform


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Introduction to Rapport - First of its kind sales force engagement and productivity platform

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Introduction to Rapport - First of its kind sales force engagement and productivity platform

  1. 1. Sales force productivity Rapport First of its kind sales force motivation and performance management platform
  2. 2. Rapport helps you execute all your field force engagement campaigns 10 X more effectively
  3. 3. Motivate Better How do we do it? Train Better Communicate Better Accelerate performance + +
  4. 4. What is Rapport? A platform where sales team compete, earn points for activities and outcomes and get rewarded Run highly engaging , productive and real-time sales contest
  5. 5. What is Rapport? A platform to get timely appreciation Motivate individuals and teams with social recognition. & Drive behaviours and activities that lead to improved productivity
  6. 6. What is Rapport? A platform to evaluate performance & progress Let every rep and manager know •What their goals are •Where do they stand now •What needs to be accomplished Analytics that help improve manager-rep conversations
  7. 7. Click Have performance data on mobile and use it to further evaluate and improve individual performance.
  8. 8. What is Rapport? A platform to stay connected to your team Close the gaps in communication between teams. Share information, gather opinion and feedback faster. Use analytics powered automated messaging to drive conversations and KPI’s.
  9. 9. What is Rapport? A platform to share & learn Deliver byte sized learning and training content directly to mobile with ability to discuss around them.
  10. 10. What is Rapport? Integrated Rewards platform Completely transparent, real time access to incentives and rewards data
  11. 11. Analyse & Improve own performance Redeem points for rewards Compete, Accumulate points & appreciations Report & Track activities. Monitor progress Set up teams, goals & key metrics A typical campaign on Rapport
  12. 12. Team based competitions (Inclusive in nature) Import complete hierarchy Create teams ( Region/HQ/Zone wise) Create competitions and define metrics Define productivity and performance metrics Set targets at individual/team level Gamify by assigning points to different metrics Connect to SFA/CRM systems , create forms within app to collect data OR upload data from excel Motivate Better Leaderboards and analytics
  13. 13. Automate with forms and workflow Create and publish forms dynamically Map form fields to competition metrics Real time data submissions Notify supervisors on submission Accept/Reject workflow Communicate better Forms &workflow
  14. 14. Kick start an engaging and productive sales contest •Compete with self ( sustainable engagement) •Compete within team •Compete with everyone •Real-time manager and rep leaderboards. •Metric dashboards for reps and managers for analysis and improvement Motivate Better Sales Gamification
  15. 15. Social Recognition •System automatically notifies managers and key stake holders of milestone achievement •Instant gratification •Appreciate teams and individuals •More visibility for performers •Role based appreciations •Ability to write custom appreciations Motivate Better Social Recognition and Rewards Pre-configured appreciations to motivate field force and drive positive behaviours and activities
  16. 16. Redeem points for rewards from mobile •Browse and redeem rewards •Filter rewards by category •View Redeem History •Track redeem status Motivate Better Gamify “Not a winners take all contest” •Award points for activities and achievement •Set weight age for different metrics •Award points for appreciations •Reps stay motivated for longer Create more chances to win to keep reps motivated.
  17. 17. Communication tools that suit the modern day needs of your sales team Communicate better Intelligent communication automation •Broadcast messages to group and individuals •Increase the success rate of any field campaigns with automated messages to reps and managers. Improves review and monitoring and engage reps more effectively. •Social Features like and comments to increase collaboration •Public and private groups with different communication modes
  18. 18. Train Better Micro learning & social learning •Publish videos, audio, HTML, PDF and image gallery directly to mobile •Publish to groups or selected users •Powerful alternative to IVR based learning •Offline access to content •Have discussion around content- Ask questions, get answers, share opinions Publish rich media directly to mobile. Keep your reps up to date, Allow them to learn on the move & Empower them with social learning.
  19. 19. User On boarding support to ensure higher utilization & success rates Helpline numbers to address queries and resolutions Automated and personalised messaging for continuous engagement ( lesser time spent on review activities) Other service differentials Content generation and optimization support
  20. 20. Rapport uniquely brings together the power of analytics, social features, automation and gamification to offer features that help companies •Accelerate sales with highly engaging and sustainable sales contests •Motivate individuals and teams with social recognition & rewards •Actionable insights for effective and productive sales review interactions for managers and reps •Automated personalised messaging for higher engagement and reduce the burden of manual monitoring and review •Communicate & prepare reps more effectively • Automate with forms and workflow manager Benefits
  21. 21. Bring out the best in your sales team with the most powerful motivation and productivity platform Rapport is a product of Stratawiz Technologies Pvt Ltd. For more details, reach us at +91-9923121245